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Monday, 28 December 2015

Top Reasons You Should Service Your Car This Festive Period

This is a must read article for car owners in the country as we are all aware of the harshness of the harmattan season  and what it brings with it .According to one of Nigeria’s biggest Classified webistes, the underlisted article shows Top Reasons you should service your car this festive period.   
In a survey carried out recently by the leading online classified OLX, the importance of servicing cars regularly was emphasized. With the festive period approaching, and more people seeing a need to travel long distances to visit family and friends, the OLX survey comes as an essential reminder for car owners to take proper care of their vehicles.
Speaking on the survey, OLX Country Manager, Lola Masha, expressed that the company wants to keep its users’ needs in view, whilst helping them optimize their car usage. Masha added, “With the huge volume of vehicles on our platform, we realized that we had to educate our car users by carrying out this survey. It is our way of ensuring that we remain connected to what is most important to them, especially at this time where a lot of people travel for the festivities.”
Findings from the research revealed that 68 percent of the respondents serviced their cars every three months, about 20 percent serviced their cars every six months, two percent serviced their cars every 12 months, and about 10 percent were not forthcoming on the regularity of service. The research further revealed that a handful of respondents take their cars for service every month, based on the mileage of the car.
Automobile expert, and General Manager, Mandilas Enterprises Limited, Stephen Gladwin advised car owners to service and maintain their cars regularly for longer lifespan and prevention of breakdown of their vehicles which is usually a cause of road accidents. Gladwin added that, “It is best to service your car every 3 months. A long road trip is a serious test for your car, and it is always best to have it in great condition. One thing that a car user must know is that, there are no small problems when it comes to cars, an improperly aligned tyre can cause a lot of trouble, just like an overheating engine.”
He noted that, “People largely do not service their cars due to poor budgeting and not servicing your car regularly, can lead to complicated mechanical problems whilst driving.”
Recently, OLX partnered with Mandilas to offer eligible users who posted their cars for sale on the site, an opportunity to screen and evaluate their cars for free. At the end of the screening, the user will get an evaluation certificate from Mandilas that will state the current market value of the car as well as the condition of the parts of the car.  This will benefit both the buyer who is worried about the worth and condition of the car they want to buy and the seller who is not sure of the monetary value of the car.
OLX is the world’s leading classifieds platform in growth markets and is available in more than 40 countries and over 50 languages. OLX connects local people to buy sell or exchange used goods and services by making it fast and easy for anyone to post an ad through the mobile app. Every month, hundreds of millions of people in local markets around the world use OLX’s online marketplace to find and sell a wide range of products, including vehicles, electronics, phones and much more.

Friday, 25 December 2015

Links to RoadKill Season 1

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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Quote of the year!!

My fear about 2016 is the escalating tension/rivalry between the Ford Mustang and the Chevrolet Camaro...If care is not taken, the earth might be in pulled into another world war in just a matter of months. The United Nations and all stakeholders need to act fast and work together to prevent a further escalation which could result in total destruction and chaos! Else, we can only await the disastrous consequences. Anonymous (2015)

Monday, 21 December 2015

Report: Hydrogen-Powered Audi Q6 To Debut At 2016 Detroit Auto Show

Audi e tron Quattro front three quarters 2
A new report from Autocar outlines a fuel-cell version of the Audi e-tron Quattro concept will make its official debut at the 2016 Detroit auto show.
The all-electric e-tron Quattro concept made a big splash at the 2015 Frankfurt auto show a few months ago, where Audi reveled the SUV as an obvious move against Elon Musk’s Tesla Model X. With a 310-mile range, a more conventional design, and an established dealer network, the e-tron has the potential to attract more buyers than the wild Model X. Production of the e-tron concept will likely be under the Audi Q6 model nameplate when it hits dealer lots in 2018.
Now, Autocar reports a reworked version of this electric SUV will make its official debut at the upcoming Detroit auto show. While the e-tron packs a traditional electric powertrain, the so-called Audi Q6 h-tron will feature a new hydrogen fuel-cell powerplant similar to the Audi A7 Sportback h-tron Quattro we drove last year.
The Audi Q6 h-tron will wear only minor visual modifications from its Q6 e-tron brother, and fit into the Audi Q6 lineup alongside conventional gas-powered engines.
If the rumors and reports are accurate, look for the Audi Q6 h-tron to drop its cover next month.
Source: Autocar, MotorTrend

