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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Motorsport: Marciello named Sauber reserve

Italian Raffaele Marciello has been named
Sauber's test and reserve driver for next season.
The 20-year-old won the European F3
championship last year and is a member of
Ferrari's driver academy.
"We will give Raffaele the opportunity to become
familiar with Formula 1, which also includes him
taking part in some free practice sessions," said
team boss Monisha Kaltenborn.
Marcus Ericsson and Felipe Nasr will be Sauber's
race drivers in 2014.
Marciello, who will race in Formula 1's feeder
series GP2 next year alongside his Sauber duties,
got his first taste of a Formula 1 car last month,
when he tested with Ferrari in Abu Dhabi.
"I really think that this is the best choice for my
future career," said Marciello, who started his
racing career in karting in 2005.

Beastly: Ford Trademarks EcoBeast Name, Possibly for 2016 Raptor

Ford has trademarked the name
“EcoBeast,” and to our ears, it sounds
tailor-made for the next Raptor pickup.
The trademark filing on December 22, first
reported by the blog Motrolix , appears to
be a new take on Ford’s turbocharged
EcoBoost engines that power nearly every
Blue Oval product. But the nickname isn’t
really new. F-150 and Focus ST owners
have already coined the term, lovingly
affixing to their vehicles “EcoBeast”
stickers and badges that resemble the
original factory graphics.
No matter. Ford forums are swirling
about the 2016 Raptor packing a twin-
turbo V-6, an EcoBoost poised to be so
badass that it’ll embarrass the
previous truck’s 6.2-liter V-8. But while
BMW can swap the old M3’s V-8 for a
“TwinPower” six and still retain its
dignity, a lower cylinder count sounds a
bit degrading to a monster truck. EcoBeast
could help squash any worry about the
Raptor returning as a save-the-earth,
goody two-shoes.
Since nearly everyone is off for the holidays,
we don’t have an official comment from
Ford and we’re certain they wouldn’t talk
about it anyway. Sure, EcoBeast could just
be a marketing salvo to stop people from
selling their own copycat badges that use
Ford’s EcoBoost name in vain. Our intel is
sniffing in the Raptor’s direction, and
besides, it’s a name we’d like to stick on
other Ford models. Next time someone
asks, “What’s in your Fusion, bro?” we’ll
say “Aw, nothin’, just a 1.5-liter…

What do you think about the name? Do you think its awful or cool?..

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

2015 Porsche 911 GT3 Delivered Without Its PDK Sport Button

The 911 GT3 has been under a lot of scrutiny
lately, given its tendency to, you know, catch fire.
But with deliveries back on schedule and
2015 models finding homes in owners’ garages, all
Seem to be ok? Well, not
quite, as apparently some of the workers at
Porsche’s assembly plant felt that certain owners
didn’t need a PDK Sport button (AKA the "go-fast"

That’s right, a 2015 Porsche 911 GT3 that an
owner just picked up reportedly lacks one of the
model’s key features. The news comes from a
claim made by Rennlist user dadams1598, who
got his beloved home just to notice the
PDK Sport button was missing. He even snapped
a picture of the console (after the jump), which is
where the button is supposed to be.
The missing button was discovered on December
14, 2014 and on December 24, the dealer made
things right by special ordering the correct console
with the PDK Sport button. Once the dealer
receives the new console, it he will install it and
perform all of the necessary mapping/programming to get his
GT3 to its full potential. There’s still no
explanation as to how the button got overlooked,
but I’m certain Porsche will figure it out and fix the
issue immediately.
What’s more, for those of you who think this is an
isolated incident, there was a second claim made
in the same thread of a missing PDK Sport button.
The second issue has yet to be validated or
resolved as of December 30, 2014, but I am sure
he will get the same treatment as the first.

Why It Matters
When you have a car like the 911 GT3 recalled for
catching on fire, you need to make sure there are
no more glitches that pop up after fixing the issue.
To have a model get delivered to a customer, who
shelled out a lot of scratch for the sports car,
without the PDK Sport button is ridiculous. Before
the car is ever loaded up for delivery, I am certain
it undergoes several stages of quality control, so
how Porsche missed the button is a complete
mystery. Maybe the QC person didn’t get enough
sleep or maybe he was hungover, or he just overdosed on alomo bitters
But that does not excuse this kind of mistake.

Picture of the day

Check out this custom job by Arewa Customz Autos. They literally made a G63  out of a 230GE. Ok, maybe not literally,  but you have to agree I'm pretty close.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Shelby Signature Edition Super Snake

Las Vegas, Nevada - Probably the only downside
to the worldwide release of the all-new Ford
Mustang early in 2015 is that it will mean the end
of the iconic Shelby GT500 Super Snake - Carroll
Shelby's final and, in some ways finest, creation.
While there is no doubt that Shelby American is
working on equally outrageous conversions for the
new Pony Car, it's unlikely that they will have the
same brute presence as the current Super Snake,
which was first released in 2007.
So, to honour the memory of the man himself, and
as a last hurrah for the GT500 as we know it,
Shelby American has put together just 50
Signature Edition packages, to create that number
of very special Super Snakes.
This is not a limited-edition special model; you
bring them your GT500 - any example, coupé or
convertible, built between 2007 and 2014 and in
decent condition - before the end of January 2015,
plus a cheque for $44 995 (N7 560 000) and they
will transform it into a numbered, one-of-fifty
Signature Edition Super Snake.

To start with, you get a 3.6-litre Kenne Bell
supercharger in place of the standard blower,
upping the engine's rated power from 488kW to
To keep things cool when the going gets hot, you
get the Shelby Performance cooling package, which
includes a bigger radiator, heat exchanger and
aluminium cooling tanks.
And while it's up on the hoist, you get upgraded
rear brakes and revised suspension, as well as
special Weld Shelby forged-alloy rims with
exclusive Signature Edition centre caps, custom-
coloured to match the special go-faster stripes,
which will be cut to order for your car in your
choice of any standard Ford colour.
You get special Signature Edition badges on the
front wings, boot lid and steering-wheel boss,
numbered plaques on the centre console and the
engine airbox cover, and monogrammed floor mats
in the foot-wells.
And finally, when you take delivery of your
Signature Edition Super Snake in Las Vegas, you
get a full day's advanced driving instruction at the
same circuit where all Shelbys are tested, to
ensure you can handle the extra performance.
Still got some money to spend? As an extra-cost
option, you can ask for the factory wide-body kit
to be fitted before the stripes and special badges
go on.

