Saturday, 20 June 2015

RoadKill is Launched !!

"We are not planning to take any path cleared by anybody but rather create a path and leave a trail for others to follow." 

This sentence was one of the numerous sentences contained in our introductory blog post. We at Motoring Nigeria are determined  trailblazers who live by our word through dedication in bringing you the best of innovations there is in the Automotive industry. This we have started through the creation of our  new story series named ROADKILL, Yes! we're making history.

So while most people think RoadKill is a racing event to be organized by Motoring Nigeria, some think it's a competition which in a way involves killing of animals on the highway. Well I'm proud to announce to you that it is niether of these two but the very first Racing story series in Nigeria. The first season of RoadKill will have 15 episodes to be released every weekend (saturday). Without saying  much, read the summary and the first Episode and don't forget to drop your comments.

RoadKill Summary
DSS undercover agent functioning as Lagos governor's driver Timi Andrews and his girlfriend Bridget, the governor's only daughter flees from Lagos state to escape harm from the senate president who wants to use her as a means to get back to the governor. Timi's last mission was to take Bridget to US but he quits his job instead and they both relocate to Abuja to fulfil his long suppressed passion; Racing. Together, they both attempt to challenge and conquer the chaotic underground racing world from the very bottom amidst powerful opponents and back stabbers. Will they be successful or will their past come back to haunt them.

RoadKill by Motoring Nigeria is an intense, action packed racing story series, the first of its kind in Nigeria. It gives you weekly episodes of an adrenaline pumping experience with a sweet touch of romance. 
Written by Adeboye George of Motoring Nigeria.

Season 01, Episode 01
It was dark, the brightness of the moon lit the race yard, as the racers liked to call it.  Cars filled everywhere, there was a bonfire not far away. The crackling flames added some luminescence to the vicinity. Timi Andrews was comfortably seated on the hood of his car, enjoying the cool night breeze blowing across his face. A tall beautiful lady with long black hair approached him.  
 "Feeling uneasy Timi?" She asked, a tiny smile appearing on her lips.                      "Nah, I'm cool.  Spent the past two weeks preparing for this race. Can't afford to mess up my debut now can I?"                                                                                                                                                                   Bridget smiled. "I guess not. I still can't believe my dad gave you that race car," she said.                   
Timi arched his eye brows. He stared at his car for a minute-a grey 370 horsepower Dodge Charger with a V8 engine. Yeah, it's a bit cheap, but it beat anything Timi could have afforded himself. "Yeah, she's a beauty ain't she?" Timi retorted.                                                                                 
 Bridget shook her head.
"You know Timi, you've got to quit with the feminine car thing. You are making me feel like I'm competing with it. Timi gave a hearty laugh.                                                                                                              "I'm serious Timi. The car's a 'it', not a 'she'. Get that into that thick skull of yours." Timi nodded, "Yes ma'am." Just then, Timi noticed a sudden sullen expression come over his girlfriend. "What's wrong?"                                                                                                                                 Bridget sighed. "Nothing. Just, thinking about my father." "I know. I feel bad too Bridget. But it's better this way, better no one knows you are here." Timi was going to say something else, but the appearance of his crew mates, Idris and Aisha stopped him.                                                                                                     
 " I hope I'm not interrupting, but it's time to go. Race starts in a few minutes." ID said. Idris Hassan was a tall one-six feet, three inches-and he was still growing taller. He had very dark skin, and corresponding dark hair. Everyone in the racing underworld knew him as ID. His sister was considerably shorter. Aisha stood at five feet, four inches, and like her brother, had smooth dark skin. Timi slid down the hood of his car. "Let's go, it's about time."                          

That night, Aisha was going to seat the race out, while Timi and ID raced. Timi had just joined the crew. The whole racing stuff was still pretty new to him. This was going to be his first race, but he was quite confident for a first timer. Granted, he already knew how to drive, but this racing stuff was pretty darn scary. Driving at insane speeds for long stretches of time, wasn't something one did every day.                                                                                          ID's blue Nissan Skyline was parked right beside his. Seconds later, ID and Timi were headed to the start line. Aisha and Bridget remained where they were. At the start line, ID and Timi's vehicles were fixed with GoPro cameras, as were the cars of the other racers. The cameras were mounted at the top left corner of each car's windshield. That way, the people could watch the race on big screens mounted on platforms around the race yard. There were eight cars on the line up, two for each crew taking part in the race. Behind the eight vehicles partaking in the race were dozens of other cars- spectators, usually made up of racers who weren't racing that night. They took their seats on the hoods, trunks or on top of their cars. Anywhere to be able to see the big screens clearly.