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Federal Aviation Authority Approves Terrafugia's Flying Car for Test Flights

Each day, humanity inches closer to the vision of the future presented by “The Jetsons.” Okay, maybe not exactly that cartoon future, but something resembling it. Smartwatches, robotic assistance, and 3-D printed food are just some of the real world advances the cartoon has analogues for.
Strides have also been made in the realm of flying cars.
In a recent development, the Federal Aviation Administration authorized Terrafugia to operate small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (SUAS) of its TF-X flying car for research and development purposes.
“It’s a significant milestone in the development of the program and we’re really excited to be moving forward,” said Terrafugia spokesperson Dagny Dukach to R&D Magazine.  
The TF-X concept was first unveiled in 2013.
“The FAA exemption will allow Terrafugia to test the hovering capabilities of a one-tenth scale TF-X vehicle and gather flight characteristics data that will drive future design choices,” according toTerrafugia, whose name is derived from the Latin phrase “Escape the Earth.” “Because of the unconventional configuration of the TF-X, it is vital to achieve sustained stabilized hovering with smaller models before developing a full-size TF-X prototype.”
According to Dukachthe FAA-approved model is roughly 2 ft long and has a weight restriction of no more than 55 lbs.   
Under the FAA exemption, the company can test the prototype vehicle at altitudes up to 400 ft, and at speeds under 100 mph.
“We’re hoping to test (the prototype) within the next few months,” Dukach said, noting the company is currently in the building process.
Terrafugia envisions the four-seat, hybrid electric, and semi-autonomous flying car will enter production some eight to 12 years in the future. Pricing is estimated to be consistent with high-end luxury cars. The car will have a range of 500 mi, boast cruise speeds up to 200 mph, and utilize vertical take-off and landing.
Simplicity is the name of the game. According to the company, learning how to fly the vehicle will take significantly less time than learning how to fly a traditional aircraft, and controlling the vehicle will be akin to steering a car.
For more information, go to:

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Has Nigeria's Auto Policy Been Hijacked?

Crusoe Osagie reports on claims of possible sabotage of the Nigerian auto policy for personal gains

As Nigeria continues to grapple with the severe challenge of the huge decline in the inflow of foreign exchange (forex) into the nation's economy, the need to implement policies, which emphasise local manufacturing of products for which billions are spent in forex yearly, is undebatable.

This is the very reason why companies whose businesses are essentially built around importation, especially of products that can possibly be made locally, must realise the inevitability of changing their strategy.

In the light of the present dollar crisis therefore, the commencement of the implementation of a national automobile policy by the former minister of Industry, Olusegun Aganga, under the Goodluck Jonathan-led federal government, with the ultimate objective of promoting the local assembly and production of vehicles to cut down the over $6 billion annual vehicle importation bill, shows uncommon foresight.

Since this policy known as the New Auto Industry Development Plan (NAIDP) was introduced in earnest around 2013, reputable research firms have come out to state that significant progress has been made in the achieving the goals of the initiative.

A good example is the recent research embarked upon by PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC), which stated unequivocally that the Nigerian auto industry would be able to produce locally, four million (4,000,000) cars annually, by the year 2050 with credit to the (NAIDP).

According to the summary of the PWC report: "We believe that by the year 2050, Nigeria should produce over four million vehicles. We have also created a pessimistic scenario because the world may not turn out the way we think, but even with the pessimistic scenario, Nigeria will be producing about 2 million vehicles, instead of the 4 million from the other scenario. Essentially, PWC is saying that by 2050, Nigeria is going to be a market that makes at least 4 million vehicles a year and would also stop importation of used vehicles."

