Friday, 7 November 2014

Nigerian Biker Breaks Record by Riding to the Southernmost Tip of Africa

Ogbonnaya Kanu, a chemical engineer by profession is an adventurous biker who strives to and has broken numerous limits.
Kanu, also known as Foto Dadi, recently became the first Nigerian to ride from Nigeria to Cape Agulhas, the southernmost tip of Africa. He has ridden motorcycles in 26 countries, using his own Nigerian-registered motorcycle in 23 of them.In 2012, Kanu became the first Nigerian biker to ride solo from Lagos,Nigeria to Austria, going through France, Germany, Austria, and Italy; and in mid-October he made another grand solo trip from South Africa to Lagos.

He sees biking as more than living a life of adventure and setting records, but also changing the way in which Nigerians are perceived. He seems eager to experience the most out of life which begs the idea that bikers feel free the most on road. He is not afraid of the new, of breaking the limits and changing the attitude of the world towards Nigerians. But no matter what, he always comes back home.
The energetic biker is the co-founder of the Board of Trustees of the Easy Riders Motorcycle Club of Nigeria; the co-founder of Ride Easy Motorcycle Training School; co-founder and member Board of Trustees, Ride Easy Motorcycling Club of Lagos, and Superbike Clubs Association of Nigeria (SCAN). The guy is also the first and returning Vice President of the Association of Nigerian Motorcycle Clubs.

When he is not undertaking some adventure, he works on perfecting his riding skills. This should serve as a source of inspiration for those who have an adventurous soul.
source: Sahara Reporters


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