Saturday, 18 July 2015

All is set for Bikers Converge 2015

The Rock City Motorcycle Club (RCMC) of Ogun State in conjunction with Bikers in Nigeria is presently putting finishing touches to its preparations to host Bikers from all parts of the Federation at the first ever Bikers Converge in Abeokuta, Ogun State, which takes place from July 24th– July 26th, 2015 at Quarry hotel.

ANMC is an umbrella body under which several motorcycle clubs are registered in Nigeria. The association also organizes a yearly nationwide convention where all bikers come together to have fun, and discuss contemporary issues.

Prior to the ban of lightweight motorcycles –popularly known as Okada in local parlance, sport bikes were seldom traceable. You see them flash by, the rider’s face concealed in crash helmets, which makes the biker even more invincible.

However According to e247mag, members of the exclusive Bikers club are predominantly known to be made up of well-to-do socialites considering the outrageous cost of owning a standard sport bike particularly in this part of the world.

Like it is seen in movies, the bikers’ have their own world which is lively, adventurous and amorous but they never forget the importance of safety.

The Captain of RCMC, Big Dee, and Lanre Sonala who is one of his executives have joined, Queen and Prescott of ANMC in assuring us that the event will be one that participants will remember for a long time to come. According to Big Dee, “We are doing everything to make sure the Bikers Converge will be an event that is both enjoyable and memorable. Our members can be sure of having maximuim fun in a serene environment. This July won’t be a bad time to throw a little tuff in the air.”


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