The appropriateness of this policy, its timeliness and prospects notwithstanding, some operators in the auto industry have however raised the alarm that most of the so-called local vehicle manufacturers and assemblers are not implementing the NAIDP, instead they have cloaked their activities under the immunity provided by the federal government for companies that are effectively implementing the policy and they are reaping the country off in the process.

THISDAY gathered from a whistleblower group within the auto industry who asked not to be named that some of the major players who are expected to take the lead in the implementation the otherwise lofty auto policy are simply going abroad to purchase fully built cars, paying an extra cost to partially dismember these cars and then shipping them into Nigeria as knocked down components of the cars for assembly in-country, simply to qualify for the zero tariff given by government to companies actually assembling cars locally.

"The government is losing billions of naira for nothing. If you think these people are actually assembling cars in Nigeria, you are just kidding yourself. Do you know what it takes to set up an actual assembly plant. Do you not see that Toyota politely declined the request for it to be part of the scam?

"What do you think they are doing? try to enter their so-called assembly plants, you will see that they will not allow you because what they are doing is go abroad buy fully built cars, take off the side mirrors, the bumper, head and rear lights and so on. Ship these materials into the country, avoid paying any tariffs, then couple these removed parts at their so-called assembly plants, sell to Nigerians and smile to the bank.

"Even their international partners have refused to sell completely knocked down (CKD) parts to them because of fear that they will mess up the standards of their cars and tarnish the image of their brands. Ask them who is selling CKD to them and you will see that they are just fleecing the country of tariff revenue that should have accrued to government coffers and putting the money in their pockets," one of the whistleblowers told THISDAY.

Responding to question whether this is not just a phase in the process of getting these companies to eventually begin to assemble actual CKDs in Nigeria, they said it was nothing but another way of depleting the country's badly-needed revenue for individual benefit.

They also associated the scam with the reason why so many companies and groups applied for licences to become auto manufacturers in the country, so much so that the government at some point had to stop accepting applications.

"You think it is an easy business to break even. Why was everybody applying to become car manufacturers? It was simply because there was some easy amount to be made," the source told THISDAY.

They claimed that to run a vehicle assembly plant profitably, there was a given number of cars that must be produced and sold annually and stressed that with the various several companies claiming to be assembling cars locally, there was no way each of them could achieve that threshold production and remain sustainable, while saying that if only one company actually sets up an proper auto assembly plant in Nigeria, it will gulp billions of dollars and employ thousands of people, something they said has certainly not happened with all those claiming to be local auto manufacturers.

Culled form

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Infinity Tyres Launches Value Drive Promo

In the spirit of the season, Nigeria’s leading tyre, battery and premium automobile accessories brand, Infinity Tyres, is offering its customers a chance to experience their quality automobile products and win amazing gifts with the annual Infinity Value Drive Promo.
Infinity Tyres Limited is the sole marketer of premium tyre brands Pirelli, Goodyear, Infinity, CEAT and battery brands Exide and Infinity in Nigeria.
The Executive Director, Infinity Group, Mr. Rajesh Chawla, who announced the start of the promo in Lagos, recently, said motorist are welcome to any of their facilities to check the health of their vehicles for free.
He said, “In a bid to consistently share this experience with its customers, the 13th edition of the Value drive promo will commence on 1st December and end on 31st December, 2015.
infinity_tyres-2“Infinity Value Drive promo guarantees the customers, a chance to win various prizes instantly on purchase of infinity tyre or battery at any of the accredited Infinity tyres & Infinity Express outlets. Every customer who makes purchases from these outlets gets a scratch card, through which a prize will be revealed once card has been scratched.”
Prizes include cash, tyre services like, Wheel balancing and wheel alignment. Other prizes include umbrellas, T-shirts, Face caps, Electric Car Jacks, Car Vacuum Cleaners and Radiator Coolants. All prizes are redeemable instantly at the point of purchase, he said.
The Management of Infinity Tyres, commended the patronage of customers all over Nigeria, stressing that “they are the reason why this promo has so far been successful and why it is today a tradition in the company. Infinity Tyres is where it is today as a result of the concerted efforts of all its stakeholders and retail customers.”
Infinity Tyres officials expressed the excitement around the promo, describing it as one platform through which the company shows appreciation to its loyal customers.
They further explained that the growth of the company in Nigeria was a clear indication of the trust reposed in its brands and services by the motorists in Nigeria.
Management representatives took the opportunity to thank customers all over Nigeria for their patronage.
They also mentioned that the management of Infinity Tyres is aware that many Nigerians travel during the festive season, wishing them a safe journey and very enjoyable festive season with lots of good wishes for 2016.


