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Saturday, 29 August 2015

Volkswagen to invest $340m in South Africa

German multinational automotive manufacturing
company, Volkswagen, is investing no less than $340m
(4.5bn rand) in South Africa for new products and
The automaker said it will spend about 3bn rand on
production facilities at Uitenhage, near Port Elizabeth in
the Eastern Cape province, and 1.5bn rand on
improving the supply chain by 2017, the company said
in an emailed statement during the week. VW builds
the Polo subcompact at its Uitenhage plant.
“Exports will again play a key role in our strategy going
forward,” Thomas Schaefer, managing director of
Volkswagen Group South Africa, said in the statement.
Autonews reports that car manufacturers in South
Africa, which also include Toyota Motor Corporation,
BMW Group and Mercedes-Benz, are expected to
export 18 per cent more vehicles this year as
companies take advantage of a weaker rand, the
National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of
South Africa said this month.
The report added that sales in the domestic market will
probably fall 2.8 per cent in 2015 as consumers battle
with rising fuel costs and interest rates.

Source: the Punch

Mercedes defies market condition with 42 per cent rise

Mercedes-Benz defied a Chinese market slowdown for
the second month in a row, posting a 42 per cent surge
in July deliveries even as rival BMW AG warned that
the environment was becoming more difficult.
Autonews reports that Chinese sales by Mercedes rose
to 29,540 cars in July as demand for the C-class sedan
and compact cars jumped, the company said during
the week. That helped push global deliveries up 15 per
cent from a year earlier to 149,753 vehicles, with
seven-month sales also rising 15 per cent to 1.05
million autos, as Mercedes seeks to surpass BMW and
Audi AG as the world’s biggest maker of luxury cars.
Other automakers are posting slower delivery growth in
China this year as the economy cools and a stock-
market drop discourages consumers from making large
purchases. The country’s car market contracted in
June, the first decline in more than two years, and
Chinese delivery gains in July at Toyota Motor Corp.,
Honda Motor Co. and Mercedes contrasted with drops
at General Motors and Hyundai Motor Co.
BMW and Volkswagen AG’s Audi division have yet to
report July sales figures. Of the three German
companies, Daimler AG’s Mercedes was the only one
to report growth in China in June. Concerns about the
country’s auto market prompted Munich-based BMW
earlier this week to say it may not achieve this year’s
profitability goal. Ford Motor Co. has even said there is
potential for industry-wide demand in China to shrink
this year.
Daimler’s global group auto sales, including the Smart
city-car nameplate, rose 16 per cent last month to
159,040 vehicles. Deliveries of the Mercedes C-class
sedan and station wagon jumped 83 per cent last
month, with demand for the models tripling in the Asia-
Pacific region. The brand’s SUV sales rose 15 per cent.

Source: The Punch

BMW, Toyota, eight others sued over keyless ignition

A class action lawsuit has been filed in the United
States against 10 leading car makers, seeking to claim
damages and force car companies to install an
automatic engine shut off device for vehicles fittedu
with keyless ignition.
By virtue of the suit, the plaintiffs are asking that
vehicles with keyless ignition should be able to
automatically shut off when need be, if the car is
unattended or if the key fob is away from the vehicle
for an extended period of time.
The defendants cited in the suit are BMW, Daimler,
Fiat Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai,
Nissan, Toyota and Volkswagen. Brands also listed, but
which fall under their corporate parents, include Acura,
Bentley, Kia, Lexus, Mini and Infiniti.
According to Reuters, the filing in a Los Angeles district
court revolves around keyless ignition systems with
claims that they are unsafe, and that these car
companies knew they were a hazard but refused to
publicly admit this. It noted that these systems have
led to at least 13 deaths.
With a keyless ignition system, drivers can start and
stop their car’s engine via a button on the dashboard,
as long as they have the car’s key fob in their pocket
or on their person. This contrasts with traditionalu
method of starting and stopping car, which requires
having a key in the ignition barrel and turning it.
There are claims that the 10 automakers knew about
and concealed the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
The plaintiffs say that this poisoning occurs when they
exit, with their key fobs, a car that is still running.
Instead of the car shutting its engine off automatically,
the motor keeps on idling, causing the garage and or
other small enclosed space to fill up with poisonous
carbon monoxide gas, which can lead to death.
It’s unknown what amount of compensation the
plaintiffs are looking for in this case, but they are also
seeking an injunction to force car makers in the USA to
install an engine shutdown device in cars fitted with
keyless start.
The suit claims that both GM and Ford have looked into
patenting just such a device in the past.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

