Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Could Tesla Have the PowerSolution For Nigerians?

Elon Musk the CEO of electric car company
Tesla Motors needs no introduction. He
recently launched a new solution that might see
him become a darling in some Nigerians
households especially during times like this
where the country’s poor energy supply calls
for a need to have a reliable alternative power
The product is a battery that can be mounted
on a garage wall and ignored according to an
Autoblog staff. Average US home loses power
for just under 2 hours a year but to us in
Nigeria, its an everyday tool that will be
cherished and looked forward to especially after
a hard day at work and not wanting to hear the
sound of your generator.
The product is called Powerball, its Tesla’s
home battery solution- an unobtrusive, and
tucked away on a wall item that will serve as
backup power source similar to a generator. At
an installed cost of about $7,000 ($3,500 for
the battery while the inverter, installation and
other cost amount for the balance) you can get
the stress-relieving tool that’s capable of
keeping your family happy.
I’m kind of upset writing this article as I haven’t
had power in my house for the last few days
and this discovery couldn’t be better timed but
my grouse is with the fact that it does just
exactly what my current inverter does albeit for
5 times the price and you can’t even
accommodate your air conditioning. For that
price you can buy an inverter that
accommodates your A/C here in Nigeria.
Source: autofocusblog


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