Nissan Confers Global Merit Award on Stallion NMN

Stallion NMN, Nissan’s exclusive manufacturer and product distributor in Nigeria on Friday received one of Nissan Motor Company’s highest honours – the Nissan Global National Sales Company Award, which was presented to the company at a banquet in Lagos by representatives of the Japanese automaker.
NSC award Dec 3 2015
The Nissan National Sales Company Global Award is in recognition of exceptional performance in sales and market share achievement. Stallion NMN has consistently grown Nissan market share year-on-year, culminating in a significant leap from 4% to 10% in the 2014 Financial Year.
In his address, Mike Whitfield, Managing Director and President, Nissan South Africa Region applauded Stallion NMN for consistently elevating Nissan market share in Nigeria.
He said: “We have worked side by side with the Stallion Group to achieve what is a very encouraging increase in our share of the key Nigerian market… and we are delighted all results show Nissan is making progress.”
Whitfield described Nigeria as a key market for Nissan with ambitious potential for growth despite the current slump in global oil price and dwindling economic trend.
He assured Nissan has strong desire to make a full and lasting contribution to rebuild the automotive industry in Nigeria, and play a significant role in the growth of the manufacturing sector.
Also adding that Africa has become an increasingly important market for all manufacturers, the Nissan President envisions demand could rise by 24% through 2016 supported by an expanding GDP and a versatile middle-class that is central to a growing economy and mature political system.
Whitfield said Nissan is growing with Africa and believes the continent is well-positioned in the sub-Saharan region for long-term growth to consistently meet customers’ needs through an expanding model range; retail network and an evolving industrial footprint in Nigeria.
Meanwhile Nissan has announced plans to build a brand new pickup model at Rosslyn plant, starting in 2018 to increase its annual capacity to 80, 000 vehicles from 40, 000 and meet growing demand for new vehicles in Africa.
In his acknowledgement remarks, Sunil Vaswani, Chairman, West African Conglomerate Stallion Group said: “It is our intention to progressively build Nissan’s market share in the coming years and transform the Nissan brand into one of Nigeria’s foremost. We value our partnership with Nissan and aim to deliver world-class products and expertise.”
He said Stallion is investing in developing an integrated value chain for its products in the country, thereby acting as catalyst for Nigeria’s automotive ecosystem.
“Together with Nissan, we will compliment Nigeria’s ambition to become the region’s automotive hub and provide a comprehensive range of passenger and commercial vehicles to meet the growing demand for new vehicles in Nigeria,” Mr. Vaswani assured.

FRSC Harps on Dangers of Night Trip

FRSC Marshals giving helping hands, following a passenger bus crash last Saturday

