Thursday, 15 January 2015

Google sees self-drive car on road within five years

A senior executive at Google, Inc. says
he see no regulatory hurdles to self-driving cars
and expects the first fully autonomous cars will
appear on roads within the next five years.
Rather, the
biggest hurdle
would be public
acceptance and getting the technology to a point
where it is safe to operate, he said. Expense is
also an obstacle. The cluster of radars and lasers
that sits above the car costs about $75,000 today,
but that cost is likely to come down with higher
production volumes, he said.
Urmson said Google GOOGL, -0.38% has begun
talks with auto makers, hoping to find a way to
build its driverless cars on a larger scale. He
declined to offer specifics on how the business
model would work, only that this is still being
discussed. The company also has forged
partnerships with auto suppliers like Continental
and Bosch to engineer its prototypes.
Google has been knocking on the doors of the
more established auto industry players, having
decided it needs partners eventually to build
driverless cars on a large scale.
The autonomous-car project is part of Google X,
the innovation labs behind the novel high-tech
Google Glass Web-connected eyewear.
Source:, WSJ


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