Sunday, 28 December 2014

Shelby Signature Edition Super Snake

Las Vegas, Nevada - Probably the only downside
to the worldwide release of the all-new Ford
Mustang early in 2015 is that it will mean the end
of the iconic Shelby GT500 Super Snake - Carroll
Shelby's final and, in some ways finest, creation.
While there is no doubt that Shelby American is
working on equally outrageous conversions for the
new Pony Car, it's unlikely that they will have the
same brute presence as the current Super Snake,
which was first released in 2007.
So, to honour the memory of the man himself, and
as a last hurrah for the GT500 as we know it,
Shelby American has put together just 50
Signature Edition packages, to create that number
of very special Super Snakes.
This is not a limited-edition special model; you
bring them your GT500 - any example, coupé or
convertible, built between 2007 and 2014 and in
decent condition - before the end of January 2015,
plus a cheque for $44 995 (N7 560 000) and they
will transform it into a numbered, one-of-fifty
Signature Edition Super Snake.

To start with, you get a 3.6-litre Kenne Bell
supercharger in place of the standard blower,
upping the engine's rated power from 488kW to
To keep things cool when the going gets hot, you
get the Shelby Performance cooling package, which
includes a bigger radiator, heat exchanger and
aluminium cooling tanks.
And while it's up on the hoist, you get upgraded
rear brakes and revised suspension, as well as
special Weld Shelby forged-alloy rims with
exclusive Signature Edition centre caps, custom-
coloured to match the special go-faster stripes,
which will be cut to order for your car in your
choice of any standard Ford colour.
You get special Signature Edition badges on the
front wings, boot lid and steering-wheel boss,
numbered plaques on the centre console and the
engine airbox cover, and monogrammed floor mats
in the foot-wells.
And finally, when you take delivery of your
Signature Edition Super Snake in Las Vegas, you
get a full day's advanced driving instruction at the
same circuit where all Shelbys are tested, to
ensure you can handle the extra performance.
Still got some money to spend? As an extra-cost
option, you can ask for the factory wide-body kit
to be fitted before the stripes and special badges
go on.


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