Disturbed by the spate of road crash fatalities resulting from night-time travels, the Federal Road Safety Corps has reiterated its warning to the Nigerian motoring public to desist from night trips due to obvious and inherent dangers associated with such trips.
Making this declaration, the Corps Public Education Officer, Corps Commander Imoh Etuk highlighted numerous factors which negate night-time travels in Nigeria at the moment such as the poor state of roads, inadequate rescue services, fatigue, inadequate road signs/markings and poor vehicle maintenance culture.
Speaking further, Etuk emphasized on the change of light intensity and blur effect of night driving on the vision of drivers which increases the probability of road crashes at night. Under this circumstances; according to him, when light levels are reduced, the pupil of the eyes open up in size to admit more light thus making what the driver sees to become blurred.
Continuing, the FRSC spokesman said “since the human eye takes time to adjust to new levels of light, a driver on night trip suffers temporary vision impairment when moving from bright areas(motor way intersections in the urban centres) to dark areas(rural areas where there is minimal road lights)”.
Commander Etuk also traced another negative impact of night-time driving to the glare from automobile lights, particularly from the rear view mirror which can lead to temporary loss of a driver’s vision, recalling that “at 100 metres/ph, a vehicles moves at 28 metres per second, meaning that the lives of all occupants of such vehicles will be put to serious danger when the driver suffers a temporary loss of sight”.
He also recalled with concern, the recent night-time fatal crash on 18th November 2015 at 12.10am, at Sango Ota, old toll gate end of the Lagos-Abeokuta express way which resulted to the death of 9 persons and leaving others with serious injuries.
According to Commander Etuk, “media reports indicate that the crash occurred when a truck loaded with cement, apparently had a brake failure, veered off the its lane and rammed into several other vehicles” Reacting to measures being initiated by the Corps to curb the trend of night trips in Nigeria, the Corps Public Education Officer expressed the FRSC’ concern over traffic peculiarities associated with the yuletide season and the penchant for night trips among Nigerians during this period and reiterated the Corps’ advise for the motoring public to desist from night travels.
However, he added that since the FRSC does not wish to step on the fundamental human rights of most Nigerians to move freely, it is still instructive to advise the motoring public on the hazards associated with this practice.
“This underscores why we embark on robust public awareness campaigns for Nigerians to appreciate the grievious dangers of travelling at night at the moment because of the absence of the proper indices to ensure the safety of those who prefer to travel at night”.
He also frowned at the use of extra lights by drivers of heavy duty vehicles due to its dazzling effect on other drivers, adding that the FRSC operatives have been mandated to prosecute any driver who carries extra light on his vehicle which is violation of the provisions of the National Road Traffic Regulation, 2004

Thursday, 3 December 2015

2 000 000th Defender Lands in Dubai

Defender Dubai_IMG5625
Sometime ago we reported that Land Rover was building a one-of-a-kind defender to mark 2 000 000th production milestone, they have now decided to take it to a location where it’ll seem very comfortable in the sound dunes, it seems the rare breed has found home in Dubai.

Read more in the press release below:

South Africa, Pretoria, 6 November 2015 – Land Rover’s milestone vehicle the ‘Defender 2,000,000’ has landed in Dubai for an exclusive preview ahead of its special auction at Bonhams on 16th December, when car collectors from across the globe are expected to gather in London to bid for the unique car.
Defender Dubai_IMG5721
The two millionth Series Land Rover and Defender built in Solihull, UK, was displayed in the Al Fahidi district of the city, the historical heart of Dubai. To reflect Land Rover’s rich history and evolution through the decades, the vehicle was presented alongside a Series I Land Rover. The Defender pedal car concept, a hand-built tribute to Defender’s legacy which could be a popular collector’s piece and children’s toy in the region, completed the trio.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Let's talk about the success of the 2015 Nigeria's Superbike Road Race

Nigeria's Festival of Speed.

So the 2015 edition of Nigeria's Superbike Road Race has come and gone. Motoring Nigeria was present to cover every single bit of the event which was a grand success and of course a significant improvement compared to last year's event. It was an exhilarating weekend for all those who attended the event as everybody got their own excessive dose of adrenaline
Friday 27th of November, 2015 was the date slated for arrival at Motel Bellisima in the ancient city of Benin, Edo state. On that day, Nigerians witnessed the presence of bikers on various highways as they made their way to Benin from all over the country. Saturday morning was quite unique as everyone woke up feeling all energetic and ready to race but before that, we first had to travel about 1.5 hours from Benin through Benin-Asaba expressway to the race location- Urhonigbe, Edo State.

