Thursday, 27 November 2014

Car News: Nissan releases the Godzilla GT-R

Oh sure, Nissan has worked on the ‘GT' part of the
GT-R badge; certainly the ‘R' is catered for thanks
to a twin-turbo V6, four-wheel-drive and enough
power to realign the moon. Here though, the bid is
to make it more comfortable. As such, there's
quite a suite of updates to sift through so pay
So, deep breath... the damper rates of the shock
absorbers have been modified to improve
cornering stability, there's a new tyre construction
for better straight-line stability and ride quality, a
modified shim structure between brake pads and
caliper pistons (to improve feel) has been
introduced, and the steering has been ‘optimised'
to reduce engine vibration at idle.
There's been no increase in power - with 542bhp
and a 2.8sec 0-62mph time, it's hardly necessary,
we think - but the engine and transmission
management systems have been retuned, and the
clearance of the transaxle and driveshaft has been
modified in a bid to reduce vibration and noise.
Even the ruddy bearings inside the flywheel
housing have been modified so that they chatter
Here's the killer, though: the carpet in the boot has
been changed to improve sound insulation. Yep,
this is chapter and verse on How To Update Your
Nissan GT-R .
However, there is a new special edition that could
apply to those not seeking additional comfort
levels, and it's called the Track Edition engineered
by Nismo. As you would suspect, it's been tuned
to go fast around a track, and it's been built by
Nismo; a stepping stone into the full-fat Nismo
You get custom adhesive bonding for increased
bodyshell rigidity, flared front arches with air ducts,
custom suspension, a new stabilizer with higher
spring rates, forged RAYS aluminium wheels and
Dunlop Sport Maxx GT 600 DSST tyres. Ready
your finest maximum lateral-g face.
It's on sale in Japan as we speak, but there's been
no announcement yet from Nissan UK on an
expected arrival over on these shores. Still, better
to start saving all that money, because the current
GT-R starts from £78k and rises to £131k for the
range-topping Nismo version.

Culled from Top Gear


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