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Car News: They’re making knock-off Range Rovers in China

It’s common knowledge that in China you can get
designer handbags, watches and smartphones for
less than half the price – and we all know why
that is; because they are fake.
And while we have all become accustomed to this,
a certain Chinese company according to may have taken it a
little too far this time when they produced a
‘knock-off’ version of one of the most recognisable
and award-winning cars in recent history.
Say hello to the all-new Land Wind
X7(really??) – or is that the Range Rover Evoque?
This car is called the ‘LandWind X7′, but it’s not
just the name that sounds the same as the jaguar
Land Rover manufactured Range Rover Evoque. In
fact, the entire car looks exactly, almost down to
the very last detail, as the celebrated Range Rover
At first glance, you can see the obvious
similarities; it has exactly the same body shape as
the Evoque, it has the same light and front fender design, and very
notably, the very same radiator grille design.
It was also debuted in white, which is the flagship
colour of the Evoque, and the same colour the
Range Rover made its debut in.
The LandWind X7 made it’s official debut at the
Guangzhou Motor Show in China last week, and it
wasn’t long before the media exploded with the
copy-cat tagline attached to the X7.
Naturally, Jaguar Land Rover is not very
CEO of Land Rover, Dr. Ralph Speth, said that they
will most definitely lay a com plait in China:
“The fact that this kind of copying is ongoing in
China is very disappointing. As a company we
have invested heavily in China with our joint
venture partner Chery…[sic] That commitment is
based on a clear business plan, that allows us to
hit our sales targets at clear prices. Anything that
damages the potential profitability of our plant
damages the integrity of those plans.”
The only noticeable difference between the Range
Rover Evoque and the LandWind X7 is the price
The Evoque sells for over 40 000 pounds and the
X7 sells for less than half of that at 14 000
Is this a case of imitation is the biggest form of
flattery or is it just downright rude?

Qoute of the week!

Good morning dear readers, hope you had a terrific night. Well here is a piece of advice I have for you as you go out and drive into the day....

"If You've Got Conflict With A Bus Driver,Make Sure Your Car Isn't In Front Of His Bus"

Have a great day

Friday, 26 December 2014

Car News: 2015 Dodge Challenger Recalled for Faulty Instrument Panel

Chrysler is recalling the 2015 Dodge
Challenger to reprogram instrument
panels that may go on the fritz.
While Chrysler notified the National
Highway Traffic Safety Administration on
November 21, it only recently put a
number on the affected cars: 11,668 in
total, and all of them the recently
redesigned 2015 model. Folks from says you
could start up your new Challenger, rip
down the road for a few miles and you’d
never see any indicated speed or mileage.
That’s because the instrument panel’s
microprocessor can experience a voltage
overload which temporarily disables the
gauges and central display for “up to
several minutes.” During this freakout
mode, the instrument panel may flash
while it attempts to reset and the anti-
theft alarm light may illuminate, all while
the needles hang out at zero.
Chrysler said it first noticed the problem
on August 25 and initiated a software
update for all Challengers on October 8,
which splits the instrument panel’s initial
startup into three stages to “reduce the
initial current draw.” Dealers have
already begun to apply the same update
to the affected cars since last week.
Spread the word to your local authorities,
too. This may be the only time Challenger
drivers using the excuse, “I didn’t know
how fast I was going” can do so with a
clean conscience.

Car News: Abandoned Mercedes Benz 300SL found in Cuba

Snapper Piotr Degler was entranced by the
Caribbean republic's automotive landscape -
frozen, at least in part, since the 1950s - and soon
got wind of a ‘legendary' 300SL rumoured by
locals to lay somewhere on the island.
So with his Inspector Gadget hat firmly on, Degler
went hunting high and low for a month, travelling
two thousand miles in the process. He asked
everyone. He looked everywhere. And, only a few
days before he was due to depart, he spotted the
300SL's still-priceless silver remains hiding under
a banana tree.
Piotr told Classic Driver : "When I found it, I spent
the whole day taking pictures. Finding the car was
an indescribable experience." Also, we suspect, a
heartbreaking one: the 300SL surely ranks as the
prettiest Mercedes-Benz in history.
So, with the US and Cuba now on friendlier
relations, we'd suggest taking a trip down Havana
way to take in the motoring landscape in all its
Fifties charm. Who knows what you might find?

Car News: Google Reveals Fully Functional Autonomous Car Prototype

Google caught the attention of the automotive and
tech worlds earlier this year for its demonstration of a
pod-like self-driving car without a steering wheel or
pedals. The company is now showing a new
prototype of this autonomous vehicle that’s more
complete than the earlier mock-up, and intends to
begin testing this fully functional prototype on public
roads in the near future.
The previous Google autonomous pod shown in May
was an early demonstrator, and lacked things like real
headlights and a fully functional drivetrain. This new
prototype looks similar to that earlier car, with a
small, round body shape and sparse, two-seat
interior that has only a screen for showing the car’s
route, a start button, and an emergency stop button.
The new prototype does have a few changes, like new
headlights, new wheels and tires, and a more
integrated device on the roof that houses various
sensors and cameras.
Google has still not revealed the Detroit-based
company it contracted to build this self-driving car,
but earlier rumors suggested this mystery supplier
could be Roush, the company known for its Mustang
upgrades. We expect to learn more about the Google
autonomous pod next year, as the company said it
intends to begin testing the car on public roads in
California in 2015. Google’s so-called “safety drivers”
will still be at the helm of temporary manual controls
during the testing process while the company further
develops its autonomous driving systems.
Stay tuned for more news about the Google
autonomous car as we hear more about this vehicle’s
development and possible path to production.
Very good technology but I think Google needs to
"google" a car and get some designing inspiration.
Just saying, what have you to say?
Source: Google

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas to our readers

Today we are especially grateful for all our readers/clients/friends! Thank you for
your business, referrals and
friendship. Thank you for reading our blog and being with us.
we wish you happiness and peace
during this holiday season and in
the year ahead.
Merry Christmas to you.
Adejoro Anthony.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Why you should be excited about the RR SVR

