Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Meet "RAMINATOR", the world's fastest Monster truck

‘Raminator' may be a name you'd expect to find in
the more, ahem, grown up shops on the high
street, but the truth is far cooler. It actually
denotes the world's fastest monster truck.
The Guinness World Records team were there to
verify its 99.1mph run at the Circuit of the
Americas, home of the Austin grand prix. It pipped
the previous record of 96.8mph.
The Raminator's top speed may just pip an entry-
level Dacia Sandero, but we'd wager reaching it is
way scarier when you're metres above the ground,
with five tonnes of truck to bring to a halt at the
end of it. See the way the cab shimmies above the
chassis as it careers down the start/finish straight
for evidence of the bravery required here.
Powering the Raminator is a 2000bhp, 9.2-litre
supercharged Hemi engine. Disappointingly, no
fuel economy figures have been mentioned, but
forget miles per gallon: expect to need many,
many gallons for each mile it covers. Lucky the US
enjoys cheaper fuel than the UK...
"Most of the time we're in an arena or a stadium",
driver Mark Hall said, "so we don't have a big run
like this. This is pretty unique for us".
Watch the video above, and then try to tell us you
don't want a go in a monster truck below...
Source: TG


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