On our arrival at Urhonighe, we were welcomed by the sheer serenity of the area, we knew we were in a whole different environment as the children, women and men lined up the smooth virgin asphalt welcoming us with smiles and waving at us till we got to the race venue.
Riding to the venue and it was clear that the organisers had found a 32km stretch of road that was "perfect" for  street race course having obtained the approval of the Government of Edo State to shut down the road for the purpose of the race. It is a 32 km stretch of smooth track like asphalt surface, with long straights where the racers easily hit above 290km/hr and sharp, slow and fast curves that test the braking and cornering ability of the racers. It was clear we were in for a racing treat.

This year also saw the presence of two global power brands in motorsport in attendance - RedBull and Yamaha Racing. 
The event started with a few practice laps for bikers who wanted to get accustomed to the beautiful curves the road had to offer. The practice laps were followed by a dance presentation which sort of snowballed into a competition (who knew bikers could dance). This was followed by the introduction of the contestants for the Ultimate Bike Girl Nigeria Pageant and occasional drone performances by the drone pilot who was supposed to be using the drone to video the event, but hey, its okay because the villagers liked it and I know that because they never stopped waving at the drone. After all these, the race began, with up to 40 contestants covering the 32km route each. Male and female winners emerged in both the 600cc (capacity) and 1000cc categories. Jack Affara who won last year's race also clinched the first position in The BT Championship 1000cc Category this year covering 32km in 10 mins 28 seconds, second position went to Ahmed Alpacino who covered 32km in 10 mins 42 seconds and the third position went to Mohammed (Mo Ducati) who covered 32km in 10mins 54seconds. The female winners were Oreoluwa Ojo (15mins 23seconds), Jeminat Olumegbon (15mins 31seconds) and Kelly Jumbo (16mins 40seconds). The Above 1000cc Category winners were Argo Raak (10mins 11seconds), Ini Ralph (10mins 57seconds) and Darlinton (11mins 1second).After the race, we proceeded to the finish line at Ugbokirima where trophies were awarded to the winners. After all said and done, we again hit the highway for the ride back to Benin where some people chilled and others decided to cool off by swimming. Evening time came and that signalled the beginning of the Ultimate Bike Girl Nigeria Pageant at Hexagon Hotel, where Miss Onyinye Okereke emerged as the winner. To spice up the evening, a car raffle draw was held and was won by Miss Oreoluwa Ojo who went home with a brand new Kia Picanto. Sunday the 29th of November, 2015 was departure day and we prepared for the hard ride back to base. 

I have attended some motorsport events in Nigeria and this stands as the most memorable. I say kudos to the organizers for striving to introduce genuine motorsport to Nigeria, even though there is still great room for improvement. This was serious racing! 
As with all races, there is the likelihood of crashes. In this year's event, there were about seven crashes. Most of the crashes happening at a famous high speed right turn curve. Thankfully, there were no serious injuries and the racers are back home and well and already planning for next years event which comes up again on the 26th of November, 2016. Going by the successes achieved at this year's event, it will be correct to say that motorsport, superbike racing, has taken off in Nigeria. IF you pump RED, like me, don't miss next year's event.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

