Saturday, 3 January 2015

Watch 103 Cars Achieve World Record for the Most Simultaneous Burnouts

Forget champagne. What better way to ring in the
New Year than the sound and smell of burning tires?
That is what around 100,000 people did at the
Summernats 28 annual car festival in Canberra,
Australia on January 1. The crowd watched as 103
cars fried their tires to break the Guinness World
Record for the most simultaneous burnouts at the
same event. Incidentally, Summernats broke its own
record from 2013 when 68 cars participated.
We can only imagine the excitement in the audience
and out on the track (or the smell) but perhaps this
video will give you a better glimpse of the historic
moment. Chances are you've probably never seen
this much tire smoke before.
This stunt is just the latest attempt at achieving an
automotive world record. Recently, two Nissan Z cars
set the record for longest tandem drift at 17.7 miles.
Farther back, a group of cars gathered in the U.K. to
set the world record for the most simultaneous
donuts. The record for the closest parallel parking job
has been hotly contended for several years, now
standing at an unimaginable 8 cm of total space
between three cars. Tell us which record you think is
most impressive in the comments below. If the video
below doesn't load, you can also watch it here


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