Monday, 1 December 2014

Car News: Meet the incredible Icon Land Rover defender.

Icon, the LA-based resto-tuner, has an uncanny
knack for expanding our dream garage. Look at the
Bronco, and the Derelicts , have a little lie down,
and then look at this - the Icon Land Rover
Built on commission for what we can safely
assume is a well-heeled client (the Bronco starts
at a huge £114,000), it follows the brand's gently
hallucinatory aesthetic - original, but a bit different.
The headlights have been replaced with smaller
LED lamps, the infamously wobbly panels pulled
smooth and painted in Bentley black, the
agricultural hinges replaced with crisp CNC parts,
and the bumpers chucked away and replaced with
tightly tailored bespoke bits.
The original Rover V8 didn't stand a chance. Icon's
D90 (D for Defender, 90 for wheelbase length in
inches) has The General's 430bhp 6.2-litre E-Rod
LS3 V8, running through a four-speed automatic
gearbox, Atlas II transfer case, and custom
Dynatrack axles. Slowing it down are some face-
modifying six-piston front discs and four-piston
rears, which bear onto huge 355x32mm front and
328x28mm rear rotors.
There's more bespokery inside. Icon binned the
original plastic dashboard and built its own using
hand-formed stainless steel, which hides a modern
air conditioning unit controlled by aircraft
switchgear. The seats are finished in marine-rated
vinyl, and all the passengers get their own three-
point seatbelts. And every removable thing has
been removed and powdercoated.
Now look at the pictures, then tell us what car you'd
give Icon to tune for you...
Source: TG


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