Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Today....Let's Talk About Safety.

So today's post is technically still related to cars, but with another dimension. 

So I travelled out of town sometime last week for a function. The venue was in a village sort of (sort of because, what really classifies as a village these days, right?) , I also happened to be involved with some logistics (by logistics I mean transporting party stuff from one location to the other) and while I rode shot gun all the way, I couldn't help but notice how the kids in the village seemed to revel in being  on the same path as an oncoming/reversing vehicle, someone say honks ? I mean the honks were like Christmas bells to their ears, it took the intervention of several adults to scold and more than often use the hand or any correctional device around. If it happened once, one could say it was excitement, twice ? Well... Coincidence, more than 3 different occasions involving different kids ?!! Nna... This one is tradition o. My initial reaction was aren't these kids scared of death by car jam? Or is their naivety making them fearless? And it got me thinking.... What actually kills a pedestrian that collides with an oncoming vehicle. Is it the weight of the car? The velocity ? Or just plain fear on the part of the pedestrians.  Is there something about fear that happens when one grows up? Or do these kids just know something we don't? 


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