No matter how many times Mike Cross - Jaguar
Land Rover's chief vehicle engineer - provokes the
new Range Rover SVR into a whopping great drift,
the fact that I'm having to look at our direction of
travel through one of its conservatory-sized side
windows remains unsettling.
This is a two-tonne SUV, on the lock stops with
the rear end penduluming from side to side.
Admittedly, we've seen this kind of hoonery in fast
Cayennes and BMW X5Ms. But this is a Range
However this isn't your standard Range Rover
Sport . It's the first production car from JLR's
Special Vehicles Operations (SVO) division and the
first product to have a SVR badge pinned on its
SVO is a newly formed squad tasked with
developing ultra-fast derivatives of existing
Jaguars and Land Rovers. It's a long-overdue
fracking exercise into the well of money from which
brands like Overfinch, Kahn and Prindiville have
been profiting from for years. But now Land Rover
is doing itself, bowing to the demands of people
who want faster, slightly more blingy Range Rovers
and don't mind paying a premium for it.
The Range Rover Sport has never been an
understated thing, but thankfully the aesthetics of
the SVR haven't taken it too far the wrong way.
The way of Cheshire, if you know what we mean.
There's a new front bumper that's binned the fog
lamps to make room for larger air intakes to
improve cooling, a redesigned grille, flared wheel
arches with faux air vents, underfloor carbon fibre
air ducts for brake cooling, a new rear bumper/
diffuser combo and a functional rear spoiler that's
helped nudge the top speed to an electronically
limited to 162mph.
Inside, the leather cabin remains as luxurious as
before but now with added carbon. The centre
console, dash, steering wheel and door panels are
covered in the stuff. But the biggest change is that
the RRS's big, pillowy captain's chairs have been
tossed out and replaced with firmer sporting seats
that mimic the design of F-Type's. The rear seats
have also been decked out in a similar fashion.
The party piece is up front, under the bonnet. It's
the 5.0-litre supercharged V8 from the Jaguar F-
Type R, making 40bhp more than the current RRS
V8, and 502lb ft of torque goodness. Connected to
an uprated version of ZF's eight-speed auto
gearbox, 0-62mph is dusted off in just 4.5
seconds. But if you performance benchmark of
choice is Nurburgring times, this Range Rover has
one. What's that noise? Oh, it's the sound of
James May being sick. The time. 8 minutes 14
seconds, making it the fastest SUV ever to have
lapped the 12.9-mile Green Hell.
But has all this track nonsense and ‘Ring pounding
beaten the RR's off-road identity out of it? Can it
still get down and dirty? To find out, we got in the
passenger seat (we're not allowed to drive it until
next year) and told the driver to find the most
inhospitable holes, muckiest trenches and deepest
wading pools he could at Rockingham Castle to
see if it was up to the test.
The first thing that you notice with the SVR is the
noise. There's a new exhaust system to help the
re-mapped engine breath a bit better. But the quad
exhausts - which also look badass - also house
electronically controlled valves. At low revs two of
the four pipes are closed, but under increased
loads and above 3000rpm, the valves open. Or,
you can press a button on the centre console that
keeps them open all the time. We strongly
recommend doing that, as anyone familiar with the
F-Type V8 soundtrack will recognise the delightful
tune that SVR makes.
With a strong prod of the throttle a guttural bassy
bwaaarp runs its way all the way to the red line.
But the fun really begins when coming off the
throttle. This effectively lights the touch paper to a
KISS pyro show in the backbox, as bangs,
crackles, pops and barks fire from the exhaust.
Previously, this was something you and one lucky
person in the passenger seat of a V8 F-Type could
experience. But in the SVR, with its three rear
seats and big boot, means little Jimmy, Timmy,
Tilly and the dogs can all enjoy the aural
experience too.
With the same terrain response system as any
other Range Rover, traction isn't an issue as
power is briefly sent to each wheel for an
exploratory nibble, before it decides on the best
setting and then fires itself across the landscape at
a phenomenal rate. This combined with that
soundtrack, is something special. If you close your
eyes you feel like you've gone rallying in an F-
Type. It's fantastic.
Although the car is 70kg lighter than its Sport
siblings, it hasn't lost any off-road gubbins that
can make it crawl, wade and scramble itself over
the rough stuff with impeccable grace and aplomb.
With permanent four-wheel drive, low range, and
an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch in
the centre differential, a quick twizzle of the terrain
knob to one of the more extreme modes sees the
SVR rise on its air springs (you try that, Mr X5M),
display all kind of graphics about which axle you're
going to break first, and simply trudges its way
down a slope thanks to Hill Descent. No slip, no
fuss, just relentless composure.
But what about on track?
Well, aside from stiffer bushes on the subframe and
a new system that replaces anti-roll bars with a
hydraulic pump to control body roll, there's
actually very little new performance hardware in
the SVR compared to the standard car. SVO has
simply sharpened the performance by plugging in
some laptops and turning the electronic
components up to eleven.
The adaptive dampers are stiffer, the steering is
heavier, the engine, gearbox and throttle have all
been remapped, the electronic diff has been
tightened up for track use and the torque vectoring
function (which doesn't transfer torque across the
axle but brakes the inner wheel instead) has been
If you want proper track smarts, you need to spec
the optional 22" performance Continental Conti
Sport Contact 5 tyre for £2,400. This isn't Land
Rover's preferred rubber, as it's not so good off-
road, so they'd rather keep you on the standard
21" wheel and tyre. But if going fast on road and
track is your thing, tick that box. And when you
turn up the heat on the five-litre V8 and really get
it crackling, boy the big SVR can hustle its weight
As the man with sign-off on all JLR cars, Mike
Cross knows a thing or two about how a car
should handle. So as I witness him do a tidy lap of
Rockingham's handling circuit, it's incredible how
light on its feet the SVR feels. The roll isn't half as
drastic as you'd expect and it's pretty evident that
this thing has spent 5,000 miles being developed
around the Nordschleife.
With the systems turned off, Mike stomps on the
six-piston Brembo brakes and chucks the SVR into
a damp corner, and initiating a monster skid. You
can feel all the computer wizardry under your
bottom as the power is transferred from each axle
to get the best traction out of the corner. However
Mike toys with it to provoke it into doing silly
The SVR takes eight laps of track punishment with
ease. Yes, it feels heavy, but not at all lost. If
you've got the budget, SVO will build you a track-
only Range Rover: it's a department open to any
idea. But as a base car, the SVR is a fantastically
characterful polymath. At £93,450 - a £12,000
premium on the 'standard' V8 - it's not cheap, but
this could quite possibly be the only car you ever
Culled from TG.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Kiwi seniors accidentally lock themselves in Mazda3 for 13 hours, nearly die