RoadKill Season 1 Episode 14

Timi had just wrapped up all he had to do at work. He was about to head home when he was cornered in the car pack by an unexpected visitor. It was Mba. Timi attempted to ignore him and get into the car but Mba cut him off by the door.                                                                                                         "He knows, he knows everything, and he wants to see you," Mba said, referring to Senate President Mike Aghedo. Timi was stunned, though deep down, he knew he had been expecting this.              "What if I don't want to see him?" Timi asked in defiance.                                                                          "We both know what he is capable of," Mba answered, inching a step closer to Timi.         
     "I'm not afraid of him," Timi retorted.                                                                                                         "If that's true, then you would have no reason to want to avoid him, especially now that he knows everything." Timi hesitated but eventually decided that facing the Senate President might drive home the message that he feared no one. Perhaps if he showed his defiance to the Senate President, he might eventually give up trying to harm Bridget. Timi got into his car, looked out the window and told Mba, "Lead the way."                                                                                                                                                                       ***                                                     ***                                                                    ***
As Timi made his way to the Senate President's office, millions of thoughts crowded his mind. To be honest, he didn't know what to expect. He wondered what exactly the Senate President had to say to him. Mba walked ahead of Timi. On getting to the door, Mba gave it a gentle knock, before pushing it open and walking in. Mba gulped as he saw the Senate President, seated calmly in his arm chair, his dark rimmed glasses on, writing something on some sheets of paper. Mba should have been used to this sight by now, but every time he entered this office, he always felt uneasy. As Timi stepped in, Senate President Mike Aghedo did something Mba had never seen him do before. The Senate President raised his head from what he was writing, smiled and even stood to welcome Timi. Timi wasn't sold. He knew better than to let his guard down because of Mike's courtesy.                                            "Please Mr Timi Andrews, have a seat," The Senate President continued with the niceties. "I'm quite thrilled to have you here. You see, I'm a fan. I've heard so much about you."                     Timi's face was as hard as rock. There was not a single hint of a smile, only revolt seethed deep inside him. Noticing that Timi was in no mood for such chivalry, Mike Aghedo adjusted himself.                   "Very well then," Mike said, "Let's get down to business." "You have skills I require. Your driving skills, your experience as a former DSS agent can be put to good use in my circle."       At this point, Timi chuckled slightly. "You want me to work for you?" He asked incredulous.                    "Yes," came the blunt reply. "Like I said, you have managed to keep Governor Abayomi Abejide's daughter safe all this while, right under my nose. You have indeed served the Governor of Lagos well. I admire your loyalty to him. But now, it's time to graduate. Come work for Timi, and you will never need another cent in your life." This time Timi replied in a more serious tone. "No, like you said, I'm loyal to the Governor and my loyalty cannot be bought" The Senator nodded slowly in his seat. He pressed his lips together in an attempt to show his understanding. Then he continued. "Right, maybe money will not by your loyalty, but perhaps, love will. If you switch you allegiance to me Timi-" The Senator looked intently at Timi, before completing, "I'll let Bridget be."                                                                              
 Timi's eyes widened, his ears stretched. The Senator had just pledged to leave Bridget alone, if he would agree to work for the Senator. Timi's heart immediately began to race. He had come here with a little hope that he would be able to reason and reach some sort of agreement with the Senate President to let Bridget be. Now the Senator was offering that. The Senate President saw the confusion on Timi's face and spoke. "My offer stands for a week. How about you go and talk it over with Bridget herself?"  
Timi stood without saying a word. He walked out the door. The Senator said behind me, "Mba will bring you back in a week. The answer you bring had better be a yes."  Timi got to his car ready to start the engine when Mba suddenly opened his passenger door and got in beside him. Mba looked very worried. There were sweat beats clouding all over his face and his body shook as breathed.          "You can't trust the Senator to make good on his promise even if you decide to work for him," Mba said.                                                                                                                                                            Timi snorted. "And why are you telling me this?" He asked.                   
 "Because we need each other Timi."                                                                                                                  "What are you talking about?" Timi asked, eager to hear an explanation for Mba's strange behaviour.                                                                                                                                                                    Mba gulped before he started speaking. "I've done something, something very stupid, and the Senatre President is going to want to have my head when he finds out. I stole from him...a lot of entire room of money-literally."                                                                                                          "What?" Timi asked bewildered.                                                                                                           "The Senate President has many free rooms in his house, rooms filled to the brim with stacks of cash. I cleared out one of them."                                                                                                                            "Why would you do that?" Timi asked, quite shocked that Mba knowing his boss would dare such a thing.                                                                                                                                                              "My mother was recently diagnosed of cancer. The doctors said she needs chemotherapy. I asked the Senator for help but he declined. I had no choice. The man controls an enormous amount of wealth along with the rest of the cabal..."                                                                                                           "The cabal?"                                                                                                                                               "Yes, there's a cabal. A group of highly influential people in the country involved in a conspiracy. They control money, power and influence in this country. The Senate President heads this cabal."                                                                                                                                                                   "And now that you've stolen from one of them Mba, you fear the repercussions."  Mba nodded repeatedly in agreement. "And that's why I need your help Timi. Together, with my knowledge of the innings of this cabal and your experience as agent, we can come up with a plan to take down the Senate President and the rest of this cabal. Then both of us will have nothing to fear from them."                                                                                                                                                            Timi took a deep breath. "Interesting," he murmured. "But how do I know you are telling the truth?"               "Are you willing to come with me? I can  prove it," Mba replied.                                                          "Fine, let's go," Timi said.                                                                                                    Timi drove while Mba directed where they should go. After like thirty minutes of travelling, they got to a small bungalow in middle of a currently developing housing estate. They got out of the car.                        
 "Is this your house?" Timi asked Mba.                                                                        
  "No, this is sort of my bank. It's where I stash the cash." Mba opened the door and let Timi come in. Then he locked the door behind them.                                                                                                         "Where is the money?" Timi asked, expecting Mba to point to a safe somewhere in the sitting room. Instead though, Mba took in into the room. Timi was weary. Was there a game Mba was playing? They got into the first room and Timi noticed a big bed with a bed sheet covering it all the way down that not one inch of the bed's supporting wood was visible. Mba walked to this bed and forcefully pulled away the bed sheet and then pulled the bed away, revealing carefully arranged stacks and stacks of cash. Timi let out an unknowing gasp as he starred at the mound of money in front of him.                                                                                                                                                                     "There are four rooms in this house, and under each bed is something like this. The  last room even has two beds," Mba said. Timi was silent for minutes and Mba let him adjust to the reality in front of him. Eventually, Timi replied.                                                                                                           "If we are going to be taking out a cabal, we'll need capital and I see we've got lots of it. The other thing we'll need is a team, and I know just who to call..." Timi trailed off.
***                                      ***                                                     ***

