Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Car News: Most Expensive Danfo Just Went On Sale For $235,000

According to CNN, a 1955 Volkswagen
Camper van/Micro bus/Danfo was
recently sold for a record $235,000 by a
German auction company. It was a 9-
seat Samba Microbus Deluxe, featuring
chrome hubcaps and a big chrome VW
badge. It had a two-tone paint job and
a huge cloth sunroof which according
to the report ‘was the most luxurious
version of the microbus sold at the
Its funny how we view perspectives on
issues, this $235,000 money well spent
for a collector in a faraway continent
represents daily bread for another
hustler in Nigeria. The Camper van/
Micro bus is called ‘danfo’ in Nigeria
and is driven by mini-bus operators
who use them (painted in yellow and
black livery) to transport passengers to
earn a living in Lagos, Nigeria.
The record breaking bus was in in
excellent condition and  had 6, 400
miles on its odometer, according to the
auction house Auctionata. It was one of
only 11 Sambas from 1955.
Watch video via link below

Culled from AutoFocusBlog.


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