Friday, 9 January 2015

Motoring Nigeria Launches Nigeria's First Automobile Magazine

"We are not planning to take any path cleared by anybody but rather create a path and leave a trail for others to follow." 

This sentence was one of the numerous sentences contained in our introductory website post and we have continued to live up to our word. As Nigeria's automotive authority, we are determined to keep our position as the industry's trailblazers by  increasing our efforts in bringing you the best innovations to ever exist in Nigeria's automotive industry. In 2015, we made history by creating our racing story series RoadKill and now we are making even bigger history through the launch of  CARVOLUTION MAGAZINE; Nigeria's first automobile e-magazine.

Carvolution Magazine is an automotive publication that encapsulates the passion and experience of driving great cars. It is an excellent source for all those who are interested in autos and for enthusiasts, it is a supply of unadulterated fuel to power your automotive passion. It features engaging writing, reviews, industry news, trends and events all captured in superb articles by the best automotive writers in the country. If you love cars or have hopes to one day purchase your dream car, then you surely will find this magazine exciting.

This issue is named Carvolution'16 as with all other subsequent issues for the year 2016. Fully sponsored by Motoring Nigeria, Carvolution'16 is online and free to download for all who want to share in the exciting experience of reading the impeccably crafted articles within. It will be published quarterly for now and more frequently as time goes on, only in online format until 2017 when we will decide whether or not to publish in print depending on readers feedback.
We have set a target of 10,000 downloads and views for this e-magazine and only you as an individual can help us achieve that. So, be a part of history, join us in creating a new era for Nigeria's automotive industry by helping us to achieve 10,000 downloads and views of Nigeria's first automobile magazine.

We would also appreciate comments and discussions about this magazine, let us know what you think, comment here or send an email to, who knows, you might be one of the lucky five who will be featured in the next issue.

Download CARVOLUTION'16 here

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