Friday, 5 December 2014

Car News: NIMET cautions motorists on harmattan haze

The dust outbreaks which occur during the
harmattan season will disrupt the major modes of
transportation across most parts of Nigeria, the
Nigerian Meteorological Agency has warned.
The agency, through its National Weather
Forecasting and Climate Research Centre, said
road, rail and air transportation will be affected by
the impairment of horizontal visibility caused by
harmattan haze.
It noted that as the concentration of the dust
particles increases, the atmosphere would get
colder, drier and incidences of respiratory disorder
would increase.
NIMET, in a statement on Wednesday, said, “Dust
outbreaks which will occur during the season
occasionally, will reduce horizontal visibility
significantly to 1000m and less with the attendant
disruption of flight operations across the country.
“The impact of dust particle in the atmosphere in
the south will include the occurrence of early
morning and late evening mist/foggy conditions
which further reduces horizontal visibility
significantly (1000m – 5000m).
“Road, rail and air transportation will be affected
by this impairment of horizontal visibility. Road
users, particularly motorists are advised to adhere
strictly to road traffic rules at all times especially
use of fog light during early mornings and late
evenings and to obey speed limits.”
It noted that the 2014 rainy season had come to
an end in the middle belt and northern parts of the
country, while the southern parts of the country
will continue to experience rains till the third week
of December.
“The end of the rainy season will herald the
advent of hot and dry weather conditions in the
afternoons and cold nights especially in the
northern part of the country, leading to a general
increase in daytime temperatures across the
country,” it added.
According to NIMET, the effect of increase in
temperatures will result in discomfort of the
citizens in the area.
Source: Punch


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