RoadKill Season 1, Episode 8

Timi, seeing a ramp upfront, few feet to the truck realised that all hope was not lost just yet. As he sped up, the man with the rocket launcher finally locked in on Timi's car and fired. The superfast moving missile darted forward straight at Timi's car. Bolade was already screaming at the top of his voice, preparing to be blown to smithereens. But just as the rocket reached them, Timi pulled a daring stunt, slamming on the breaks suddenly and steering left at the same time, resulting in the right side of the car shooting up...and the missile just barely missed the car, scraping its underneath and blowing up as it hit the ground behind Timi's barraged car. Timi dropped the car on all fours again, further increasing speed. The man with the rocket launcher began targeting again, and just as it seemed he had finally locked in on his target, Timi charged up the ramp he had seen, catapulting into the air and flying in style over the truck before impacting the ground again with a loud thud. The force from the impact threw him and Bolade, who had been closing his eyes all the while, against their seats. The hostiles in the truck and the van were left stupefied at Timi's escape. They could hardly believe what they had seen. They tried to re-organize themselves to start chasing after Timi again, but Timi's Dodge Charger had already disappeared in the distance.                                      Slowly, a terrified Bolade opened his eyes, expecting to find himself in the world beyond. He looked behind the Dodge Charger and found that no car was chasing them any longer, and asked in an incredibly surprised tone, "We got away?" Timi smiled. "What did you expect?" At that moment, the Dodge Charger started jolting and then began slowing down. "What's happening?" A fretful Bolade questioned.    "I...I don't know," an equally confused Timi replied. Without further warning, the car stopped in its tracks. Bolade's eyes darted to the side view mirror, expecting to see their pursuers emerging any moment now. "This isn't good," Bolade said fearfully. Timi tried to jumpstart the car. The engine revved, but didn't start.  Timi gave it another try, and then another. Now he was getting worried too.   "Get us out of here Timi!" Bolade said, his voice rising. "I'm trying!" Timi shouted back. Seconds later, still stuck where they were, Timi spotted the Van some distances behind them. With no luck on getting the car started, Timi suggested to Bolade that they get out and make a run for it. But just as they opened the door, the van reached beside them, with two hostiles pointing assault rifles at them. Timi and Bolade instinctively put their hands up and the hostiles forced them into the van.                                     ***                                                                  ***
About fifteen minutes later, the van stopped outside a safe house in an obscured location. Timi and Bolade were shoved out of the van. There were a total of two armed men came out after them and soon the driver of the van followed suit. The three goons walked behind Timi and Bolade as they marched into the safe house. The structure was quite big. It was made of wood and scraps of metal. There were two people carrying guns standing guard by the each side of the entrance. Once inside, Timi stared hard at the piles wooden cases littered around. He wondered what the cases contained. The floor was cemented and one good look at the roof showed Timi the holes that cluttered the roof. God forbid it rained here, else, everyone and everything would be drenched wet, Timi thought. Ahead of them were a sofa and two old arm chairs. Behind the furniture was a black curtain. Timi tried to peer through but wasn't able to see anything. "Stop! Stay here," one of the three goons who had brought them ordered. The goon walked forward and disappeared behind the curtain. A little while later, the goon emerged again, along with a short, stout, somewhat ugly looking man whom Timi immediately recognised. It was Mba Oke. Timi recalled he had seen the man in the Governor's house in Lagos. He was on his way to see the Governor when he passed by Mba who had just finished a meeting with the Governor. Whatever had transpired between Mba and Governor Abejide had left the good Governor troubled. That was when Governor Abejide informed Timi that his daughter's life was in danger and that he wanted Timi to drive her to the airport the very next day. Now Timi was staring right at this same man. Mba Oke took his seat on the sofa and gave a wide grin as he looked up at Timi and Bolade.                                                                                                                                "Senator Bolade Akanji...I told it was futile to try to escape," Mba said, still grinning widely. The Senator gave no reply. Mba countenance suddenly changed. "Have we met before?" Mba asked, glaring keenly at Timi.                                                                                                                                                            ", I don't think so. I wouldn't forget an ugly face like yours," Timi replied, eliciting a chuckle from Mba's goons.                                                                                                                                                       "Oh, so you think this is a joke," Mba said in a very deadly voice. "I assure you stranger, by the time I'm done with you, you would beg to cry."                                   Timi scoffed. "You know, you should smile more often, might help make you look less hideous. Then again I'm not sure smiles are going to cut it, maybe plastic surgery," Timi said, ignoring Mba's threat. He only seemed to annoy Mba the more. "I don't have time for you yet." "Senator," Mba continued. "You know why you are here. You're fighting a lost cause, your resistance is futile. Join us and your life might yet be spared."                                                                                                                                               "Join you? You mean join your cabal and become a pawn of the Senate President. I would never!" Senator Bolade replied.                                                                                                                                             "You know, I'd like to know exactly what this is about, that's, if you don't mind," Timi put in.    "Shut up you!" Mba ordered. "This does not concern you."                 "Okay, you mind," Timi muttered on hearing Mba's reply.                                               Facing the Senator once more, Mba said. "Tread carefully Senator, it's your life on the line here."      "No," Bolade replied. "It's my soul. You're asking me to become someone I've vowed not to be."                                                                                                                                     "Very well then," Mba answered. "You have made your decision." "Take them out back...make it painful," Mba said to his goons, ordering them to kill Timi and Bolade. Bolade and Timi were led out through a different entrance from the one they had walked in. Out back, one of the three goons pulled out a pistol from under his belt, the other two still clutching tightly to their rifles. He ordered Timi to face him, and placed the mouth of the gun on Timi's chest. "Boss said we should make it slow and painful," the goon said. He got ready to pull the trigger.
                                             TO BE CONTINUED 

