Saturday, 18 July 2015

RoadKill Episode 5

"The doctor said you'll be out in a few days." Aisha squeezed her brother's hands tighter. He had woken up hours earlier and the nurses had given her a call.                "Well I'd prefer if they let me out today. You did say the re-race was this night right?" ID said, making his best attempt to hide the considerably pain he was feeling. He ached all over.                     "Yeah, but ID, you're in no position to sit behind a steering wheel."     "Oh, come on Aisha, I can drive with one eye closed and a hand tied behind my back."               Aisha laughed.    "Look, Timi and I have got this covered. We'll win this race for you."                          "But I want to help," ID added.                                                                                                                            "Yes, and the only way you can do that is to rest and get well. Just leave it to us."   The conversation dragged on and on, until when the sun began to set. Aisha took her leave promising to come see ID again soon. She headed to Timi's. Aisha exchanged greetings with Bridget and Timi upon her arrival, then started discussing the race.                                                                "This race is going to be considerably difficult. It's the second time the race is being held so everyone already knows what to expect," Timi said.                                 "Yeah, last time, Speed Cruisers' Emeka Chibuzo won the race with his Mustang Shelby GT500. I expect he'll try to win this too-by all means," Aisha commented.  "Definitely, he's going to give us a run for our money. And then there's Ogundade. He's definitely going to try to crash one of us," Timi added, in deep thought.    "He can try. We're way ahead of him," Bridget said, thinking about how the receivers she bought were going to help prevent that.   A while later, they stopped chattering. For some reason, they were all anxious about this race. While each wrestled with the thoughts in his/her mind, one thing was sure, they were doing this for Idris.
They had spent a really long time discussing their plans for the race. They had talked for so long that they had almost missed the real race. They got to the start line just minutes before the race began. Bridget, who had rode with Timi alighted with her laptop in arm. She found a place to sit, put on her laptop, worked her magic and she was able to see all the racers on her screen clearly. Those GoPro cameras were really good. In addition to the visuals, she had audio connections with Timi and Aisha. Timi kept going over the race in his mind. He was calm, confident. He told himself over and over, that he had this in the bag. Aisha sat, alert, behind the wheels. Images of her brother's accident kept flashing in her mind. She planned on getting the one responsible to pay for it. For her, that was her motivation to win this race.                                                                                                                                       The racers started their engines, though they didn't move yet. Then the countdown began. the lady standing in front of the cars waved down her flag. The various speedsters sprinted into action, quickly becoming nothing but blurs to the naked eye. Like the Storm Chasers had expected, Speed Cruiser Emeka Chibuzo had sped himself into the lead, his Mustang Shelby thrusting forward like an unstoppable war head. Blurring closely behind him was Emeka's crew mate Ahmed Anda , he too moving at an unfathomable speed in his green Aston Martin DB9. The Speed Cruisers were undoubtedly keen on winning the race. Furiously on the Aston Martin's tails was Timi, going faster than he had ever been. As he whooshed rapidly past seemingly moving buildings, trees and shops, Timi felt his heart beat faster than he'd ever experienced. He wasn't surprised when he darted an eye to his speedometer and saw 260km/hr. Thank heavens it was past midnight so the roads were free. The top three turned speedily into a bend, neither even slipping up by a bit. Emeka Chibuzo's intense speed caused an ornamental plant by the roadside to fall as he tore past it. Ahmed's closely following Aston Martin split the plant in two as it shot over it, and the tyres of Timi's Dodge Charger grinded the plant to dust as they went over it. Speeding behind Timi were Aisha and Ogundade. They were neck to neck. Ogundade would overtake Aisha and Aisha would overtake back in no time. Neither was giving way for the other. The last three cars on the other hand were nowhere in sight. It was like they were not even in the race at all. Still going at bizarre speeds, Emeka navigated a sharp bend without slowing down even a little. His car drifted a bit but Emeka was even able to use that to his own advantage. It was like Emeka was possessed. He was driving crazily like a real speed demon. He didn't seem to care a dime about safety. He reached a new corner and turned sharply again, navigating the bend perfectly without reducing speed. He was gaining distance between  him and Ahmed now. Yet again, Emeka got to a dogleg, and in his usual reckless self, Emeka veered left, slipping unharmed into the junction, his speed bordering around 290km/hr. Emeka's insane driving was making it difficult for Ahmed to keep up, not to talk about Timi. Timi who couldn't bear to throw caution in the wind navigated each of his turns as carefully as his speed allowed him to. Yeah he wanted to win the race, but he was not  quite ready to end up at the other side. Despite the fact that he was going faster than he'd ever been, he couldn't seem to catch up with Ahmed's Aston Martin in front of him. He desperately hoped for a miracle. The road contorted into a twist taking a snake-like outline. Emeka thought whether to step off his accelerator because of the numerous twirls ahead. He decided against it and instead, marched harder on the throttle. The tyres of his car were barely on the road now. He turned, twirled and twisted with the road. How he perfectly slid left and right without bashing into anything was like magic. How the hell was he doing this? Timi asked himself. Emeka came up to the end of the twisting road where it led into a junction. Emeka hastily veered into the one lane road and unexpectedly, his tyres gave way. There was a loud pop sound, and the next thing Emeka knew was that his car was tumbling. He bashed his head right and left, against the window, the steering...An unsuspecting Ahmed who too was racing at an almost uncontrollable speed crashed into his boss' tumbling vehicle. There was a loud explosion...Timi who was speeding behind Ahmed instinctively  pressed down on his brakes, his hands pushing the gear to stop immediately. Timi's car narrowly skidded past the exploding vehicles, the flames even reaching as far as his windshield. Once clear of the danger, Timi put his car back into sport, and marched on his throttle, speeding on. Timi was now in first place. Aisha coming in behind Timi saw as Emeka miraculously crawled out of his burning car. It seemed Ahmed would be able to make it too. She darted past the gory sight knowing Ogundade was chasing behind her. Ogundade realised that the race would soon end and decided to hit Aisha's car. He pressed onwards speedily, and just as he was about to tip the end of Aisha's car, Bridget's voice sounded into Aisha's ears over the receiver. "Behind you!" Bridget screamed. That was all the warning Aisha needed. She turned her steering left and stepped on the brakes, escaping Ogundade's hit. Now she was behind Ogundade, in a perfect position to send him on a collision course towards the pavilions by the side of the road. She edged closer to him. Bridget noticed what she was doing and pleaded with her not to go ahead with it. An inch away from Ogundade's car, Aisha changed her mind and moved away from Ogundade, over taking him from the right. She quickly gained distance between herself and her. The finish line was now in Timi's sights. He could see Aisha coming closely behind him through the rear view mirror. He pressed forward, and few feet from the finish line, he slowed down, allowing Aisha to whoosh past him. Aisha crossed the finish line first and Timi came in second, an inch behind. Ogundade managed to come in third...and the remaining cars filed in one after the other. The Storm Cruisers had won, and as Timi brought his car to an halt, he whispered, "For Idris."


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