On Timi's right was a black 2010 Dodge Challenger R/T with double red coloured racing stripes by the sides. On his left, an all red 2012 Ford Focus RS. The driver of the Ford Focus- a lady, winked at him. Timi rolled his eyes, this race was his even before it began. Then, he heard the countdown. the slim girl a few feet away, standing at the centre of the road brought down her flag. At once, all the cars skidded to a start, the combined noise of the roaring engines cut through the air. The slim girl held her breath as car after car sped past her like stray bullets. The Ford Focus quickly took the lead, shooting forward in a red blur. A green Hyundai Veloster Turbo was hot on its tail though. It too zooming away in a streak of its own. ID's Nissan Skyline was in third spot. ID chased speedily after the two cars ahead of him. The road  contorted into a twist, and ID, seizing this opportunity further increased his speed. He dangerously overtook the Hyundai at the next bend, slightly brushing its side. Timi on the other hand was having a rather difficult time, barely managing to stay ahead of the black Nissan 35OZ behind him, which was in eighth place. At the speeds the other drivers were going, Timi could have sworn they were on something. He felt like a car chasing after speed boats. He eyed his speedometer- 110 km/h and he was still at seventh. He pressed harder on the accelerator, and approaching the next twist at high speed, he darted past the white Lexus IS 350 in front of him, scraping the Lexus' side mirror. "Sorry, my bad," Timi muttered as he sped on. Now in sixth place, Timi breathed a sigh of relief, but it was short lived. For at the next corner, both the Lexus and Nissan rushed past him, forcing him into the eighth place. "Damn it!" Timi exclaimed as he pursued them. ID had maintained his second place for minutes now. He was trying not to get unnerved by the Hyundai coming in closely behind him. Cruising at over a 160 km/h, he didn't want to lose control of his car. He was getting nearer to the Ford Focus now. He just had to stay on her. The road led into the main street, and the racers had to get past other cars without smashing into them. It was this part of the race that made the whole thing harder-and more interesting. As the Ford Focus darted past a 2013 Mercedes Benz E-350, quickly followed by ID's Nissan Skyline, and then a black Dodge Challenger, the little boy in the E-350 exclaimed to his mom, "Whoa! Mom, when I grow up, I'm going to drive that fast!" The mother quickly reproached her precocious son. "Not on my watch!" She had replied. These racers were a bad influence, she thought.

The road led to a ramp next, and all the race cars, one after the other, leapt into the air, the moonlight making them into fascinating levitating silhouettes. But the going down part wasn't as graceful, as each driver had to brace for impact as he hit the ground. They reached the last bend. ID navigated a perfect turn at this corner, overtaking the Ford Focus at last. He gave her a tongue in his mind. Now all he had to do was keep the lead for five more minutes, and the race would be his. Meanwhile, Timi had just whizzed his way past into sixth place again. His eyes were locked unto the BMW 1 Series M Coup in front. Mounting his feet harder on the throttle pedal, Timi soon sped past the car, breaking into fifth place. He navigated the last bend too, and he knew this last leg of the race would determine his position. Now at 125km/h and rising, Timi shot forward, hoping to get past Hyundai Veloster Turbo which had currently fallen from second place to fourth place. Timi kept edging closer and closer, his speed rising furiously, even though it was the last quarter of the race.                                                     

 ID finally sped past the finish line, causing a roar of applause as he entered back where the race  started. The Ford Focus came in second, Dodge Challenger R/T third. Timi finished in fourth place after managing to out speed Hyundai Veloster Turbo. The BMW came in sixth, the Lexus seventh and the Nissan 35OZ finished last. The crowd went wild after the race concluded, that was all for the night.

We have more goodies in the works for you but for now, just enjoy the ROADKILL series!! Thanks for reading.


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