Today....Let's Talk About Safety.

So today's post is technically still related to cars, but with another dimension. 
So I travelled out of town sometime last week for a function. The venue was in a village sort of (sort of because, what really classifies as a village these days, right?) , I also happened to be involved with some logistics (by logistics I mean transporting party stuff from one location to the other) and while I rode shot gun all the way, I couldn't help but notice how the kids in the village seemed to revel in being  on the same path as an oncoming/reversing vehicle, someone say honks ? I mean the honks were like Christmas bells to their ears, it took the intervention of several adults to scold and more than often use the hand or any correctional device around. If it happened once, one could say it was excitement, twice ? Well... Coincidence, more than 3 different occasions involving different kids ?!! Nna... This one is tradition o. My initial reaction was aren't these kids scared of death by car jam? Or is their naivety making them fearless? And it got me thinking.... What actually kills a pedestrian that collides with an oncoming vehicle. Is it the weight of the car? The velocity ? Or just plain fear on the part of the pedestrians.  Is there something about fear that happens when one grows up? Or do these kids just know something we don't? 

Ford to start assembly in Nigeria, eyes West Africa

Ford Motor Company will start assembling its best-selling Ford Ranger pickup truck in Nigeria by the fourth quarter, as it expands in Africa and the Middle East, the U.S. automaker said on Tuesday.

The Nigerian assembly plant, in partnership with Ford dealer Coscharis Motors Limited, is the first outside South Africa, where Ford produces the Ranger for 148 markets.

"Nigeria is a priority market for us in sub-Saharan Africa," said Jeff Nemeth, the president and CEO of Ford Motor Company's business in sub-Saharan Africa.

"Depending on how Nigeria develops over time ... we are potentially looking at using our Nigerian plant to service West Africa," he told Reuters.

The auto market in Africa's biggest economy has huge potential but retails only a small amount of new vehicles annually, Nemeth said.

He said the sector is dominated by imported used vehicles, while limited financing for consumers to buy new vehicles and the absence of an industrial policy that would encourage suppliers to set up in Nigeria have stunted growth.