It's an over-played trope that senior citizens are
bad with technology. Its regular use as a comedic
device, though, overshadows a more dire
circumstance that comes when elderly citizens
are paired with gizmos and gadgets they don't
fully understand.
A couple from New Zealand spent the night in
their new, smart-key-equipped Mazda3 after
thinking they'd locked themselves in, in what The
Otago Daily Times called "a series of 'Murphy's
Law' events." The two thought the car wouldn't
function without the key fob, which had
accidentally been left outside of the car, along
with the owner's manual. That, along with the
combination of stress, darkness and a lack of
overall information about the car nearly killed
Mollieanne and Brian Smith.
After thinking they'd become trapped, the Smiths,
65 and 68, respectively, tried honking the horn to
alert neighbors ? it was Guy Fawkes Night, so the
sound was drowned out by fireworks ? and even
took the Mazda's jack to a window in their
attempt to escape.
When they were discovered and freed 13 hours
later, Mrs. Smith was unconscious and Mr. Smith
was having trouble breathing, with emergency
crews telling the couple another half hour in the
car would have killed them. Mr. Smith later told
The Otago Daily Times he was "very methodical,"
but couldn't figure out how to unlock the car.
"Once I found out how simple it was to unlock it I
kicked myself that I did not find the way out," the
68-year-old told The Times. "I had this mind-set
that I did not have the transponder [so I could not
get out]."
Mazda New Zealand pointed out that is not the
"It's not a design flaw with the car," Mazda New
Zealand General Manager Glenn Harris told The
Times. "What we have said to the [dealership]
network is, with new technologies, don't forget to
show customers how to use them in their entirety
[and] how to override them. There is always a
manual process to override them."
Culled from Autoblog

Car News: US Army Auctioning Decommissioned Humvees to Public, Prices Start at $10K

So you’re that guy. The guy who
has everything. And by everything, we
mean a thousand-acre ranch and your
own island. Even so, we bet you don’t
have one of these: a genuine, Department
of Defense–issue Humvee.
We’re not talking about one of those
pansy-ass, chrome-wheeled, civilian-grade
AM General H1 Alphas sold to
emasculated posers in the years following
Operation Desert Storm, but the real,
camo-covered, stripped out, troop-
transporting “High Mobility Multipurpose
Wheeled Vehicle” (HMMWV) that might
have actually served in the sand. And
now, for the first time ever, you’ll have to
opportunity to legally acquire one:
Tomorrow, the first batch of 25 surplus
Humvees hit the auction block at .
In previous years, these slow-moving
behemoths would have been sent straight
to the scrapper, but according to a report
in Army Times , recent changes in policies
and what the DOD’s Defense Logistics
Agency spokesperson Michelle McCaskill
describes as “cooperation from other
government offices”—wait, government
offices cooperate ?—the DLA is able to
“make some military vehicles available
into assets” instead of putting them out to
The Army Times report says that the
government has enlisted the help of
online marketplace to
unload much of its extraneous heavy
equipment. This includes the
aforementioned Humvees, which appear
to have been built between 1987 and 1994
and have anywhere from 1361 to 38,334
miles on their odos. According to the
report, each will have been inspected for
defects (and presumably fixed) and
stripped of their “military characteristics.”
Sorry, war-games fanboys and vigilantes:
You’ll have to arm them yourselves.
Prices will start at $10K, and if you win
one, be prepared to pay in full within
three days. New owners will also have to
find a way to get their big new toys home
without driving them on public roads,
since unfortunately, they will not be
street-legal. Also worth noting is that AM
General has not yet signed on to sell parts
to civilian owners, according to the
report, and it may not, as these Humvees
might be considered cheap competition
for the engineless Humvee kits that AM
General started selling in 2013.
If you miss out on one of these first 25, do
not fret: Many more are on the way.
Randy Berry, IronPlanet’s senior vice
president for operations and services, told
the Army Times that there is a lot of pent-
up demand for the Humvees, and that a
steady stream of them are expected by
become available in the future. The report
says that these are among the first of
about 4000 decommissioned Humvees
that the DOD is liquidating, and those that
aren’t snatched up by fire and police
departments likely will end up on the
public auction block.
Beyond the Humvees, there’s a whole
bunch more bad-ass military-grade stuff
on the website,
including tractors, trailers, cargo trucks,
forklifts, and more. But the Hummers are,
we think, the coolest, and if you want
yours by Christmas, open your
browser on Wednesday around 3:00 pm
EST/12:00 pm PST and get ready to bid.
Culled from

Cars For Sale!

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Coscharis – Land Rover Intoduces Zero Interest Promo Scheme

Coscharis Motors, the sole franchisee of
Jaguar Land Rover brands announces a
new favourable price ownership
scheme for its Discovery and
Freelander 2 variants; the scheme, the
first of its kind, allows customers a zero
interest spread payment for one year as
Coscharis pay the interest on behalf of
the customer during the this holiday
According to the DGM Sales, Ufuoma
Umukoro this favourable ownership
scheme is a first in the Nigeria auto
industry as it is not the usual financing
scheme where customers will have to
incur some interests or hiding charges
that inflate the actual prices of the
“For Coscharis, we are offering the
Discovery for N15.5million and the
Freelander 2 for N7.5million with the
option to choose between your
interests being paid for one year, lease
or cash transaction. This gives the
customer the freedom to own the
Discovery, interest free and spread
payments over 12 months”.
He further enthused that the
company’s existing customers can
attest that the N15.5 million cost is the
best price they can get for lump sum
payment but with this promotional
scheme, customers can spread this
payment for one year without any
interest. Consequently, Coscharis is
responsible for the interest accruable.
In addition, customers also get
complementary monetized vouchers to
use at Grosvenor Integrated Shirt
Limited, the sole franchisee of
Grosvenor London who have obtained
the Royal Warrant of Her Majesty,
Queen Elizabeth II which makes it an
official shirt maker of the British Royal.
The voucher is redeemable in either of
GrosVenor’s outlets in Lagos and
Furthermore, buyers will receive gift
vouchers to spend at Q.Med Diagnostic
Centre and Make Me.
As part of the holiday offering, the
General Manager, Marketing, Abiona
Babarinde stated that “all buyers will
also enjoy One year free registration,
free road assistance, special discount
for fleet purchase, extended service
plan for 3 years or 100,000km
(whichever comes first) and free
delivery anywhere in Nigeria.”
The aim of the promotional scheme is
to ease ownership of the these
premium variants for corporate and
retail customers and to reward actual
customers especially during this festive
season. It is one of the company’s
strategies to ensure that Jaguar Land
Rover customers enjoy their Christmas
and New Year seasons with peace of
Coscharis Motors as the sole importer
of Jaguar Land Rover in Nigeria offers a
comprehensive warranty backed by a
region-wide sales and service network
responsible for the provision of world-
class sales, maintenance and parts
Source: AutoFocusBlog

