Friday, 9 January 2015

Toyota Camry, Lexus RX to go aluminium

A major redesign of one of the bestselling cars in
the world, the Camry, is in the works, as Toyota
Motor Corporation has hinted about plans to add
aluminium body panels to the model.
A report obtained from Automotive News on
Tuesday also indicated that another vehicle under
the Toyota management, the 2016 Lexus RX, would
receive an aluminium hood and tailgate when
released this year.
The report added that the automaker would exploit
a joint venture with a metal manufacturer in the
Camry and Lexus RX aluminium project.
It, however, did not give the name of the metal firm
involved in the project.
“The all-new Camry (not the 2015 update) will
have an aluminium hood in 2018,” it stated.
The report is expected to elicit some excitement
from the motoring public and Toyota already
anticipates that the Camry and Lexus RX
alumininum project will raise its total volume sale
Toyota may be scoring another major point over
the competition in the top sedan segment as fuel
efficiency has always been a strong selling point
for Toyota models in this category.
Luxury brands such as Audi, Jaguar and Land
Rover have heavily used aluminium on many
models to reduce the vehicles’ weight and improve
fuel efficiency.
Like the Corolla, another popular Toyota sibling,
the Camry has been a big seller for a long time
and experts attribute this to the car’s affordability,
fuel economy and easy maintenance.
The Camry currently faces strong competition from
recently refreshed Honda Accord, Ford Fusion and
Nissan Altima among others.
Auto reviewers note the 2015 Toyota Camry has
been given a very extensive refresh, just three
model years after the introduction of the current
The last generation of Camry is considered one of
the longest best-selling models.
Source: Punch Online


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