According to CNBC Africa,the Ikeja plant near Lagos will assemble the Ford Ranger using parts and components imported from South Africa. The plant will have the capacity to assemble up to 5,000 units annually, which will be sold in Nigeria.

Ford produces 85,000 units each year in South Africa, which are sold across 24 African countries.

"It would take between 1 to 2 months to take an order, build it and deliver it within the country. If you order from overseas it would take between 4 to 6 months," Nemeth said, noting that the benefit of the Nigerian plant was being close to its customers.

Rival automakers, Renault-Nissan, South Korea's Kia Motors and Germany's Volkswagen have announced plans to assemble vehicles in Africa's most populous nation.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Kia Nigeria assembles 2,500 cars, targets 27,000 yearly

Activities at the Kia assembly plant in Lagos are picking up as it has rolled out 2,500 cars since the factory was inaugurated in the first quarter of last year.

The firm, which gave its annual target as 27,000 vehicles, said it had invested heavily in the plant currently producing nine Kia models with all their trims for the nation’s market.

The Chief Operation Officer of the company, Mr. Gitesh Yagnik, said this after guiding motoring journalists on a tour of the assembly plant on Apapa-Oshodi Expressway in Lagos.

He said the complex had been built to the high standard of Kia Motors Corporation and gave the list of Kia models being currently churned out of the plant as Rio, Cerato, Optima, Sportage and the all-new 2015 Sorento.

According to him, after several months of construction, installation of technologically advanced equipment and the training of its personnel, the assembly line rolled out the first Nigeria-made Kia models in April 2014.

According to  Punch news paper,the plant was said to have started with semi knocked down (vehicle components) where painted and trimmed bodies were shipped from an established plant in one box, mechanicals in another and the two would be joined; with the addition of some locally sourced transmission fluids, air conditioner gas among others to make up complete vehicles.

Yagnik expressed the company’s commitment to the industrialisation of Nigerian economy and the success of the auto policy.

The automotive policy was unveiled in September 2013 to encourage local assembly/production of vehicles through the imposition of high tariff on imported vehicles and zero import duty on vehicle components (parts) for use by local auto assembly plants.

And since the announcement of the policy by the Federal Government, over 40 vehicle manufacturing firms have embraced the idea. Lately, big auto manufacturers such as Toyota and Honda have joined Nissan, Volkswagen, Hyundai, among others already assembling vehicles locally.

Yagnik also spoke on how the Kia assembly project had provided jobs for the locals, revealing that over 85 per cent of its employees were sourced locally from Nigerian universities.

He specifically said the plant had employed 150 engineers drawn from Nigerian universities that had undergone an intensive training programme and capacity development before their employment at the plant.

“We now have 150 trained and qualified engineers and over 50 support staff running the operational and assembling process cycle of the plant.”

The Chief Commercial Officer, Mr. Sandeep Malhotra, also commented on this, saying, “The plant is people-focused. We believe our strength is in our employees rather than machines.”

He stated that Kia Nigeria was committed to the long-term investment in the auto industry despite the challenges currently being faced.

The Supply Chain Manager, Oluwayemisi Onanuga, gave insights into the plant’s facility and assembling process.

She said, at the plant, there was no compromise on quality and standard of the factory, adding that the mission remained to sustain it as one of the best auto manufacturing firms in the country.

“It’s a highly ventilated facility and its environmental worthiness brings the auto company to the fore of the Nigerian auto industry. The excitement emanating from the plant cannot be over-emphasised as the employees are passionate about their work and are committed to producing made-in-Nigeria Kia vehicles the preferred choice in the country.

She explained how the plant planned to do 27,000 vehicles in a year and increase the production lines, which would depend on the demand.

The immediate Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment, Mr. Olusegun Aganga, had expressed his delight at the successful completion of the new plant when he went on an inspection visit to the factory in April this year.

15 Titans of Torque

It's an infantile obsession, but who doesn't love dropping the hammer and seeing the rearview mirror fill with tire smoke? Well, I suppose the honest answer is most of the world that never clicks on our website. But here you are, so let's take a look at 15 vehicles capable of routing an almost surreal amount of force to their hapless contact patches.

