Sunday, 9 November 2014

CarCulture: Stunt drivers drifting in Abuja

This post is for all those boring folks who keep telling me that Nigerians will never be interested in stunt driving because it is "too dangerous and risky". Well Abuja residents have proved you wrong.

Stunt driving seems to be the most popular CarCulture amongst Abuja youths aside racing, these rich kids with driving luxury and "normal" rides drift with near perfection with the crowd gathered around them cheering louder than Manchester United fans would after scoring an equalizing goal in a match against Chelsea at the 90th minute. This video shows a driver drifting with a 2nd generation BMW 3series, popularly called Gusheshe in South Africa with the crowd watching at a dangerously close distance...hard to imagine how the driver didn't end up knockin down any of them. well, enjoy the video because I know you will.

watch video of stunt driver difting in Abuja.


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