Tuesday, 30 December 2014

2015 Porsche 911 GT3 Delivered Without Its PDK Sport Button

The 911 GT3 has been under a lot of scrutiny
lately, given its tendency to, you know, catch fire.
But with deliveries back on schedule and
2015 models finding homes in owners’ garages, all
Seem to be ok? Well, not
quite, as apparently some of the workers at
Porsche’s assembly plant felt that certain owners
didn’t need a PDK Sport button (AKA the "go-fast"

That’s right, a 2015 Porsche 911 GT3 that an
owner just picked up reportedly lacks one of the
model’s key features. The news comes from a
claim made by Rennlist user dadams1598, who
got his beloved home just to notice the
PDK Sport button was missing. He even snapped
a picture of the console (after the jump), which is
where the button is supposed to be.
The missing button was discovered on December
14, 2014 and on December 24, the dealer made
things right by special ordering the correct console
with the PDK Sport button. Once the dealer
receives the new console, it he will install it and
perform all of the necessary mapping/programming to get his
GT3 to its full potential. There’s still no
explanation as to how the button got overlooked,
but I’m certain Porsche will figure it out and fix the
issue immediately.
What’s more, for those of you who think this is an
isolated incident, there was a second claim made
in the same thread of a missing PDK Sport button.
The second issue has yet to be validated or
resolved as of December 30, 2014, but I am sure
he will get the same treatment as the first.

Why It Matters
When you have a car like the 911 GT3 recalled for
catching on fire, you need to make sure there are
no more glitches that pop up after fixing the issue.
To have a model get delivered to a customer, who
shelled out a lot of scratch for the sports car,
without the PDK Sport button is ridiculous. Before
the car is ever loaded up for delivery, I am certain
it undergoes several stages of quality control, so
how Porsche missed the button is a complete
mystery. Maybe the QC person didn’t get enough
sleep or maybe he was hungover, or he just overdosed on alomo bitters
But that does not excuse this kind of mistake.


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