15) Tesla Model S P85D

At 687 lb-ft of torque, Elon's mighty electric ranks seventh in terms of peak torque, so how did it end up on the bottom of this list? Simple. The one-speed transmission gearing provides by far the second-lowest torque multiplication of any driveline in this grouping.
1,311 pounds of force per tire

14) Porsche 918 Spyder
Our 13th-place finisher in overall torque also ranks seventh in torque multiplication, and of course it's also dividing its total torque four ways, so its position as 14th on this list comes as little surprise. The consolation is its second-best showing in quarter-mile acceleration, at 10.0 seconds at 145.2 mph.
1,537 pounds of force per tire

13) 2005 Bugatti Veyron 16.4

What?! How is it that 922 lb-ft of twist can only manage to whip up a pitiful three-quarters of a ton of force for each of its precious and peculiarly dimensioned Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 PAX tires? Bugatti prioritized top speed over stoplight sprinting, and its seven ratios are fairly evenly spaced, so its first gear boasts the highest overall gearing (10.1 mph/1,000 rpm) of any vehicle on this list, including the one-speed Tesla.
1,570 pounds of force per tire

12) Dodge Viper GTS

Our first rear-drive entrant on the list produces "just" 600 lb-ft (at a heady 5,000 rpm), and routes it through the second tallest first-gear ratio of the bunch (9.2 mph/1,000 rpm). This compromises its acceleration slightly (fifth-quickest quarter-miler on this list despite second-best weight-to-power ratio) and also blunts its burnout brilliance.
2,255 pounds of force per rear tire.

11) Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD

The "weakest" of our list's heavy-duty pickups makes 765 lb-ft of twist, ranking it fifth overall in terms of torque. And because it's a dualie, you'll struggle mightily to do a burnout in 4WD mode, but drop it into RWD mode and you can send 2,450 pounds of abuse to each of the four tires on the rear axle.
2,450 pounds of force per corner.

10) Ram 3500 Heavy Duty

Ranking third in total torque at 850 lb-ft, this 4WD stump-yanker also boasts the tallest gearing of the pickup trucks. This spares the tires some trauma and gives the Ford Super Duty, which only makes 10 more lb-ft, a huge advantage in first-gear pulling power.
2,525 pounds of force per corner

9) Chevrolet Corvette Z06/Z07

America's sports car turns its tenth-place torque rating into a ninth-place tire-trauma rating with mid-pack gearing — and rest assured, 1.6 tons of force per tire is more than ample to get two-turnin' and two-burnin'.
3,223 pounds of force per rear tire

8) Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG

This one's 664 lb-ft are produced at a frenetic enough pace (577 peak hp) to hurl 4,914 pounds of sybaritic splendor to 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds en route to a 12.1-second, 115.5-mph quarter mile.
3,320 pounds of force per rear tire

7) Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

The most obvious tire-shredder on the list's memorable 707-horse rating ranks it fourth in power, but at 650 lb-ft it's No. 11 on our list in terms of torque. With the sixth-shortest gearing (6.7 mph/1,000 rpm), it lands right in the middle of this auspicious pack in terms of contact-patch force.
3,358 pounds of force per rear tire

6) McLaren P1

Our list's second hybrid leverages its lofty 904-hp/664-lb-ft of oomph with the second shortest gearing to top our torque titans in terms of quarter-mile acceleration (9.8 seconds at 148.9 mph). Its lofty torque peak of 4,000 rpm suggests it might not be quite as adept at burning out as the low-rev torquers, but that's probably not the point.
3,825 pounds of force per rear tire

5) Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black

This mighty member of the "700 club" generates 738 lb-ft of twist at 2,300 rpm. This curt and positively svelte (for a bi-turbo, 36-valve V-12 AMG car) two-seater weighs only 4,221 pounds with just 2,026 of them over the burnout wheels, making it among the best AMG models in which to perform a big smoky.
3,845 pounds of force per rear tire

