Friday, 18 September 2015

Frankfurt Motor show: Highlights of Day 1 (IAA 2015)

The IAA is a 3-letter acronym in German for Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung and it  is also known as the International Motor show but because the passenger  vehicle show is held in Frankfurt am Main  it is the most popularly  called the Frankfurt Motor Show. It is the biggest motor show in the world and the 2015 edition is upon us, the exhibition will be open to the public from the 17th to the 27th of September 2015 with the press  provided a pre-show access on the 15th and 16th of September.  This is a compilation of the highlights from day 1 of the show on what manufacturers are up to and what to expect in the next few years.
BMW’s new CEO Harold Kruger faints on stage as he addresses the world’s press at their new car presentation. He is said to be recovering well after the collapse and the new 7-series introduction has been postponed.
Mercedes Benz unveil their new shape shifting ‘ConceptIAA’ and no it is not named after this event, IAA stands for Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile.  Normally and at speeds less than 50mph (80km/h) the ConceptIAA looks like this:
And at speeds above 50mph (80km/h), it starts to change shape as 8 segments extend at the rear, front and rear flaps extend , the active rims alter their shape and skirts improve the airflow around the car that is now basically a tear-drop shape with a drag co-efficient of 0.19. At the higher speeds it will look like this.
Porsche unveiled its mission E Electric car concept. It will be charged wirelessly via an induction mat and will have four doors including rear suicide doors. It is being  well received and is touted as the Tesla Model S killer which I am not sure of but even if it is, the car is still a few years away. Whatever the case, Porsche are unto a winner here as this car reminds me of the beautiful 4-door Porsche 989 concept of 1988 that was shelved and all that is needed is to scale the size up as the next Panamera or leave it as a Baby-Panamera.  Hotcakes come to mind.
Bugatti unleash their new vision on the public in the Vision Gran Turismo Concept set to have many features with the upcoming Veyron successor, the Chiron.  It is rumoured to have 1,600 bhp in its arsenal, putting that into perspective the world beating Veyron started out life with 1,001 bhp. Want to drive this car? Head to Gran Turismo 6.
Rolls Royce unveils their new super-luxury drop-top coupe called the Dawn and it is pulling quite a crowd already.
The Nissan GripZ concept car has been presented to the public as a Z inspired crossover. Lets see, it has a resemblance to the 350Z and 370Z with a similar 2+2 seating. It is slightly shorter than the Juke but wider and lower.
Everyone wants to be like Elon as Audi unveils its all-electric E-tron Quattro concept. It looks like a futuristic A6 all-road with similar size and will have a 95kw/h lithium-ion battery giving it about 310 miles of range which sounds all too familiar right! Nice looking and promising as it is I would not hold my breath as Audi promised a juicy Quattro concept at the Paris motor show in 2010 and again another at this event in 2013 but neither have made it to production.
That wraps up my highlights of the first day of the press event for the largest motor show in the world.  Watch out for the highlights of day 2 and if any of these cars get you going share your opinions below.

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Credits: Autofocusblog, Autoexpress, Autoblog, Autocar


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