Saturday, 4 July 2015

RoadKill Episode 3

Aisha sped past a trailer, zooming forward at top speed. She made a sharp turn at a dogleg, only to almost hit an oncoming vehicle she hadn't seen. She swerved sideways, losing control of the car for a fleeting moment-But that was all Timi needed. Timi capitalised on Aisha's mistake, thrusting forward at full speed. He was right on her tail, just a few inches behind. This was the final 5 meters. He was determined to win. They both sped onwards
, neither wanting to give in to the other. They darted dangerously past other cars on the road, swerving left and right to avoid contact. Just as Timi began to crawl up on Aisha, she sped past the Skyline motors finish line, narrowly beating Timi.  Timi was the first to get out his Dodge Charger. He had picked it up two days earlier from Big Jo's shop. It was faster now, had a much better grip, quicker acceleration-In short, Big Jo had done a really good job. Since then he had been training, trying to up his game, and he had improved considerably well.             
  "Wow, you finished within five feet of me this time," Aisha mocked, grinning.          "Don't let it get into your head sweetheart. I was being a gentleman, I let you win." Timi said ID put an arm around Timi's shoulder. "You've really got better man, and you car's nicer too." Timi nodded. He liked the attention. Timi remembered they had a race that evening, and he wasn't sure which two people were going to race. It was a lap race, the second round of their first circuit race. If they won this race, the Storm Chasers would enter the 25th spot.                                "So, who and who are going to be racing tonight?" Timi asked.                                              "Aisha and I have got this." ID replied.                                                                                                                                                                   "Yea sure," Timi  answered.
                                                                                                                                                                                  *** ***  ***  
Asiwaju Derele was the leader of the crew, Hell Racers, the team on the 21st spot on the racers table. For weeks now, his crew had been on that same spot, unable to move forward, and he was afraid another crew was going to come and displace them. He knew the crew, Storm Chasers very well, and he was aware that they posed the biggest threat to him. He was sure he could easily defeat any crew below him, but not the Storm Chasers. Determined to keep his team in the 21st spot, he came up with a plan to make sure the Storm Chasers would not rise up to challenge him. He approached Ogundade Ebin, a member of the Drifters X, the 25th crew and promised him N200,000 if Ebin would crash Idris Hassan's vehicle during the race. He was well aware that ID was the best racer they had, eliminating him would devastate the team. At first Ebin refused, but when Derele told him it would benefit them both as the Drifters X would still be able to keep the 25th place, Ebin agreed.                                                                                                                                                                                Day went and night came. It was finally time for the lap race. The two representatives from each the four crews, Storm Chasers, Drifters X, Speed Cruisers and Scarlet Racers were settled at the start line.  Ogunlade Ebin was driving a BMW M3 GTS.
 As usual, after the countdown to one, the lady at the middle of the road brought down her flag, and the racers in their usual manner blasted past her in full speed, the air flapping her dress and dishevelling her hair. Aisha blasted past the 1971 Mustang Shelby GT500 in front, taking the lead. She kept her speed at an amazing 130km/h for the first 50meters of the race. It was a straight road, and she kept her lead all through. ID was in third place, preferring not to dive into the lead until the second lap of the race. He was hot on the 1972 Mustang Shelby's tails, but wasn't too keen on overtaking him. Racing speedily behind him was Ogundade Ebin's BMW M3. They approached a sharp bend,  and Aisha had to turn at the blind spot. Again, she hadn't expected the Honda Civic that popped up and she barely managed to swerve away from the Honda's path. Still racing at over 130km/h, she almost lost control of her vehicle but quickly got it back on track. Now the Mustang was right behind her, one more slip up and Aisha would lose her first spot. The Mustang kept edging closer and closer, and at the next turn, it brushed Aisha's Chevrolet and overtook Aisha at top speed. Aisha mounted her feet harder on the accelerator, determined to regain her top spot. She dashed forward like a bullet, but the Mustang was no joker. Despite the pressure from Aisha, it kept the lead till the end of the first lap. They drove past the start point and the second lap began. Now more determined than ever, Aisha increased her speed to 190km/h, shifting her gear from sport 2 to "sport X", a gear courtesy of Big Jo's tuning. The air resistance that came around from the intense speed almost crushed the glasses of Aisha's car, and when she darted past the Mustang, the Mustang driver thought he heard his windows crack. Now back in first place, Aisha was poised to win. However, she suddenly had to push the breaks as she approached a road bump. The sudden stop caused her car to skid into a 360 degree spin. Before she knew it, she was down to fifth place. She started off again, going a full blast of 220km/h. She soon met up with the fourth place, overtook him, then shot past her brother in fourth place,  and sprinted her way back to second place. She was finding it difficult to break into the first place. The Ford Mustang driver was very good. In the next few moments that followed, Aisha's brother increased his speed too, breaking into third place behind her. Ogundade too moved into fourth place behind ID. At the last turning, Aisha at demon speed tore past the Mustang, her tyres splashed water from a poodle right into the Mustang's windshield. The driver of the Mustang heard the "whoosh!" sound that followed Aisha's car. Only few meters to the finish line, and Ogundade struck. As ID accelerated further, planning to overtake the Mustang, Ogundade tipped the rear of his car. ID immediately lost control, his tyres screeched loudly, emitting large doses of smoke,  his car veered off course and began spinning. Another car coming behind almost rammed right into him but quickly averted the disaster. Everyone watching held their breaths as they saw what had happened. ID's car finally stopped when it crashed into the pavilion by the side of the road, all the glass parts of his car shattered into bits.  Aisha seeing what had happened through her rare view mirror instantly slammed on the breaks, inches before the finish line. The sound of her tyres screeching resonated in the night calmness. Immediately she went into a reverse-She was going to rescue her brother.


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