Sunday, 24 May 2015

New Toyota Hilux Debuts for Other Markets - Better Than 2016 Tacoma?

The new eighth-generation Toyota Hilux was just
unveiled in Bangkok today, officially marking the
on-sale date for Thai consumers. The new pickup
was redesigned to offer more comfort for
passengers, while increasing its toughness on the
It all starts with the Hilux’s newly developed frame
and suspension, where an enlarged side rail cross-
section is said to improve comfort, ruggedness,
and safety. Meanwhile, an upgraded leaf spring
suspension and shock absorbers enhance off-road
performance and comfort. For an even more fine-
tuned ride, customers will be able to choose from
three suspension options: standard, heavy-duty,
and comfort. In addition to all that, Toyota also
equipped the pickup with newly developed engines
and a new six-speed automatic transmission.
According to Toyota, the new drivetrains improve
efficiency and reduce engine noise.
Although the Hilux is likely to be offered with a
variety of other diesel and turbocharged engines,
the pickup that debuted in Thailand was the Hilux
Double-Cab, which comes equipped with a 2.8-
liter turbodiesel I-4 engine that makes 175 hp and
332 lb-ft of torque. As for its appearance, the
Hilux, which we’ve spied out testing before, has a
similar design to our own Toyota Tacoma, but less
boxy. The pickup features a more slender front
grille compared to its predecessor, LED headlights,
and a tougher front bumper. To make the Hilux
look tougher, designers enlarged the wheel well
flares, while inside, they made it a more pleasant
place to be with nicer seats and added goodies.
Now that you’ve seen the new Hilux, would you
rather have that in the U.S. over the new 2016
The Hilux and the Tacoma used to be very closely
related, but diverged when the Tacoma replaced
the Hilux for the U.S. market in 1995. The new
Tacoma was also completely redone, with a subtle
new exterior look, nicer interior, and a more
efficient 3.5-liter Atkinson cycle V-6 and six-speed
automatic or manual transmission. The Tacoma
was also fitted with a newly revised suspension
and gained loads of new features and new trim
Which truck would you rather have? The new Hilux
or the 2016 Tacoma? Let us know in the
comments below.
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