Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Car News: Production Honda NSX Still Nowhere to Be Found, but Already It Is Sold Out in the U.K.

How bad do buyers in the U.K. want the
Honda NSX ? Bad enough to completely
buy out the first year’s supply without
ever seeing the production car in person.
Top Gear reports that more than 100
people have ponied up the coin necessary
to place an order for the car, enough
preorders to claim the entire U.K.
production run.
Keep in mind that we know very little
about the car itself. While Honda has
made no secret of the fact that the NSX
will be built in Ohio, other details are
remarkably scarce. There’s word that the
supercar will compete with the likes of
the Ferrari 458 Italia, Corvette Z06, and
similarly brawny metal, that there will be
“around” 500 horsepower on hand, and
that it’ll likely have some sort of hybrid
system in place (perhaps a version of the
RLX’s rather brilliant Sport Hybird SH-
AWD system ). But this is all educated
conjecture. Honda is keeping this one
close to the vest.
Likewise, there’s no official launch date.
Rumor has it the NSX may bow sometime
in early 2016. Despite the lack of concrete
details, it seems British buyers are willing
to take Honda on faith.


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