4) Ford F-450 Super Duty

Our highest placing truck gets here by routing the second-highest peak torque (860 lb-ft at 1,600 rpm) through the shortest gearing of this group (5.4 mph/1,000 rpm in first). Naturally it's a dualie, so there's a lot of rubber to get spinning here, even when the 9,083-pound truck's bed is empty. Still, if you're looking to leave four stripes, this is the rig — especially if you switch off the nannies, leave it in rear-drive mode, brake-torque the engine, and send 4.3 tons of force to each rear corner.
4,129 pounds of force to each corner

3) Mercedes-Maybach S600

Not shockingly, wretchedly excessive limos for the one-percenters top our list here, with the (comparatively) least ostentatious of the three fittingly slotted into third place. Its whisper-quiet twin-turbo V-12 produces 523 hp and 612 lb-ft. (Note that the horses outnumber the lb-ft in most in-your-face performers, and the strong and silent types such as this one usually reverse that.)
4,321 pounds of force to each rear tire

 2) Rolls-Royce Wraith

This most sporting of Rolls-Royces indicates its performance bona fides by producing 624 horses and a mere 590 lb-ft of torque (lowest on this list). With only two drive wheels to spread those lb-ft between and the fourth-best gearing in terms of torque multiplication, the Rolls thrusts its retractable Flying Lady hood ornament ahead into second place in the tire-force race. (It finishes tenth in a drag race.)
4,860 pounds of force to each rear tire

1) Bentley Mulsanne Speed

Note the 41 percent increase in force at the contact patch between the second-place Wraith and this new Mulsanne Speed. The Bentley Boys (and girls) ain't playin'. They came to this challenge to win, wringing heavy-duty pickup truck levels of torque (811 lb-ft at 1,750 rpm) from an ancient pushrod "six-and-three-quarta' leeta'" V-8. Of course the lazyish way it makes that thrust (power peaks at just 530 horses) means this three-ton Tessie will finish in twelfth place in our unofficial World's Most Expensive Drag Race, with a time slip reading 13.6 seconds at 103.3 mph. When the 99 percent pick up their pitchforks and torches, hop in one of these and leave them in a cloud of tire smoke.
6,841 pounds of force to each rear tire.

