Saturday, 27 June 2015

RoadKill Episode 2

It was 7:15 AM, Timi was at the breakfast table, eating. He was all dressed in his uniform. He had gotten a job as a valet at the prestigious Transcorp Hilton Hotel, which required him to wear a valet uniform. He was still very sore about his performance at the previous night's race. "I should have done better than that. I could have," he kept mumbling between bites of toast bread.                                                                                                                                                                     "You did your best honey," Bridget said from the other end of the table in an attempt to soothe Timi.                                                                                                                                                                                          "Oh it had better not be. Last night had better not be my best...If it was then we should scratch getting rich off racing from our plans to get rich."
Timi countered. He checked his watch and stood from his seat. " Anyway, I better get going, don't want to be late for work." Bridget went with him to the door. And just as Timi opened it, he met ID and Aisha standing outside. ID was just about to knock. He greeted Timi and then went on to why he had come.                                             
  "Sorry for disturbing you so early in the morning. I just wanted to give you this, your cut from last night's winnings."   "Oh, so I even get something," Timi retorted.                                                                                         
ID twitched his mouth a little. "Course you do. You did pretty well last night, especially for a first timer. Later this evening, I'll take you to Big Jo's, he's going to help fix your car."  "But...nothing's wrong with my car." Timi objected.                "Plenty isn't right with it either," ID said.  "What my brother means to say is, your car just needs some tuning," Aisha chipped in.                                                                                                                              "Oh. Alright then, see you in the evening. Now I have to get to work," Timi said. And with that, the Hassan siblings departed. Timi went off to his work place.
At 3:15 PM, Timi met with ID at ID's father's car showcase, Skyline Motors.  It was a big glass building, where many exotic cars were placed on platforms for sale. ID's father, Alhaji Abass Hassan, was a car importer. He had made billions from his business. He was rarely ever in the country though. Always travelling from place to place to get more cars. The old man was in UAE for the time being leaving ID to manage the business in his father's absence.  ID got into his own car and drove to Big Jo's car shop, with Timi following closely behind him.      

           Big Jo was huge, as Timi had suspected. He was very tall, built and fat, which was very strange to Timi. Last time he checked, most fat people were never tall, and none was ever built. Big Jo was like something out of a TV screen, like a weirdly imagined cartoon character. ID explained to him why he had brought Timi. Big Jo eyed Timi's car. "Not bad," he said. "Not bad?" Timi asked in shock. "Are you really sure you're seeing right? Because you just called my Dodge Charger 'not bad'."                      
"Come get it tomorrow. I'll be done with it by then," Big Jo said. Timi was stupified. Big Jo had completely ignored his remark. "Fine," Timi said.                                                                                 
 Timi and ID thanked him. ID gave Timi a lift back to Skyline Motors. There, ID told him about racing.   "You see Timi, there are many crews, about 36 or more. But the first 20 is the main deal. Our crew, Storm Chasers is 26th, and we really need to make it into the first 20. It takes two races for crews 21st downwards to move a spot up. A circuit race like last night's and a lap race."                            "So what's so special about the first 20 crews?" Timi asked.                                    "It takes 3 races to move up within the first 20. And for a crew to do that, it must win all three races. The winning crew also gets to take one of the last crew's cars. Although that's if the same crew takes last in at least two of the three races."                                                                                                         "Whoa...what crazy guy makes up all these rules?" Timi asked sarcastically.           "I'll tell you more some other time. Right now, you have to practise. Aisha is going to race you round Maitama. Are you up for it?"                                                                                                                                "No offense... but you want me to race against Aisha?" Timi asked incredulous.      "What? You scared chicken?"                                                                                    "Nope," Timi answered. "This is  going to be too easy, " he murmured to himself. "Good," ID replied. "You'll be using my Nissan since your car's at Jo's. The race will start here, you'll go though Murtala Mohammed Way and end back here. Got it?"  "Sure," Timi replied.                                                                                                                                        At that moment, Aisha drove out from the garage at Skyline Motors. She was driving a dark red Chevrolet Cobalt SS, with two black stripes at the sides. She stopped at the start line. Timi laughed. He got into ID's Nissan and drove to the start line too. Then ID did the countdown. "Start your engines." "" Both cars were already vibrating like old machinery. "Go!" ID shouted. And both cars blasted forwards; Timi took  the lead with ID's Nissan. Aisha was just an inch behind him. They darted into the main road, whooshing past vehicle after vehicle. Timi quickly took to the fast lane, still staying ahead of Aisha. He darted past a TOYOTA Camry, then a small KIA car. He saw Aisha coming fast behind him through the rear view mirror. They got to a T-Junction. Timi made a swift turn into Murtala Mohammed Way. He saw Aisha miss the turn and smiled to himself. Just then, a Chevrolet Cobalt SS popped up from a tiny road in front of him-It was Aisha! She had taken a short cut. Timi mounted harder on the accelerator, dashing past a TOYOTA Avensis, keen on catching up with Aisha. But somehow, Aisha just kept increasing the distance between them. They reached a roundabout and Aisha without stopping, blasted her way through the myriad of cars into IBB Way, from there it was a straight road back to Skyline Motors. She saw Timi coming behind her about a dozen feet away. She concentrated harder on the road, her speed rising to 115km/h in a busy street. She dodged car after car, avoiding any contact whatsoever with them. Finally she sped closer to Skyline Motors, pushing the breaks as she did. Her car drifted into the compound, finishing the race in grand style. She got out of the car and waited a full three minutes for Timi to arrive.                                                                                                                                                                                                 "Where have you been slow poke?" She teased.                                                        Timi got out of the Nissan, furious. "You cheated, you took a short cut."                 "Taking a short cut is not cheating Timi, It's being smart," ID replied. "She won fair and square. Don't worry, you'll get better."                                                     The three of them laughed and a while after that, ID dropped Timi off at home. Timi thought about what ID had told him. They were 26th, and they wanted to reach the very top. It wouldn't be easy, but Timi hoped that one day, they would get there               


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