Car News: Most Expensive Danfo Just Went On Sale For $235,000

According to CNN, a 1955 Volkswagen
Camper van/Micro bus/Danfo was
recently sold for a record $235,000 by a
German auction company. It was a 9-
seat Samba Microbus Deluxe, featuring
chrome hubcaps and a big chrome VW
badge. It had a two-tone paint job and
a huge cloth sunroof which according
to the report ‘was the most luxurious
version of the microbus sold at the
Its funny how we view perspectives on
issues, this $235,000 money well spent
for a collector in a faraway continent
represents daily bread for another
hustler in Nigeria. The Camper van/
Micro bus is called ‘danfo’ in Nigeria
and is driven by mini-bus operators
who use them (painted in yellow and
black livery) to transport passengers to
earn a living in Lagos, Nigeria.
The record breaking bus was in in
excellent condition and  had 6, 400
miles on its odometer, according to the
auction house Auctionata. It was one of
only 11 Sambas from 1955.
Watch video via link below

Culled from AutoFocusBlog.

Meet "RAMINATOR", the world's fastest Monster truck

‘Raminator' may be a name you'd expect to find in
the more, ahem, grown up shops on the high
street, but the truth is far cooler. It actually
denotes the world's fastest monster truck.
The Guinness World Records team were there to
verify its 99.1mph run at the Circuit of the
Americas, home of the Austin grand prix. It pipped
the previous record of 96.8mph.
The Raminator's top speed may just pip an entry-
level Dacia Sandero, but we'd wager reaching it is
way scarier when you're metres above the ground,
with five tonnes of truck to bring to a halt at the
end of it. See the way the cab shimmies above the
chassis as it careers down the start/finish straight
for evidence of the bravery required here.
Powering the Raminator is a 2000bhp, 9.2-litre
supercharged Hemi engine. Disappointingly, no
fuel economy figures have been mentioned, but
forget miles per gallon: expect to need many,
many gallons for each mile it covers. Lucky the US
enjoys cheaper fuel than the UK...
"Most of the time we're in an arena or a stadium",
driver Mark Hall said, "so we don't have a big run
like this. This is pretty unique for us".
Watch the video above, and then try to tell us you
don't want a go in a monster truck below...
Source: TG

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Car News: Nissan sets new drifting world record

A pair of Nissan 370Zs have set a new Guinness
World Record for the longest ever twin-vehicle
The stunt, held in Dubai at the launch of Nissan's
‘370Z Drift Experience', saw the two V6-engined Z
cars drift around a track side by side for a total of
28.52km - 17.7 miles. Not bad, you will agree.
"The Nissan Z is a very popular car in the drifting
scene," said Samir Cherfan, MD of Nissan's Middle
East division, "and this new record is yet another
proof on the ability of this car to make drifting look
so easy."
It's a cool record for Nissan to notch up. Want a
few more records? The longest vehicle drift was
set earlier this year in Turkey, set by Harald Müller
who slid for 89.55 miles. The fastest drift? In 2013,
Jakub Przygonski went sideways at 135.44mph in
And the record for the most amount of cars
performing donuts simultaneously, set in 2012,
stands at 107.
Reckon you're any better than these chaps?

Monday, 15 December 2014

Mercedes-Benz celebrates F1 Victory With Limited Edition SL63 AMG

How do you celebrate 18 pole positions,
12 fastest laps and 31 podium finishes?
To celebrate Mercedes-Benz’ 2014
World Championship Formula 1
Victory, the auto maker decided to
create two limited edition SL63 AMG.
Lewis Hamilton and runner-up Nico
Rosberg beat previous record set by
McLaren in 1988 with their spectacular
performances in this year’s Formua 1
league. The two exquisite models of
the SL 63 AMG were created in
conjunction with the victors
While Hamilton chose black as his base
color, Rosberg went with white. Lewis’
SL 63 AMG has a special paint finish
called Designo Night Black Magno
combined with gold-colored lettering,
fins and stripes on the rear bumper.
The tailpipe trim is in chromed black.
Black and gold are also prominent in
the interior as well with the SL 63 AMG
having gold-colored-themed stitches on
its seats in black nappa leather, the
instrument panel and center console
were not spared, as well as gold-
colored elements such as the air vents,
door handles and shift paddles.
Nico’sMercedes SL 63 AMG contrasts
with Hamilton’s, as the car wears a
Designo Cashmere White Magno paint
which contrasts with elements painted
in Designo Himalayas Grey. Just like on
Hamilton’s car, the tailpipe trim is in
chrome black.
On the inside, Designo Exclusive Style
leather in titanium grey are used for
the seats, steering wheel, door
beltlines, soft-top cover and the upper
part of the instrument panel. The lower
part of the instrument panel is done in
contrasting deep white nappa leather,
including the centre console and door
Under the bonnet is a 47horsepower
increase taking it up to 577hp and 664
pound-feet-of torque using a 5.5-liter
V8 biturbo engine.  This takes top
speed to 300 km/h (186 mph).
Both cars are offered with the AMG
Driver’s package, AMG sports
suspension, Airscarf, the Bang &
Olufsen BeoSound AMG sound system,
a panoramic vario-roof with Magic Sky
Control, as well as AMG sports seats,
numerous assistance systems, amongst
Initially, the cars will only be sold as a
pair for €629,510 ($784,885), then sold
as a unit from €320,110 ($397,790) each.
For the price you’re paying some stuff
will be thrown in for free, a helmet
worn by Lewis Hamilton or Nico
Rosberg, a Nico Rosberg or Lewis
Hamilton Edition IWC Ingenieur
chronograph watch, an F1 book signed
by both drivers and an invitation to the
opening race of the 2015 season, in
According to Mercedes-Benz, every
vehicle made are collector’s editions
with only 19 black and 19 white models
to be produced. This represents 19
Formula 1 race tracks that featured in
the 2014 season.
Source: Autofocusblog

Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton has been crowned the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award for 2014.

