Sunday, 29 March 2015


Let's talk about the the British marquee brands. 
Sure Britain is well known for the English premier league, Saville row, London but for the Auto-philes... Britain is home to some of the most gorgeous wonder on wheels. From time immemorial the Brits have been in the fore front of providing aesthetically pleasing automobiles which have transcended decades and generations to become the marquee brands of today. This kicks a series of posts that takes a look at 3 of my favorite. Indulge me 😀

    'Spirit of Ecstasy' the Rolls Royce emblem 

Rolls Royce ltd. Is  a renowned English car-manufacturing company and later, aero-engine manufacturing company founded by Charles Stewart Rolls and Sir Frederick Henry Royce on 15 March 1906 as the result of a partnership formed in 1904. In 1973, the car division was separated from the parent company as Rolls-Royce Motors. Rolls-Royce (1971) Limited continued as a nationalised company until it was privatised in 1987 as Rolls-Royce plc
The early rolls Royce produced brands like the silver ghost (1920) , silver wraith (1947), the phantom model( 1920)

 these brands quickly became synonymous with affluence and prestige and the appeal of the brand was further boosted by positive reception across the pond in the USA.  Series financial troubles saw the company nationalized in 1978 and the reformed rolls Royce wasn't to be until 1998 when BMW AG licensed the rights to the name and logo from rolls Royce Plc and acquired the rights to the spirit of ecstasy logo and the rolls Royce grille shaped trademark from Volkswagen. Rolls Royce motor cars ltd have been manufacturing rolls Royce branded cars since 2003.
However the cars from the rolls Royce motor Cars ltd are in no way related to the ones from the rolls Royce Plc cars. The only direct descendants from that generation are the Bentley cars which was a subsidiary of the early rolls Royce Plc. 

The new rolls Royce  Launched in 2003 with the 4 door sedan Phantom. The brand has gone on to expand the lineup to include the ghost (baby phantom), the wraith (paying tribute to the silver wraith) and plans are In the works for a SUV (the first in its history)  similarly the units of vehicles sold has seen tremendous rise from 796 in 2005 to 4095 units in 2014, with China being a predominant market for the luxury brand. 


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