Friday, 18 September 2015

Frankfurt Motorshow: Highlights of Day 2

Alfa Romeo

A big highlight of this motor show is the public unveiling of the Alfa Romeo Giulia in the halo guise of the Quadrifoglio (QV) and there are many reasons for this. Firstly, finally, finally, finally, finally the replacement for the Alfa 159 is here after being originally promised for 2011 but you still need to wait a bit longer to see it on a driveway. Secondly, it is an important car for the brand that only had a range of two Fiat-based models for many years only recently adding the 4C in limited numbers. The normal Giulia will be expected to be mass market and bring back some profitability. Also, there was a growing concern within the Alfisti that there was only a white and a red one so it is refreshing to see a blue one.

Aston Martin

Aston martin has chosen Frankfurt to officially announce the replacement of the DB9. The Aston Martin DB9’s replacement will be called the DB11. “Big surprise, eh? ” said company boss Andy Palmer after he made the announcement.

Yes, the surprise was diminished because of the car he was standing beside as he spoke, the DB10 that’s been designed exclusively and especially for James Bond in his new outing, Spectre.

The DB11 launches next year. It’s the first of a flood of sports cars and a crossover, the DBX. “By the end of the decade we will have replaced each car in our range. And added up to three more,” Palmer says.


Renault updates the Megane as it shows off yet another interesting enough car to bear that name and continue the pedigree of its quirkiness.


The 2016 7 series was unveiled to the public on day 2 of the press event as it was postponed. BMW produces a very compelling argument to the luxury sedan market as it perseveres in its attempt to wean the luxury car buyers from their addiction to the default go to car, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.


In my opinion the Peugeot 308 is brilliant mid-size family hatchback up there with the ubiquitous VW Golf. It is nicely styled if conservative, well thought out ergonomically and with some of the most interesting engine options available anywhere. So the unveiling of the 270Bhp Peugeot 308 GTI hot hatch is a very welcome icing on the cake to perpetuate the legendary status of Peugeot’s GTIs.


The 308 Racing cup was also unveiled and it is a 308Bhp monster with an aerodynamic package including significant weight reduction to take on the race circuits.

Not to break with tradition, a concept car called Fractal made an appearance too.


The highlight of Mazda for me was not what they unveiled in the CX-3/5-like Koeru concept but what they did not bring. A CX-7/9 seven-seater designed with the principles of their KODO-soul of motion, would have wrapped up their brilliant current range nicely.


Mini has again stirred up controversy as it seems to do lately with the unveiling of the New 2016 Mini Clubman. Firstly, the new Mini Clubman will be bigger than the current Countryman which is fondly called the Maxi Mini. That means that the new countryman will be even bigger oh dear! The good thing is that practicality seems to be at the top of the agenda with this one as it has lost the unpopular half-door on one side and has 4 full doors now but the character-full twin-barn doors on the back remain. The new size puts it in the usually drab family hatch category.

The IAA 2015 is now open to the public from the 17th to 27th of September 2015 and there are hundreds of cars on exhibit and even more automotive interests. Many stakeholders in the industry will be present from materials manufacturers to providers of components like wheel bearings and switches to tyre manufacturers to automotive electronics vendors to government transportation agencies .

Cred: Autocar, Autofocus, AutoBlog, Top Gear

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