After a gap of six years, the Hertfordshire-born
Hamilton regained the Formula 1 world title, edging
out his Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg in a
battle that went all the way down to the final race
of the season in Abu Dhabi.
The 29-year-old won 11 of the 19 races and he
was presented with his award by retired rugby
player Jonny Wilkinson.
An overjoyed Hamilton said: "I am so
speechless. Firstly, I really want to say a huge
congratulations to all the champions. I'm so proud
and honoured to be among so much British
sporting talent.
"A massive thank you to all the people that called
in, I really was not expecting it because dude
(McIlroy), you had such an incredible year.
"Tonight has been a huge reminder of just how
many great sportsmen we have here. I never
thought I would be up here standing with the
greats. It's just a dream."
In second spot was golfer Rory McIlory who, during
a momentous year, won two Major titles – The
Open Championship at Hoylake and PGA
Championship in Kentucky.
The Northern Irishman was also part of the
European team that successfully defended the
Ryder Cup at Gleneagles in September.
The 25-year-old ended the season as world No 1,
having also topped the European Order of Merit
during an incredible 2014.
Third place went to athlete and mother Jo Pavey
who, at the age of 41, collected her first major gold
medal by winning the 10,000m at the European
Championships in Zurich.
Cristiano Ronaldo received the Overseas
Sportsperson of the Year Award from his Real
Madrid teammate Gareth Bale who was also part of
the La Liga side that lifted the Champions League
trophy in May.
England women’s rugby union team, which
triumphed at the World Cup in France where they
beat Canada in the Paris final during August,
collected the Team of the Year Award.
Young Sports Personality of the Year is gymnast
Claudia Fragapane who won four gold medals at
the Commonwealth Games in Scotland.
The 16-year-old from Bristol collected her prize at
Glasgow’s Hydro, the same venue where she
performed with such aplomb wearing England
colours during the summer.
Coach of the Year went to Paul McGinley who
masterminded Europe’s Ryder Cup triumph in
The Helen Rollason Award went en bloc to the
competitors of this year’s inaugural Invictus
Games, held in London.
This international event was introduced for injured,
wounded and sick servicemen and women around
the globe.
Jill Stidever was recognised for her work with
children who have special needs. The 77-year-old
from Leicestershire was presented with the Get
Inspired Unsung Hero Award having spent more
than three-quarters of her life teaching thousands
of children to swim.
In addition to her time coaching in the water,
Stidever also helps to raise funds and devotes
around 40 hours a week to the cause.
And Scottish cyclist Sir Chris Hoy was emotional
as he picked up the Lifetime Achievement Award
from Prince Harry.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Car News: Mercedes C-Class Coupe due to go on sale next December

While we expect to see the coming Mercedes C-
Class convertible sometime next year, perhaps at
the Paris Motor Show, Auto Motor und Sport
reports that the C-Class Coupe will go on sale in
December 2015 (probably in Europe first) - it's
possible we'll see it debuted at the same time as
the cabrio. The German magazine says the two-
door will have sharper lines on a body that is four
inches longer, almost two inches wider and a
fraction of an inch lower than the sedan,
dimensional aggrandizement that will be put to
good effect on the AMG version coming in 2016.
We'll have to wait for information on powertrains,
which should hew to the sedan's lineup in
addition to whatever else M-B might bring over
here, topped off by the 503-horsepower, twin-
turbo V8 in the AMG variant. Speaking of which,
the 'last-generation' C63 AMG Coupe is still on
sale until spring of next year, if you're a fan of the
classics. Or you can wait on news of the C-Class
four-door coupe, if niches inside of niches are
what you're really after.

Sunday Car Culture: Epic world record truck jump over a F1 car.

You guessed right!!!
Today is Sunday, which means we are bringing you another edition of our Sunday Car Culture.
Today's video shows a long vehicle. Speeding over a ramp, getting projected into the air and jumping a moving  F1 car in the process. I know that's sounds a bit crazy, but you have to believe me and if you still don't believe, click on the link below to watch the video for yourself.
(Please do not believe me, watch the video instead)
Let us all take a minute to appreciate the Lotus F1 team and EMC for making such a great video in an effort to redefine motorsports .

Car News: Jeremy Clarkson and Top Gear Crew Flee Argentina Over Number-Plate Fracas

The cast and crew of the BBC’s Top Gear
television show were forced to flee
Argentina ahead of schedule due to
controversy over a vehicle license plate
that appeared to reference the 1982
Falklands War. Affixed to a Porsche 928
driven by Jeremy Clarkson, the plate
number in question read “H982 FKL,
which was reportedly perceived by many
Argentinians as a subtle reference to the
still-divisive conflict that occurred
between Argentina and the U.K.
Co-hosts James May and Richard
Hammond, who accompanied Clarkson in
a Lotus Esprit and a Ford Mustang, were
in South America to film the cast
traveling the Patagonia Highway to the
city of Ushuaia located in the
southernmost region of Argentina.
Despite Top Gear and BBC executives
explaining that the plate number was
unintentional, the situation began to
unravel. The U.K.’s Express—where you
can also see a photo of the Porsche in
question—reports that former members
of the Argentinian military stopped the
Porsche 928 before marching to
Clarkson’s hotel and demanding that he
and everyone affiliated with Top
Gear abandon the region.
Many specifics remain unclear, but all
indications are that the show’s stars left
the country via plane three days ahead of
schedule. Tensions remained high as the
remaining crew prepared to exit, the
TG team coming under attack from
protesters who stoned the vehicles while
stopped for refueling. According to the
Express, film-crew members reportedly
told officers at a checkpoint: “We’re
leaving the cars, we don’t want more
problems. Burn them if you want but
we’re getting out of here.” Later, a
member of the Argentinian war-veteran
association partially responsible for
instigating the protest said to the media:
“We told them we couldn’t guarantee
their security if they didn’t leave.”
For what it’s worth, we looked up the
plate number in question on a U.K.
registry decoder, and it indicates that the
registration originated in Maidstone,
England, between August 1990 and July
1991, so the plate very well could be
original to that Porsche. This is just the
latest skirmish for Clarkson, who courted
controversy earlier this year when video
surfaced in which he was alleged to have
uttered a racist remark , a charge that he
denied. At that time, the BBC issued what
he referred to as his “final warning” and
intimated that he would be sacked if he
made “one more offensive remark,
anywhere, at any time.”
Culled from Caranddriver

Car News: Range Rover Evoque Convertible, Apparently Happening

Land Rover’s idea for a droptop Range
Rover Evoque has had a long gestation
period. First shown in Geneva in 2012 as a
concept that looked suspiciously road-
ready, the project was apparently given
the green-light in the summer of 2013,
though we haven’t heard anything about
it since. Now, Autocar seems to have
snapped a spy photo of a camo-clad
ragtop Evoque in testing. If you’ve been
dying for a cute-ute crossover that’ll mess
up your hair, your wait may be nearly
The cabrio Evoque would be based on the
two-door variant, and it would likely be
introduced around the same time as a
mechanical midcycle refresh that would
bring Jaguar Land Rover’s new Ingenium
four-cylinder engine , according to
Autocar‘s reading of the tea leaves. The
British outlet predicts that the droptop
could hit dealerships in less than 12
Perhaps conveniently, that means the
alleged Evoquiolet would never overlap
with its most logical competitor, the
Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet. That
pavement-oriented, two-door, droptop
crossover ended with the 2014 model
year, and so far as we’re aware, it won’t
be repeated with the new-for-2015
Murano redesign.
Source: caranddriver

Know Your Car: How important is an anti-lock braking system.

