Thursday, 28 May 2015

BMW shows off its newest concept car: the3.0 CSL Hommage

Every now and then, BMW releases a concept
car that is the design team's way of honoring
its classic models. Last year it was the M1
Hommage (which the BMW i8 essentially pulled
its design language from). In 2011 it was the
crazy open-top roadster 328 . BMW did it again. According to the automaker introduced a reimagining
of its classic 1970s coupé with the all-new 3.0
CSL Hommage concept car.
Everything about it — from the big rear spoiler,
to the molded body kit look, to the "Golf
Yellow" coloring — is sure to ruffle
traditionalists, but that's sort of the whole point
of concept cars in the first place. Unlike the i8,
this car won't even see a limited production
That said, there are a few things to love about
this car, like the gorgeous futuristic cockpit.
The Golf Yellow color looks like it works really
nicely in the piping and stitching of the bucket
seats, especially contrasted against the jet-
black material. The minimalist steering wheel
also looks great, and is eerily similar to the
one found in the Golf GTE Sport concept car
that VW unveiled last week .
Look closely and you'll also find the classic
BMW blue and red lining a curved wooden
dashboard. There's even an element in the
center console that lets you strap down a few
racing helmets. If you're a big fan of #longform
reading, there is a ton more detail available on
BMW's website. The company also released a
bevy of photos, renderings, and concept art,
which you can see below.


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