Friday, 26 December 2014

Car News: Abandoned Mercedes Benz 300SL found in Cuba

Snapper Piotr Degler was entranced by the
Caribbean republic's automotive landscape -
frozen, at least in part, since the 1950s - and soon
got wind of a ‘legendary' 300SL rumoured by
locals to lay somewhere on the island.
So with his Inspector Gadget hat firmly on, Degler
went hunting high and low for a month, travelling
two thousand miles in the process. He asked
everyone. He looked everywhere. And, only a few
days before he was due to depart, he spotted the
300SL's still-priceless silver remains hiding under
a banana tree.
Piotr told Classic Driver : "When I found it, I spent
the whole day taking pictures. Finding the car was
an indescribable experience." Also, we suspect, a
heartbreaking one: the 300SL surely ranks as the
prettiest Mercedes-Benz in history.
So, with the US and Cuba now on friendlier
relations, we'd suggest taking a trip down Havana
way to take in the motoring landscape in all its
Fifties charm. Who knows what you might find?


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