What is Anti-lock Brake System or ABS?
An anti-lock brake system which is abbreviated as
ABS is a secure and efficient braking system. ABS
lets the driver to keep directional stability, control
the steering, and to decrease stopping distances
on emergency braking circumstances, mainly on
wet and greasy roads. To gain this security
benefits, drivers must know how to apply their ABS
How does Anti-Lock Brake System Work?
An anti-lock braking system works with the usual
brakes on automobile. ABS keeps base brakes
from locking up. In vehicles not equipped with
ABS, the driver can manually pump the brakes to
prevent wheel lockup. In vehicles equipped with
ABS, the driver’s foot stay on the brake pedal to
let the system automatically pump the brakes.
Why is Anti-lock Brake System important?
When brakes lockup on wet and greasy roads or
during a panic stop, steering control is lost and the
automobile rotates. Rear wheel ABS prevents
wheel lockup so that the car resides straightly. If
the automobile has ABS control on all the wheels,
and the steering also controlled. If a car have
steering control, it is probable to avoid a collapse
by steering around dangers if a car is not stopped
in time.
How do I know my car has Anti-lock Brake
Generally the new cars have Anti-lock Brake
System as normal or alternative equipment. There
are many methods to identify if a car has Anti-lock
Brake System.
Read your car owners guide.
Check the instrument panel for an amber ABS
indicator light after you turn on the ignition.
On purchase, hire or rents inquire the automobile
dealer or hiring company.
Will drivers detect when the Anti-lock Brake
System is functioning?
In cars drivers detect a fast pulsation of the brake
pedal as the brakes are pushing back this means
the ABS is working. Infrequently the pedal could
suddenly drop. The valves in the ABS controller
make a sound like pressing or humming. It is
important not to take foot from the brake pedal
when sound is heard or detect pulsations, but
instead continue to apply firm pressure.
How the Anti-lock Brake System functions differ
from the brakes?
The driver should not apply the brake if the car
have ABS. The driver simply grasps the foot on the
brake pedal.
Will a car with Anti-lock Brake System stop rapidly
than without ABS?
ABS is planned to assist the driver to maintain
control of the car on emergency braking
circumstances, not to stop the car rapidly. ABS
stops the car rapidly on wet or greasy roads when
compared to other brakes. On very soft roads such
as free gravel or snow an ABS system extend
stopping distances. In wet or greasy roads driver
should make sure to drive carefully, always
maintain a secure distance after the car in front of
you, and maintain a reliable speed to the road
Is all Anti-lock Brake System identical?
All ABS is extremely identical in the method to
manage brake pressure, but a few systems are
intended to stop the rear wheels only from locking
up. These rear wheel systems are found on
pickups and sport utility vehicles. Rear-wheel ABS
prevents the car from rotating out of control, but
driver not have steering control if the front wheels
lock up. All additional ABS systems comprising
those for cars and minivans are designed to
maintain all four wheels from locking up. If you
own a pickup or race car verify the owner’s guide
to know the type of ABS.
How can driver get familiarized with Anti-lock
Brake System?
Study the owner’s guide for more information on
the full operation and advantages of Anti-lock
Brake System. The ABS is speed sensitive which is
not activated at low speeds of a car. One way to
get familiar with the function of ABS is to test drive
the car at a speed over 10 mph which the ABS
activates in free parking lot and apply the brakes. It
is simple to activate the ABS on wet and greasy
roads. The ABS should stop the wheels from
slipping. Pulsation may be detected in the brake
pedal and a sound is heard by driver. Don’t push
the brake, even if the pedal is pulsating.
Should I pump the brake pedal when stopping in
slippery conditions?
You absolutely should not pump the brake pedal in
a car with ABS. Pumping the brakes is a technique
that is sometimes used in slippery conditions to
allow the wheels to unlock so that the vehicle
stays somewhat straight during a stop. In a car
with ABS the wheels should never lock in the first
place, so pumping the brakes will just make you
take longer to stop.
In an emergency stop in a car with ABS, you
should apply the brake pedal firmly and hold it
while the ABS does all the work. You will feel a
pulsing in the pedal that may be quite violent, but
this is normal so don’t let off the brake.
Do anti-lock brake system really work?
Anti-lock brakes really do help you stop better.
They prevent wheels from locking up and provide
the shortest stopping distance on slippery
surfaces. But do they really prevent accidents?
This is the true measure of the effectiveness of
ABS systems.
Source: Nagreen

Friday, 5 December 2014

Car News: NIMET cautions motorists on harmattan haze

The dust outbreaks which occur during the
harmattan season will disrupt the major modes of
transportation across most parts of Nigeria, the
Nigerian Meteorological Agency has warned.
The agency, through its National Weather
Forecasting and Climate Research Centre, said
road, rail and air transportation will be affected by
the impairment of horizontal visibility caused by
harmattan haze.
It noted that as the concentration of the dust
particles increases, the atmosphere would get
colder, drier and incidences of respiratory disorder
would increase.
NIMET, in a statement on Wednesday, said, “Dust
outbreaks which will occur during the season
occasionally, will reduce horizontal visibility
significantly to 1000m and less with the attendant
disruption of flight operations across the country.
“The impact of dust particle in the atmosphere in
the south will include the occurrence of early
morning and late evening mist/foggy conditions
which further reduces horizontal visibility
significantly (1000m – 5000m).
“Road, rail and air transportation will be affected
by this impairment of horizontal visibility. Road
users, particularly motorists are advised to adhere
strictly to road traffic rules at all times especially
use of fog light during early mornings and late
evenings and to obey speed limits.”
It noted that the 2014 rainy season had come to
an end in the middle belt and northern parts of the
country, while the southern parts of the country
will continue to experience rains till the third week
of December.
“The end of the rainy season will herald the
advent of hot and dry weather conditions in the
afternoons and cold nights especially in the
northern part of the country, leading to a general
increase in daytime temperatures across the
country,” it added.
According to NIMET, the effect of increase in
temperatures will result in discomfort of the
citizens in the area.
Source: Punch

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Picture of the day!

