Saturday, 1 August 2015

RoadKill Episode 7

Timi missed Idris' discharge from the hospital because he was on his way to Bolade Akanji's home, somewhere around Asokoro. After driving half way around Abuja, Timi finally arrived at the grand mansion that was Bolade Akanji's abode. "Wow," Timi muttered as he slowly drove towards the gate. The magnificent duplex had five stupendously designed pillars holding up the building at the front, each painted in a recurring pattern of green, red and white colours. As the gate opened to allow Timi to come in, he was taken aback by the large, expansive compound, adorned with such beautiful ornamental flowers Timi could have sworn could only exist in heaven. Whoever this guy was, he was very darn rich, Timi concluded. Bolade Akanji himself came to meet Timi outside. As Timi stepped out of the car, he saw, and very clearly too that Bolade Akanji was very unnerved. Timi shook hands with him and formally introduced himself in person. "Timi Andrews," he said. Taking his hand, "Bolade Akanji," the other replied. "Nice place," Timi commended. "Yeah, but now I've got leave. I need to get back home to Lagos State and remain there for a little while," Bolade replied.         "Are you in any kind of trouble?" Timi asked, still wondering what could be scaring this man that much.                                                                                                                                                                      "Yes, big trouble. Why do you think I called you? The man who was after Governor Abayomi's daughter is after me too. I can't take the airport, he's got people there. I can't even take any of my cars; he probably has people tracking them. That's why we're using yours."                                     "Wait, what?" Timi said protesting. "We can't use my car; we didn't agree on anything about using my car..."                                                                                                                                                                 Bolade Akanji didn't take heed of Timi's protest going ahead to open the boot of Timi's grey Dodge Charger and dumping his suitcase there. He slammed the boot closed and walked back to a still protesting Timi.                                                                                                                                                                                  "Look, Mr Andrews, the more time we waste arguing here, the more dangerous this trip gets for you and me. We'd better get going."                                                                                                                          "But what if something happens to my car?" Timi asked, making one last attempt to try to convince Bolade to allow them to use one of his cars instead as Timi could see many exotic cars littering the compounds like trash bottles.                                                                                                                     "Mr Andrews, I'm a Nigerian Senator; if anything happens to your car, I'll oversee the repairs. I promise."                                                                                                                                                        "A Senator eh," Timi said taking another look around. "Now it all makes sense," he completed. Timi got into the car, and Bolade took the passenger's seat beside Timi. As Timi started off his engine, he muttered again, "I swear if anything happens to my baby, I'll make sure you pay for it."                                                                                                                                                                                                "It's just a car Mr Andrews," Bolade replied, much to Timi's annoyance. Timi drove out the gate and ventured into the main street, disappearing into the multitude of cars in front. After driving through the streets for about an hour and now nearing the outskirts of the city without any incident, Timi started to think the man beside him was just being paranoid. "You see, we're almost out of the city and no one's come after us. Are you sure this whole thing isn't in your mind? We can still turn back now before we go too..."                                                                                                                                              "Look out!" Bolade screamed. Timi instantly noticed the black van coming at them with full speed from the junction by his left. The car was clearly heading to ram them. Timi slammed on the breaks and his Dodge Charger suddenly stopped, throwing both occupants of the car forwards violently. The van dashed past them, narrowly missing their Dodge Charger. Timi quickly marched on the accelerator again shifting his gear to Sport 1 as the Van started making an attempt to reverse having missed its target. Barely had they started to move when two other black Mercedes Benz C63 AMG's busted out of nowhere both taking position by each side of the Dodge Charger. "What the hell did you do to get on these people's backsides!!!" Timi screamed as he smashed his way out of the lock the Mercedes cars had got him into. With two cars on his tails and a surprisingly fast van chasing behind them, Timi further engaged his Sport 2 gear. He darted forwards, swinging from lane to lane as fast as he could in an attempt to throw the cars of his tails. But it wasn't going to be that easy. "Still think I'm paranoid?" Bolade asked with a sneer. "Now is not the time for an I told you so!!!" Timi shouted back and Bolade kept mum. One of the C63 AMGs caught up with Timi and bashed into the Dodge Charger from the left side. The car shook. "Damn! He's going to destroy my car!!" Timi lamented. "He's going to kill us if you don't bash him back!" Bolade pointed out. Timi drove away from the AMG and suddenly steered right bashing his car into the AMG. The AMG driver seemed to lose control for a minute, but before Timi could breathe a little easier, the other Mercedes attacked him from the other side, causing his car to shake violently. Timi thought he heard the glass crack-oh, it actually did. Still trying to struggle with the new AMG that had just caught up to him, the other one rammed him from the other side again. The resulting shock sending Timi's head bashing against the head rest of his seat. And then, as Timi saw both AMGs withdraw, he quickly guessed that they were going to try and ram him at the same time from either sides. And when they tried, Timi pushed the breaks and steered his car hard to the right. Both Mercedes vehicles crashed into each other with full force, shattering their windshields and blowing their front tyres.  "Boo yeah!" Timi celebrated, only to be hit from behind by the black van. Timi heard as the rear glass shattered into a million pieces as the van impacted his car a second time. For a fleeting moment Timi felt like breaking down. But instead, he quickly sped up. He was very sure that the van wouldn't be able to keep up-it didn't need to. The side door of the van slid open, and popping his head out of the van was a man wielding what Timi identified as an assault rifle. "Shit!" Timi exclaimed. "I've only seen those stuffs in movies!" He shouted as the man opened fire on him. "Oh my God, we're going to die," Bolade said calmly as if experiencing a moment of self awareness. Timi started darting right and left, sending his car into a slithering like motion, making his best efforts at avoiding the bullets. But it was less than effective. Bullets smashed into the glass windows, breaking them into shards. "Duck!" Timi ordered Bolade, as bullets kept darting past them. Just as it seemed things couldn't get any worse, a huge truck suddenly came out from a junction in front, a junction Timi had been planning to lose the van behind. The truck pulled up in a horizontal fashion across the road, blocking its entire length. And lo and behold, atop the truck was another hostile, carrying a rocket launcher and taking aim at Timi's oncoming car. "Now we're going to die," Bolade said sullenly.
                              TO                         BE                         CONTINUED


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