Saturday, 8 November 2014

Still on the 2014 SEMA auto show

Toyota Camry Dragstar
Not all Camrys are as boring as they look. This seemingly normal appliance shocked onlookers when the team yanked up the bodyshell to reveal a tube-framed, 850bhp dragster lurking beneath its mild exterior
The engine is a 5.7-litre V8 lifted from a Toyota Tundra pickup, enhanced with a TRD supercharger and, just to make sure it doesn't get left behind, a wet nitrous injection system.
The end result is a car that looks like it gets sand kicked in its face but that will handily remove your own visage every time you light it up. The team who built it reckon it's good for a 9.8-second quarter mile. We just want to know when it's going into production.

Liberty Walk Ferrari 458
Ferrari recently unveiled a quicker, harder, more aggressive 458 in the shape of the limited-run Speciale Aperta. But, to some, that's not aggressive enough.
Step forward Liberty Walk, a Japanese tuning firm that'll take your supercar and make it like no other. This 458 has had its wheel arches and wings cut, bashed and pulled to accommodate the ultra-wide 20-inch wheels. It has a (very) wide-arch body kit screwed on. really? Screwed on? There is, of course, an aftermarket exhaust. Essentially, it's been modified the same way da yoof customise 80,000-mile Golfs. Sacrilege? yeah pretty much

Southern Crush mini monster truck.
This is a 1/3 size monster truck that makes the tall fences of rich senators' houses at Abuja look immensely lame.
Powered by a 1.6-litre four-cylinder engine, the ‘Southern Crush' has four-wheel-drive steering and tyres chunky enough to trample right over a VW bug. they named it the Southern crush mini monster truck....errr I'm not so sure about the mini part.


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