Saturday, 18 July 2015

RoadKill Episode 4

ID was taken to the hospital. The doctor told Aisha, Timi and Bridget that ID had had a concussion, two fractured ribs, a broken arm, and some mild bruises. The doctor had given ID a sedative, and he wouldn't wake up anytime soon. Aisha, Timi and Bridget spent most of the night in the hospital with ID.                                                                                                                                                                                       The next morning, before Timi went to work, Aisha came to him. She suggested that they go and meet Danjuma Gaddo, the man behind the racing world, the guy who ran everything. If he should agree that the previous night's race should be rescheduled, then it would be rescheduled. It was just that Danjuma rarely agreed to interfering in the goings of the world he had created. He rarely, if ever, calls for a re-race for a reason whatsoever. It was going to be difficult to convince him. Timi promised to go with her to Danjuma's house when he came back from work.                                        At around 4PM that day, Aisha and Timi went to Danjuma's house. Aisha drove, since Timi didn't know where Danjuma lived. They presently arrived at the house and were let in by the gateman. It was a huge duplex, mostly painted white. The walls were as high as mountains, and they had barbed wires fixed atop them. It was an impenetrable fortress. Timi and Aisha were ushered in by the butler, he waved them seats and went in to fetch Danjuma. Damjuma looked elegant in his black Kaftan, with a fitting black cap. He took his seat in an arm chair opposite Timi and Aisha.                                       "Hello, Aisha," Danjuma greeted, the both of them were quite acquainted. "What's the name of the newbie again?"                                                                                                                                         Timi felt a bit upset with that, but there was no need to get angry with the guy whose help they had come to seek. "I'm Timi, Timi Andrews."                                                                                                                                    "Oh yeah, Timmy. So you've got two English names..."Danjuma replied.                                                          ", it's Timi, as in Timilehin, not the "Timmy" you're thinking," Timi corrected. Aisha got to the reason why they'd come. She stated flatly. "We want last night's race rescheduled."                   Danjuma scoffed. "I saw last night's race, accidents happen all the time."                                                                "It wasn't an accident Danjuma. Ogundade hit my brother's car on purpose, and I want payback."                                                                                                                                                                        "Then you'll get it in the next race the two of you are in," Danjuma said.                                                Aisha paused, then spoke, " You know, I'd feel better if he had sabotaged my brother to win the race. But Ogundade wasn't even trying to win. When I watched the clip of the race, I noticed he was behind my brother all through, never tried to outrun him. I need to find out why."                                   Danjuma looked at Aisha, then Timi, who had been mute all through. Timi hadn't talked because he wasn't familiar with Danjuma. Danjuma took a minute to make a decision. Finally, he agreed.                    "You're right Aisha. Ogundade wasn't trying to win, so I'd like to know why he bashed your brother's car too. The race will be rescheduled-Two nights from now."                                               Aisha and Timi got up thanking Danjuma. This time, they'd make sure Ogundade paid for his treachery.  
***                                                                                   ***                                                     ***
That night, Aisha traced Ogundade to a club. Ogundade who had received his payment from Asiwaju Derele was having a blast time at the club when Aisha barged in. She went straight to confront him, landing a hot slap on his right cheek. Before Ogundade could react, she gave him another. Everyone around paused in shock. The bartender, who was filling a cup with a drink was so shocked, he didn't notice the cup had started overflowing. Ogundade was just about to react when suddenly, out of the blue, Timi stepped between them. Luckily, he had decided to get a drink in that club that night. He pulled Aisha away and stopped Ogundade from dishing out his own hit.                                                                  "I'm going to make sure you pay for what you did to my brother," Aisha threatened.                            "Try anything stupid, and you'll end up just like him," Ogundade shouted back. Timi was still between both of them. Ogundade tried to shove him aside and Timi pushed back...Before either man knew it,  they were exchanging blows. In a fit of rage, after Ogundade landed a massive fist on Timi's face, Timi grabbed him by his collar, raised him, and sent him through a table, shattering the table itself and the glass wares on it. Still breathing heavily, Timi bellowed, "Better hope that two nights from now, you wouldn't be road kill," and he stormed out of the club with Aisha.   
The next day, after Timi had finished from work, he went to Skyline Motors, this time taking Bridget along. Aisha was expecting them both. She and Timi had scheduled a practise race for that evening. They were suspecting that Ogundade was going to try to ram them, so they had to stay one step ahead of him.                                                                                                                                                                          "You're early," Aisha said, before facing Bridget and greeting her warmly.                                "Yeah, got away from work early today. Let's start," Timi declared.                                                          "Wait," Bridget protested, searching her hand bag frantically. "I've got something for both of you." Finally, she took out three ultra small ear receivers, and handed one each to Timi and Aisha. Then she took out two tiny GoPro cameras, and mounted one each atop Timi and Aisha's vehicles.                 "I want us to try these out. If you guys are going to be racing tomorrow, I have to make sure you're safe. You can't focus on the road ahead of you and at the same time worry about who's behind you."                                                                                                                                                                          "So with these receivers, you can help us watch our backs," Aisha added, a slight smile touching her lips.                                                                                                                                                                     "Yes, I'll be watching the race, and if I see anything out of the ordinary, I'll let you know. So I want us to test it out today," Bridget said. She went on to ask Aisha if she had a computer around. Aisha pointed her to a laptop inside the glass Skyline building. While Aisha and Timi got into their cars, Bridget reached the laptop and logged onto a map application. Then touching the receiver in her hear she asked, "Can you guys hear me?"  "Loud and clear," the duo replied.                                            "Okay guys, I'm locking unto the signals of the trackers of your cars..."                                                            "Wait where did you learn to do all these?" Aisha aksed, perplexed.                                               "She studied Systems Engineering in the US," Timi replied. Some seconds later, Bridget was done. She had locked unto the signals of their trackers, with that, she would be able to know where each car was on the map, and with the cameras, she would be able to see all the action live, like during a normal race. The map image and the videos appeared on separate windows on her desktop. All was ready. "Alright guys, you can begin your race...In three, two, one...GO!"                                              The tyres of Aisha's Cobalt SS screeched loudly as she thrust forward, her car's and Timi's, edge to edge. They both kept accelerating at a constant rate, till they blasted out of the Skyline Compound, now stepping slightly on their breaks as they turned into the main roads. Bridget's program was working perfectly. "Watch out guys, traffic's pretty busy ahead," She warned...Neither took heed...They just sped faster...


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