The 1929 Mercedes 250 SSK

The Mercedes-Benz SSK is a roadster built by
German automobile manufacturer Mercedes-
Benz between 1928 and 1932. Its name is an
abbreviation of Super Sport Kurz , German for
"Super Sport Short", as it was a short
wheelbase development of the earlier Mercedes-
Benz S . The SSK's extreme performance and
numerous competitive successes made it one of
the most highly regarded sports cars of its era.
Photocred: Gidicars


Car and Celeb: James Bond's New Ride: the Aston Martin DB10

When James Bond gets behind the wheel of an Aston
Martin in the upcoming Spectre blockbuster, it’ll be
unlike any Bond car ever before. In collaboration with
EON Productions, the team at Gaydon specially
developed a bespoke movie car for the latest Bond
installment, which it is calling the Aston Martin DB10.
The Aston Martin DB10 will be built in-house,
following an extensive design collaboration with the
movie’s director Sam Mendes. It’s no surprise to see
James Bond piloting another Aston, but the Aston
Martin DB10 does allude to the possible design
direction of the British luxury sports car brand. The
DB10 has the typical short-rear, long-nose sports car
proportions, with a sharp fastback roof, a sculpted
hood, and Aston Martin’s familiar horizontal-bar
grille. Like many automakers as of late, Aston
Martin’s design team appears to be looking right at
the Jaguar F-Type for inspiration.
We previously reported that Aston Martin had
registered trademarks for DB10 through DB14 names,
which are presumably reserved for a successor to the
Aston Martin DB9. That model will be co-developed
by Aston and Mercedes-AMG, leading us to believe
that whatever is underneath the sheet metal of the
Aston Martin DB10, it’s likely related to the new
Mercedes-AMG GT. In fact, our European bureau chief
Georg Kacher already indicated that the DB9
successor rumored for 2016 will use a twin-turbo
V-8 engine from AMG, likely the 456-hp mill in the
Mercedes-AMG GT or the 503-hp monster in the rip-
roaring GT S.
The folks in Gaydon will build 10 bespoke Aston
Martin DB10 units, none of which we expect to go on
sale as official production vehicles. Interestingly
though, all of the cars have a manual gearbox, per
the film team's request.
Source: MotorTrend

Car News: The Mighty Mercedes-Benz Maybach

When Mercedes-Benz announced the
departure of the Maybach, they
informed anyone who cared to listen
that the name plate was coming back.
They promised to resurrect it in an
ultra-luxurious edition of the next S-
Since the S-Class debuted last year with
pomp and pageantry, a lot of industry
watchers wondered what an ultra-
luxurious edition of the car might look
like. Fast-forward to the ongoing LA
Motor and Guangzhou Auto Shows
where the new Mercedes-Benz
Maybach has just been unveiled, true
to the promise made by the Germans.
One thing that comes to mind when
you consider the Maybach is its share
size at least judging from the old
model, the new edition is ,453 mm
(214.7 in) long with a wheelbase of
3,365 mm (132.5 in), that is 200mm
(7.9 in) larger in both dimensions than
the existing long wheelbase S-Class its
based on.
As you would imagine all the rear
space in the limousine is for a purpose,
this luxurious moving space
accommodates two unique individual
seats and other intricately designed
features like a Maybach-branded
perfume AGARWOOD to silver-plated,
handcrafted champagne flutes and a
voice amplification function that makes
it easier for occupants in the front to
communicate with the rear passengers.
Although one will wonder the need for
such a feature as the designers at
Mercedes-Benz claim the Maybach is
the world’s quietest production saloon.
Launch date has been set to February
2015 with two models on offer, namely-
the S500 powered by a 449hp(445PS)
and 700Nm 4.7-liter bi-turbo V8 and
the top-of-the-range S600 with a 6.0-
liter twin-turbo V12 producing 523hp
(530PS) and 830Nm. Both models are
RWD, while the S500 will get an all-
wheel drive 4MATIC treatment in July

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Car News: Production Honda NSX Still Nowhere to Be Found, but Already It Is Sold Out in the U.K.

How bad do buyers in the U.K. want the
Honda NSX ? Bad enough to completely
buy out the first year’s supply without
ever seeing the production car in person.
Top Gear reports that more than 100
people have ponied up the coin necessary
to place an order for the car, enough
preorders to claim the entire U.K.
production run.
Keep in mind that we know very little
about the car itself. While Honda has
made no secret of the fact that the NSX
will be built in Ohio, other details are
remarkably scarce. There’s word that the
supercar will compete with the likes of
the Ferrari 458 Italia, Corvette Z06, and
similarly brawny metal, that there will be
“around” 500 horsepower on hand, and
that it’ll likely have some sort of hybrid
system in place (perhaps a version of the
RLX’s rather brilliant Sport Hybird SH-
AWD system ). But this is all educated
conjecture. Honda is keeping this one
close to the vest.
Likewise, there’s no official launch date.
Rumor has it the NSX may bow sometime
in early 2016. Despite the lack of concrete
details, it seems British buyers are willing
to take Honda on faith.

Car and Celeb: Paul Walker’s 550bhp Nissan Skyline is for sale

Walker, who sadly passed away late last year,
drove this heavily modified R34 Nissan Skyline in
the fourth instalment of the freakishly popular
movie franchise.
It's one of nine Skylines used for the film, but is
the only actual Skyline - the others, we're reliably
informed, were all stunt cars fitted on VW Beetle
chassis' with plastic bodies. Yep, that actually
So, this Skyline then. Underneath the bonnet sits a
twin-turbo 2.6-litre straight-six engine with a
Turbonetics front mounted intercooler. This sends
around 550bhp to all four wheels via a six-speed
Getrag shifter. We're told that a simple software
mod could see that power rocket up to over
Then there's a whole suite of goodies to get your
inner Max Power fiend excited: Nismo lowering
springs, a custom roll cage, an ARC titanium strut
tower bar, Volk racing wheels, a Rotora big brake
conversion, a Nismo bumper and side skirts, no
rear seats, a Momo Alcantara steering wheel,
Nismo pedals and a custom head up display for a
dash-mounted PC.
Oh, there's also a Nismo exhaust, many gauges,
custom seats and a "40-page appraisal from a well
known accredited appraisal company documenting
the build and movie car history, indicating a value
range between €750,000 and €5,000,000."
Yep - the car is estimated to sell for at least
£600,000, but considering it's covered just
6,000km, we suspect it'll be significantly higher.
Could it possibly reach the estimated upper range
of that price tag of £4 million?
Source: TG