Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Car News: US Army Auctioning Decommissioned Humvees to Public, Prices Start at $10K

So you’re that guy. The guy who
has everything. And by everything, we
mean a thousand-acre ranch and your
own island. Even so, we bet you don’t
have one of these: a genuine, Department
of Defense–issue Humvee.
We’re not talking about one of those
pansy-ass, chrome-wheeled, civilian-grade
AM General H1 Alphas sold to
emasculated posers in the years following
Operation Desert Storm, but the real,
camo-covered, stripped out, troop-
transporting “High Mobility Multipurpose
Wheeled Vehicle” (HMMWV) that might
have actually served in the sand. And
now, for the first time ever, you’ll have to
opportunity to legally acquire one:
Tomorrow, the first batch of 25 surplus
Humvees hit the auction block at .
In previous years, these slow-moving
behemoths would have been sent straight
to the scrapper, but according to a report
in Army Times , recent changes in policies
and what the DOD’s Defense Logistics
Agency spokesperson Michelle McCaskill
describes as “cooperation from other
government offices”—wait, government
offices cooperate ?—the DLA is able to
“make some military vehicles available
into assets” instead of putting them out to
The Army Times report says that the
government has enlisted the help of
online marketplace to
unload much of its extraneous heavy
equipment. This includes the
aforementioned Humvees, which appear
to have been built between 1987 and 1994
and have anywhere from 1361 to 38,334
miles on their odos. According to the
report, each will have been inspected for
defects (and presumably fixed) and
stripped of their “military characteristics.”
Sorry, war-games fanboys and vigilantes:
You’ll have to arm them yourselves.
Prices will start at $10K, and if you win
one, be prepared to pay in full within
three days. New owners will also have to
find a way to get their big new toys home
without driving them on public roads,
since unfortunately, they will not be
street-legal. Also worth noting is that AM
General has not yet signed on to sell parts
to civilian owners, according to the
report, and it may not, as these Humvees
might be considered cheap competition
for the engineless Humvee kits that AM
General started selling in 2013.
If you miss out on one of these first 25, do
not fret: Many more are on the way.
Randy Berry, IronPlanet’s senior vice
president for operations and services, told
the Army Times that there is a lot of pent-
up demand for the Humvees, and that a
steady stream of them are expected by
become available in the future. The report
says that these are among the first of
about 4000 decommissioned Humvees
that the DOD is liquidating, and those that
aren’t snatched up by fire and police
departments likely will end up on the
public auction block.
Beyond the Humvees, there’s a whole
bunch more bad-ass military-grade stuff
on the website,
including tractors, trailers, cargo trucks,
forklifts, and more. But the Hummers are,
we think, the coolest, and if you want
yours by Christmas, open your
browser on Wednesday around 3:00 pm
EST/12:00 pm PST and get ready to bid.
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