The room was silent. Timi, Mba and Bridget watched Idris' and Aisha's reactions closely. Timi had just finished narrating the story of how Governor Abejide, realising his daughter's life was in danger, had Timi drive Bridget to the airport. Timi however had other plans. He convinced Bridget to move with him to Abuja. Everyone else assumed Bridget had got on the plane, including the man who had put her life in danger in the first place-The Senate President.                                                                                    "Wow, so you mean Bridget here is the Lagos State Governor's daughter? Who's supposed to be abroad?" Aisha said incredulous. Bridget herself nodded.                                                                                 "And you need our help to take down the Senate President, and in extension his cabal?" Idris asked, still processing everything he had just heard.                                                                                           "That's correct," Mba replied.                                                                                                                  Idris sighed. "Wow, all this is a little breathtaking."                                                                                  "I understand," Timi answered. "I know everything Mba and I have said is quite unbelievable."                                                                                                                                                                      Idris nodded. "But how exactly do you want to take down this...this cabal?"                                     Mba and Timi exchanged nervous looks. Timi cocked his head, urging Mba to answer.                        Mba cleared his throat. "Yes, Timi and I have come up with a plan. The Senate President has got documents that not only prove the existence of this cabal, but also their crimes. We get that document, we nail the cabal. And to do this, we need some We'll be needing a truck, a pickup van,  bikes, cars and a helicopter."                                                                                               Idris chuckled and smiled widely. "What kind of plan requires trucks, pickups and helicopters?" He asked jokingly.                                                                                                                                                           "A plan that involves robbing the Senate President's home," Timi replied bluntly. The statement wiped all the smiles and grins from Idris' face. Idris looked like someone had just dropped a bomb into his stomach. Rob the Senate President? Nigerian politicians were very paranoid people who believed albeit not wrongly, that someone always wanted to harm/kill/steal from them. As such, the security around them and their homes was impossible to break through.                                     "Well," Idris finally said, coming back to the life, "Big Joe can fly a chopper..."