Saturday, 27 December 2014

Car News: They’re making knock-off Range Rovers in China

It’s common knowledge that in China you can get
designer handbags, watches and smartphones for
less than half the price – and we all know why
that is; because they are fake.
And while we have all become accustomed to this,
a certain Chinese company according to may have taken it a
little too far this time when they produced a
‘knock-off’ version of one of the most recognisable
and award-winning cars in recent history.
Say hello to the all-new Land Wind
X7(really??) – or is that the Range Rover Evoque?
This car is called the ‘LandWind X7′, but it’s not
just the name that sounds the same as the jaguar
Land Rover manufactured Range Rover Evoque. In
fact, the entire car looks exactly, almost down to
the very last detail, as the celebrated Range Rover
At first glance, you can see the obvious
similarities; it has exactly the same body shape as
the Evoque, it has the same light and front fender design, and very
notably, the very same radiator grille design.
It was also debuted in white, which is the flagship
colour of the Evoque, and the same colour the
Range Rover made its debut in.
The LandWind X7 made it’s official debut at the
Guangzhou Motor Show in China last week, and it
wasn’t long before the media exploded with the
copy-cat tagline attached to the X7.
Naturally, Jaguar Land Rover is not very
CEO of Land Rover, Dr. Ralph Speth, said that they
will most definitely lay a com plait in China:
“The fact that this kind of copying is ongoing in
China is very disappointing. As a company we
have invested heavily in China with our joint
venture partner Chery…[sic] That commitment is
based on a clear business plan, that allows us to
hit our sales targets at clear prices. Anything that
damages the potential profitability of our plant
damages the integrity of those plans.”
The only noticeable difference between the Range
Rover Evoque and the LandWind X7 is the price
The Evoque sells for over 40 000 pounds and the
X7 sells for less than half of that at 14 000
Is this a case of imitation is the biggest form of
flattery or is it just downright rude?


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