Source: MotorTrend

Saturday, 1 August 2015

RoadKill Episode 7

Timi missed Idris' discharge from the hospital because he was on his way to Bolade Akanji's home, somewhere around Asokoro. After driving half way around Abuja, Timi finally arrived at the grand mansion that was Bolade Akanji's abode. "Wow," Timi muttered as he slowly drove towards the gate. The magnificent duplex had five stupendously designed pillars holding up the building at the front, each painted in a recurring pattern of green, red and white colours. As the gate opened to allow Timi to come in, he was taken aback by the large, expansive compound, adorned with such beautiful ornamental flowers Timi could have sworn could only exist in heaven. Whoever this guy was, he was very darn rich, Timi concluded. Bolade Akanji himself came to meet Timi outside. As Timi stepped out of the car, he saw, and very clearly too that Bolade Akanji was very unnerved. Timi shook hands with him and formally introduced himself in person. "Timi Andrews," he said. Taking his hand, "Bolade Akanji," the other replied. "Nice place," Timi commended. "Yeah, but now I've got leave. I need to get back home to Lagos State and remain there for a little while," Bolade replied.         "Are you in any kind of trouble?" Timi asked, still wondering what could be scaring this man that much.                                                                                                                                                                      "Yes, big trouble. Why do you think I called you? The man who was after Governor Abayomi's daughter is after me too. I can't take the airport, he's got people there. I can't even take any of my cars; he probably has people tracking them. That's why we're using yours."                                     "Wait, what?" Timi said protesting. "We can't use my car; we didn't agree on anything about using my car..."                                                                                                                                                                 Bolade Akanji didn't take heed of Timi's protest going ahead to open the boot of Timi's grey Dodge Charger and dumping his suitcase there. He slammed the boot closed and walked back to a still protesting Timi.                                                                                                                                                                                  "Look, Mr Andrews, the more time we waste arguing here, the more dangerous this trip gets for you and me. We'd better get going."                                                                                                                          "But what if something happens to my car?" Timi asked, making one last attempt to try to convince Bolade to allow them to use one of his cars instead as Timi could see many exotic cars littering the compounds like trash bottles.                                                                                                                     "Mr Andrews, I'm a Nigerian Senator; if anything happens to your car, I'll oversee the repairs. I promise."                                                                                                                                                        "A Senator eh," Timi said taking another look around. "Now it all makes sense," he completed. Timi got into the car, and Bolade took the passenger's seat beside Timi. As Timi started off his engine, he muttered again, "I swear if anything happens to my baby, I'll make sure you pay for it."                                                                                                                                                                                                "It's just a car Mr Andrews," Bolade replied, much to Timi's annoyance. Timi drove out the gate and ventured into the main street, disappearing into the multitude of cars in front. After driving through the streets for about an hour and now nearing the outskirts of the city without any incident, Timi started to think the man beside him was just being paranoid. "You see, we're almost out of the city and no one's come after us. Are you sure this whole thing isn't in your mind? We can still turn back now before we go too..."                                                                                                                                              "Look out!" Bolade screamed. Timi instantly noticed the black van coming at them with full speed from the junction by his left. The car was clearly heading to ram them. Timi slammed on the breaks and his Dodge Charger suddenly stopped, throwing both occupants of the car forwards violently. The van dashed past them, narrowly missing their Dodge Charger. Timi quickly marched on the accelerator again shifting his gear to Sport 1 as the Van started making an attempt to reverse having missed its target. Barely had they started to move when two other black Mercedes Benz C63 AMG's busted out of nowhere both taking position by each side of the Dodge Charger. "What the hell did you do to get on these people's backsides!!!" Timi screamed as he smashed his way out of the lock the Mercedes cars had got him into. With two cars on his tails and a surprisingly fast van chasing behind them, Timi further engaged his Sport 2 gear. He darted forwards, swinging from lane to lane as fast as he could in an attempt to throw the cars of his tails. But it wasn't going to be that easy. "Still think I'm paranoid?" Bolade asked with a sneer. "Now is not the time for an I told you so!!!" Timi shouted back and Bolade kept mum. One of the C63 AMGs caught up with Timi and bashed into the Dodge Charger from the left side. The car shook. "Damn! He's going to destroy my car!!" Timi lamented. "He's going to kill us if you don't bash him back!" Bolade pointed out. Timi drove away from the AMG and suddenly steered right bashing his car into the AMG. The AMG driver seemed to lose control for a minute, but before Timi could breathe a little easier, the other Mercedes attacked him from the other side, causing his car to shake violently. Timi thought he heard the glass crack-oh, it actually did. Still trying to struggle with the new AMG that had just caught up to him, the other one rammed him from the other side again. The resulting shock sending Timi's head bashing against the head rest of his seat. And then, as Timi saw both AMGs withdraw, he quickly guessed that they were going to try and ram him at the same time from either sides. And when they tried, Timi pushed the breaks and steered his car hard to the right. Both Mercedes vehicles crashed into each other with full force, shattering their windshields and blowing their front tyres.  "Boo yeah!" Timi celebrated, only to be hit from behind by the black van. Timi heard as the rear glass shattered into a million pieces as the van impacted his car a second time. For a fleeting moment Timi felt like breaking down. But instead, he quickly sped up. He was very sure that the van wouldn't be able to keep up-it didn't need to. The side door of the van slid open, and popping his head out of the van was a man wielding what Timi identified as an assault rifle. "Shit!" Timi exclaimed. "I've only seen those stuffs in movies!" He shouted as the man opened fire on him. "Oh my God, we're going to die," Bolade said calmly as if experiencing a moment of self awareness. Timi started darting right and left, sending his car into a slithering like motion, making his best efforts at avoiding the bullets. But it was less than effective. Bullets smashed into the glass windows, breaking them into shards. "Duck!" Timi ordered Bolade, as bullets kept darting past them. Just as it seemed things couldn't get any worse, a huge truck suddenly came out from a junction in front, a junction Timi had been planning to lose the van behind. The truck pulled up in a horizontal fashion across the road, blocking its entire length. And lo and behold, atop the truck was another hostile, carrying a rocket launcher and taking aim at Timi's oncoming car. "Now we're going to die," Bolade said sullenly.
                              TO                         BE                         CONTINUED