Friday, 26 December 2014

Car News: 2015 Dodge Challenger Recalled for Faulty Instrument Panel

Chrysler is recalling the 2015 Dodge
Challenger to reprogram instrument
panels that may go on the fritz.
While Chrysler notified the National
Highway Traffic Safety Administration on
November 21, it only recently put a
number on the affected cars: 11,668 in
total, and all of them the recently
redesigned 2015 model. Folks from says you
could start up your new Challenger, rip
down the road for a few miles and you’d
never see any indicated speed or mileage.
That’s because the instrument panel’s
microprocessor can experience a voltage
overload which temporarily disables the
gauges and central display for “up to
several minutes.” During this freakout
mode, the instrument panel may flash
while it attempts to reset and the anti-
theft alarm light may illuminate, all while
the needles hang out at zero.
Chrysler said it first noticed the problem
on August 25 and initiated a software
update for all Challengers on October 8,
which splits the instrument panel’s initial
startup into three stages to “reduce the
initial current draw.” Dealers have
already begun to apply the same update
to the affected cars since last week.
Spread the word to your local authorities,
too. This may be the only time Challenger
drivers using the excuse, “I didn’t know
how fast I was going” can do so with a
clean conscience.


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