Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Furious 7' Super Bowl trailer takes crazy to a whole 'nother level

Lots of stuff explodes. A house. A
car. Some guns happen. Then cars start falling out
of a cargo plane. People get beaten up. More guns get shooting up. And then a Lykan Hypersport (that's a supercar) FLIES THROUGH
BUILDINGS tori Oloun!! It doesn't get crazier that this.
This no doubt, induces production of gallons of adrenaline in your system.
This is a new trailer, held during Sunday's Super Bowl and it is worth every MB.
Before you start crying that these films aren't
about cars anymore, they long stopped being
about cars; as Need for Speed's director told said a
while back, they're now more like heist movies.
Just with added fire.
The new Fast and Furious movie - this time just
called Furious 7 - is set to be released on 3 April,
and includes a rather long cast: franchise regulars
are all present and correct (including the late Paul
Walker), along with newcomers Tony Jaa, Djimon
Hounsou, Kurt Russell and our very own Jason

Click to watch video.
Source: TG


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