Sunday, 1 March 2015

Chrysler Recalls 338,216 Dodge Durango SUV For Stalling.

Chrysler is recalling 338,216 Dodge
Durango SUVs to expand upon an earlier
recall of fuel-pump failures, the company
said today.
In total, 467,480 vehicles worldwide—the
2012–2013 Durango and exported diesel
versions of the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee
—are included in this latest recall, which
adds to the 230,760 SUVs recalled in
September for the same problem. At that
time, Chrysler only specified 2011 models,
including gasoline versions of the U.S.-
spec Grand Cherokee, for faulty power-
module relays that could cause the car to
stall, not start, or choke the engine of
fuel. The contact switches can deform
over time due to excess heat in or around
the power module. Now, Chrysler says
this problem has cropped up on newer
vehicles. A copy of the recall filing was
not available from the National Highway
Traffic Safety Administration.
Chrysler said it was not aware of any
related injuries or accidents. In the event
of a stall, the airbags and other safety
features will continue to work, the
company said. Dealers will replace the
power module, which manages several
functions besides the fuel pump, at a later date.
The current-generation Durango and
Grand Cherokee have seen a hefty share
of electrical problems. In October, the
2011–2014 Durango and 2012–2014 Grand
Cherokee were recalled with other
Chrysler models for alternators that could
suddenly fail . Later that month, more
than 126,000 of these same 2014 models
were recalled twice for problematic
circuit boards that could disable the
stability control system, the airbags, and
the seatbelt pretensioners. The 2011–2014
model-year SUVs were again recalled in
July (895,000 for vanity-mirror lights that
could catch fire ) and in April (867,000 for
bad brake boosters ). In March, about
25,000 of the 2012–2013 models were
recalled for anti-lock-brake software that
was restricting the flow of brake fluid .
Source: caranddriver


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