Saturday, 8 November 2014

Trucks at the 2014 SEMA auto show

1946 Legacy Dodge Power Wagon
We thought resto-mod off-roaders couldn't get much better than the brilliant - and faintingly expensive - Icon Ford Bronco, but this restored and updated 1946 Dodge Power Wagon Conversion has us reconsidering.
Created by Legacy Classic Trucks, this Dodge is available with either a 425bhp V8 or a 3.9-litre Cummins turbodiesel, a five-speed manual or four-speed auto box and some thoroughly modern 20-inch beadlock rims with 42-inch tyres. But that's just the beginning of the options list on this new-old hauler.
The chassis features a laundry list of all the things you want to see on a tough roader like this: Bilstein long-travel shocks, front and rear locking diffs, transfer case with low range and a handy 7.5-tonne winch. There's currently a waiting list, even though the starting price is around £100k. You can almost double that if you spec extras such as a snow blower or sawmill. Yes, a sawmill.

Fab Fours Legend (Jeep Wrangler)
The Jeep Wrangler has been a staple of America's off-roading scene since day dot. In that time we've seen many modified Wrangler rock-crawling creation, but never anything an excellent as this, the Fab Fours Legend.
Featuring a stock engine and transmission, it's really a design study, but one we're completely diggin', as they say round here. With 10cm lopped off the roof, massive 24-inch wheels wrapped in 50-inch tyres, and the addition of freshly fabricated head-height wheel arches, this thing boasts the proportions of a giant RC car. This is good.
There are custom control rockers, Fox shocks, Oracle lighting in the wing mirrors and a winch. Even better, if you hand over £100,000, Fab Fours will make you one.

Daystar Jeep FC-170
As Ken Block recently demonstrated, adding tank tracks to off-roaders is a Good Thing. And even better when they're attached to old Jeep pick-ups.
Off-road retailer Daystar has proved this by binning wheels and strapping rubber tracks to this old FC, then treating it to a 5.7-litre Hemi engine. Now all we need is some snow to test it out. Roll on the ice apocalypse. We're ready.

The Bank Robber
The limits of tuning at SEMA extend beyond cars into the outer fringes of four-wheeledness. Like the example above, which, as you can see, is a tractor. But not your normal agricultural runaround: this has four (four!) engines and 8,000bhp, allowing you to plough the whole of Kaduna state in ten minutes flat.

source: Topgear


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