Wednesday, 12 August 2015

RoadKill Season 1, Episode 8

Timi, seeing a ramp upfront, few feet to the truck realised that all hope was not lost just yet. As he sped up, the man with the rocket launcher finally locked in on Timi's car and fired. The superfast moving missile darted forward straight at Timi's car. Bolade was already screaming at the top of his voice, preparing to be blown to smithereens. But just as the rocket reached them, Timi pulled a daring stunt, slamming on the breaks suddenly and steering left at the same time, resulting in the right side of the car shooting up...and the missile just barely missed the car, scraping its underneath and blowing up as it hit the ground behind Timi's barraged car. Timi dropped the car on all fours again, further increasing speed. The man with the rocket launcher began targeting again, and just as it seemed he had finally locked in on his target, Timi charged up the ramp he had seen, catapulting into the air and flying in style over the truck before impacting the ground again with a loud thud. The force from the impact threw him and Bolade, who had been closing his eyes all the while, against their seats. The hostiles in the truck and the van were left stupefied at Timi's escape. They could hardly believe what they had seen. They tried to re-organize themselves to start chasing after Timi again, but Timi's Dodge Charger had already disappeared in the distance.                                      Slowly, a terrified Bolade opened his eyes, expecting to find himself in the world beyond. He looked behind the Dodge Charger and found that no car was chasing them any longer, and asked in an incredibly surprised tone, "We got away?" Timi smiled. "What did you expect?" At that moment, the Dodge Charger started jolting and then began slowing down. "What's happening?" A fretful Bolade questioned.    "I...I don't know," an equally confused Timi replied. Without further warning, the car stopped in its tracks. Bolade's eyes darted to the side view mirror, expecting to see their pursuers emerging any moment now. "This isn't good," Bolade said fearfully. Timi tried to jumpstart the car. The engine revved, but didn't start.  Timi gave it another try, and then another. Now he was getting worried too.   "Get us out of here Timi!" Bolade said, his voice rising. "I'm trying!" Timi shouted back. Seconds later, still stuck where they were, Timi spotted the Van some distances behind them. With no luck on getting the car started, Timi suggested to Bolade that they get out and make a run for it. But just as they opened the door, the van reached beside them, with two hostiles pointing assault rifles at them. Timi and Bolade instinctively put their hands up and the hostiles forced them into the van.                                     ***                                                                  ***
About fifteen minutes later, the van stopped outside a safe house in an obscured location. Timi and Bolade were shoved out of the van. There were a total of two armed men came out after them and soon the driver of the van followed suit. The three goons walked behind Timi and Bolade as they marched into the safe house. The structure was quite big. It was made of wood and scraps of metal. There were two people carrying guns standing guard by the each side of the entrance. Once inside, Timi stared hard at the piles wooden cases littered around. He wondered what the cases contained. The floor was cemented and one good look at the roof showed Timi the holes that cluttered the roof. God forbid it rained here, else, everyone and everything would be drenched wet, Timi thought. Ahead of them were a sofa and two old arm chairs. Behind the furniture was a black curtain. Timi tried to peer through but wasn't able to see anything. "Stop! Stay here," one of the three goons who had brought them ordered. The goon walked forward and disappeared behind the curtain. A little while later, the goon emerged again, along with a short, stout, somewhat ugly looking man whom Timi immediately recognised. It was Mba Oke. Timi recalled he had seen the man in the Governor's house in Lagos. He was on his way to see the Governor when he passed by Mba who had just finished a meeting with the Governor. Whatever had transpired between Mba and Governor Abejide had left the good Governor troubled. That was when Governor Abejide informed Timi that his daughter's life was in danger and that he wanted Timi to drive her to the airport the very next day. Now Timi was staring right at this same man. Mba Oke took his seat on the sofa and gave a wide grin as he looked up at Timi and Bolade.                                                                                                                                "Senator Bolade Akanji...I told it was futile to try to escape," Mba said, still grinning widely. The Senator gave no reply. Mba countenance suddenly changed. "Have we met before?" Mba asked, glaring keenly at Timi.                                                                                                                                                            ", I don't think so. I wouldn't forget an ugly face like yours," Timi replied, eliciting a chuckle from Mba's goons.                                                                                                                                                       "Oh, so you think this is a joke," Mba said in a very deadly voice. "I assure you stranger, by the time I'm done with you, you would beg to cry."                                   Timi scoffed. "You know, you should smile more often, might help make you look less hideous. Then again I'm not sure smiles are going to cut it, maybe plastic surgery," Timi said, ignoring Mba's threat. He only seemed to annoy Mba the more. "I don't have time for you yet." "Senator," Mba continued. "You know why you are here. You're fighting a lost cause, your resistance is futile. Join us and your life might yet be spared."                                                                                                                                               "Join you? You mean join your cabal and become a pawn of the Senate President. I would never!" Senator Bolade replied.                                                                                                                                             "You know, I'd like to know exactly what this is about, that's, if you don't mind," Timi put in.    "Shut up you!" Mba ordered. "This does not concern you."                 "Okay, you mind," Timi muttered on hearing Mba's reply.                                               Facing the Senator once more, Mba said. "Tread carefully Senator, it's your life on the line here."      "No," Bolade replied. "It's my soul. You're asking me to become someone I've vowed not to be."                                                                                                                                     "Very well then," Mba answered. "You have made your decision." "Take them out back...make it painful," Mba said to his goons, ordering them to kill Timi and Bolade. Bolade and Timi were led out through a different entrance from the one they had walked in. Out back, one of the three goons pulled out a pistol from under his belt, the other two still clutching tightly to their rifles. He ordered Timi to face him, and placed the mouth of the gun on Timi's chest. "Boss said we should make it slow and painful," the goon said. He got ready to pull the trigger.
                                             TO BE CONTINUED 


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