Saturday, 11 April 2015

Check out Rolls Royce super awesome Phantom, AKA Project Cullinan

Back in February, Rolls-Royce announced its plans to manufacture an SUV... or more specifically, "a vehicle that can cross any terrain." While we're still waiting to see what that vehicle will look like, the automaker has provided photos of the first "engineering mule" that it's using to develop the necessary all-wheel drive suspension system.

No, this isn't just a super badass Phantom. The car you see here – code named Project Cullinan – is an early development mule for the new all-wheel-drive suspension system that will eventually be found in Rolls-Royce's upcoming SUV. It's made up of a shortened Phantom body, looks totally murdered out, and has a huge freaking wing on the back. We love it.

Based on a shortened Phantom Series II body, the mule apparently bears no resemblance to the envisioned final product. According to Rolls-Royce, the finished high-sided vehicle (known for now as Project Cullinan) may be about the same size as the mule, but other than that they share no design aspects.

The automaker plans to test the mule's suspension both at private facilities and on public roads, taking it across rough terrain such as Belgian Pavé (pavement composed of stone blocks), cobblestones, corrugated concrete, surfaces designed to create and measure noise, and acceleration bumps.Development of the mule is being described as the project's first major milestone.



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