Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Detroit Auto Show Revs up Amid Industrial Issues

A surging economy, more jobs and cheap gas:
the United States auto industry will celebrate a
confluence of near-perfect conditions as it unveils
its latest wheels in the annual Detroit car show
next week.
According to AFP, after racking up the best year in
sales since 2006, the last year before the financial
crisis hit, automakers will put out for display
some 40 new car and truck models, hoping to
seduce buyers to make 2015 even better.
The cars will be more powerful and decked out
with ever-more high-tech bells and whistles that
are making them safer than ever, while pushing
slowly toward the day of the hands-free
Rolling onto the red carpet in Detroit will be
Cadillac’s most powerful car ever, the new 640
horsepower CTS-V; Lexus’s GS F performance
sedan; a brand-new version of the legendary
Acura NSX; and possibly the next-generation Ford
Pickup fans will be wowed with the all-new
Nissan Titan and Toyota Tacoma trucks.
The struggling green-car sector will also have
badly needed fresh offerings in the form of a
redesigned GM Volt, and Hyundai’s hybrid and
plug-in Sonatas.
The show, the premier auto exposition in the
United States, will also see the return of Chinese
makers, absent for several years after self-
imposed exile, with Guangzhou Auto presenting a
new car – which will not be sold in the United
The impressive array going on display
underscores how the American consumer is
enjoying the richest, most diverse range of
choices from the Detroit “Big 3″ –General Motors,
Ford and Chrysler, now renamed FCA US – and
European and Asian producers.

Source: Punch Online


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