Thursday, 4 December 2014

Car News: The Mighty Mercedes-Benz Maybach

When Mercedes-Benz announced the
departure of the Maybach, they
informed anyone who cared to listen
that the name plate was coming back.
They promised to resurrect it in an
ultra-luxurious edition of the next S-
Since the S-Class debuted last year with
pomp and pageantry, a lot of industry
watchers wondered what an ultra-
luxurious edition of the car might look
like. Fast-forward to the ongoing LA
Motor and Guangzhou Auto Shows
where the new Mercedes-Benz
Maybach has just been unveiled, true
to the promise made by the Germans.
One thing that comes to mind when
you consider the Maybach is its share
size at least judging from the old
model, the new edition is ,453 mm
(214.7 in) long with a wheelbase of
3,365 mm (132.5 in), that is 200mm
(7.9 in) larger in both dimensions than
the existing long wheelbase S-Class its
based on.
As you would imagine all the rear
space in the limousine is for a purpose,
this luxurious moving space
accommodates two unique individual
seats and other intricately designed
features like a Maybach-branded
perfume AGARWOOD to silver-plated,
handcrafted champagne flutes and a
voice amplification function that makes
it easier for occupants in the front to
communicate with the rear passengers.
Although one will wonder the need for
such a feature as the designers at
Mercedes-Benz claim the Maybach is
the world’s quietest production saloon.
Launch date has been set to February
2015 with two models on offer, namely-
the S500 powered by a 449hp(445PS)
and 700Nm 4.7-liter bi-turbo V8 and
the top-of-the-range S600 with a 6.0-
liter twin-turbo V12 producing 523hp
(530PS) and 830Nm. Both models are
RWD, while the S500 will get an all-
wheel drive 4MATIC treatment in July


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