Wednesday, 27 May 2015

MitsubishiReportedly Admits PonderingTurning EVOInto ACrossover

Brace yourself: the next Mitsubishi EVO
may not be based on a lancer, according
to a recent report. Apparently, the
automaker could use the compact ASX /
Outlander Sport crossover as a base
instead of the traditional sedan.
They’d obviously have to think of a
different place to put the huge spoiler,
but it could definitely work. AutoExpress
quotes Mitsubishi’s UK boss, Lance
Bradley, who said the move from sedan
to crossover “isn’t a huge jump,” and
it’s one they can afford.
He adds that “When you’re not making
money, there are things you can’t do.
When you are making money you can do
things that are good for the brand, but
won’t necessarily make that much
money. We’re not at a point where it’ll
definitely happen, but we’ve got a lot of
senior management talking about it.”
Older reports covering future Mitsubishi
EVOs did suggest this move, as well as
the addition of a hybrid system too. The
vehicle used won’t be the current ASX,
as it’s due to be phased out and
replaced by an all-new model.
Along with it, Mitsubishi is also said to
be looking towards upping the perceived
quality and premium feeling of its
vehicles. This is definitely desirable for
the brand, as its current interiors are a
mixed bag, really; Subaru may have even
overtaken them in the meantime…
Source: carscoops


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