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Saturday, 31 October 2015

RoadKill Season 1 Episode 10

Mba walked slowly into the Senate President's office, afraid of what the latter would do to him for his failure. Senate President Micheal Aghedo sat stiffly in his black cushion arm chair. His office had a large expansive space, with beautiful potraits of himself hung on the walls around his office. Painted in a dull grey colour, and with the constant chilling air blowing from the air conditioners, the office space could creep some people out. It had an eerie feeling to it, although that might probably be because Michael himself was evil.                                                                                                                       "Ahem!" Mba croaked, announcing his presence.                                                                 Without looking up from whatever he was writing, Michael answered, "Oh, I know you're there, just hold on a minute, let me finish with this." A few moments later, Michael Aghedo dropped his pen and removed the dark rimmed glasses on his face and settled it carefully on the desk before him.                "Status report," The middle aged man ordered.                                                                                      Staring blankly at his boss' brownish desk made from Iroko wood, Mba gave his boss the bad news. "Senator Bolade Akanji got away."  With no noticeable visual expression on his face, Michael recoiled further into his arm chair and demanded clarification from his top henchman. "Care to enlighten me what you mean by that?" He asked in a flat, suspiciously calm tone.  Mba knew his boss well. He was well aware that Michael rarely showed any emotion. He had always wondered what had happened to his boss that had made his so stoic, so cold. "Er...Sir...we ran into an unexpected problem. Senator Bolade had a driver, a very good driver who..." He stopped short as he saw his boss's glaring stare penetrated into him. Mba began to fidget. "The...the driver...I think he has some sort of military training. He took out many of our guards...he...he..."                                                    
  "Enough of your rambling Mba!" Michael ordered. Mba kept mum. The Senate President went on. "This driver, do you know who he is?"                                                                                 "," Mba stammered.                                                                                                                                       "Then find out!" Michael beamed. "I want to know who he is and where he's from. I want to know everything there is to know about this driver."                                                                                                   Mba nodded and started striding towards the door.                                                                       "And Mba," the Senator President called. Mba stopped and looked back. "If you fail me again, I would no longer have any use for you."                                                                                                           Mba gulped, "Under...understood sir," he replied, and walked out the door.  
***                                                                    ***                                                                    ***
It had been two weeks since Timi's insane adventure with Senator Bolade. He loved adventure, loved the feeling of adrenaline flowing through his veins, but, that brush with death, had left him a little bit jolted even though he didn't show it. Nevertheless, the past two weeks had been quite awesome. The Storm Chasers had bagged all their races and were now in twenty-second spot. A few more races and they would be in the top twenty. It was a sunny Saturday afternoon and the Storm Chasers had decided to go customise their cars at Arewa Customz, one of the best car custom companies in the country. Idris brought his beloved Nissan Skyline; Aisha, her much cherished Chevrolet Cobalt SS and Timi brought his all new Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution final edition, courtesy of Senator Bolade. Timi had almost screamed his lungs out when he arrived back at Abuja two weeks earlier to meet an all black Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution waiting for him at Bolade's mansion. Timi had signed the ownership papers and driven the car back to his house with great pride. The Mitsubishi had a 400 horsepower supercharged 3.0 litre V6 engine. It packed 450 pound feet of torque, had sodium filled exhaust valves, a five speed manual transmission and reached a speed of 100km/hr in four seconds. It was no surprise that Timi had won many races for his crew in the past two weeks with his new ride. 

He had suggested after their last race that they customise their cars, his friends had agreed. Now they carefully packed their cars at Arewa customz and waited to be attended to. Idris sat atop the hood of his car, not minding the blazing heat from the sun. Aisha stayed put inside her car, waiting patiently to be attended to, while Timi stood beside his car, with Bridget adjacent him. Bridget had more or less become a member of the Storm Chasers, with her help via the com links she had bought for every member of the crew, they had won many races and prevented a re-enactment of the accident that had put Idris in the hospital.                                                                              

 A 2012 Ford Mustang Shelby drove up, followed closely by an Aston Martin DB9 and a BMW M3 Coupe-it was the Hell Racers, Asiwaju Derele's crew. The cars pulled up not far from the Storm Chasers, and as soon as Derele and his crewmates Ugo Ebowa and Zuwa Usman stepped out of their vehicles, they went looking for trouble. As they approached the Storm Chasers, Aisha busted out of her car and headed for Derele, but Idris stopped her, grabbing her by the arm.                                        "I see we have the Storm Chasers crew here," Derele said, chuckling to himself. "Storm Chasers...what a lousy name. Always chasing, but never catching up."                                                    "Oh we're catching up, catching up with you. Or haven't you heard, we're the twenty-second now, and we're facing you next," Aisha replied, breathing heavily.                                                                        "Is this the Derele?" Timi asked. Aisha nodded positively. "Hmm, clearly not how I imagined him. He looks like an addict who hasn't taken a shot in months. Dude have you ever heard of shaving?" Timi mocked.                                                                                                                                               "Catching up?" Derele asked mockingly. "I guess you guys haven't heard then."                             "Heard what?" Idris asked sternly.                                                                                                                      "That I've made it into the top twenty. My crew is now the twentieth crew on the racing table, and you guys can't face me until you beat the twenty-first. So, you're not racing me next," Derele answered.                                                                                                                                                            "So that's why you're so happy. How long did you stay stuck at the twenty-first spot? Twenty years?" Timi mocked again.                                                                                                                                 Now a little bit calmer, Aisha added, "It doesn't even matter that you've made it into the top twenty. We'll beat whatever crew it is that's now in the twenty-first spot, and after that, we're coming for you."                                                                                                                                                                Derele made a face like he was scared, then burst into laughter. "I'm not afraid of you. When we do meet, be rest assured that I'll beat you," he said, then he started to walk away.                                     "Derele!" Timi called out to him as he walked away. "How could you do that to them? How could you betray them like that?" Timi asked. "They were your crewmates, your friends. And you sold them out for a spot on another crew."                                                                                                       Derele turned round and smiled. "Timi, that's your name right?" Timi nodded in the affirmative. "Well Timi, let me tell you something. I saw an opportunity, and I took it. I was offered a seat on a better team, and I welcomed it. You would have done the same in my shoes."                                              ", I wouldn't," Timi countered. "I would have stuck with my friends."                                            "Everyone has a price Timi...everyone," Derele replied. Then acting like he was just seeing Bridget for the first time, he asked Timi. "That your girlfriend?"                                                                      "Yeah," Timi replied. Just then, four Arewa Customz workers came to attend to them. Derele was about to say something, but then decided against it. Instead, he walked off.
Timi dropped Aisha off at the market. She had some groceries to buy before making her way back home. The first thing Timi did when he got home was take a shower. It was blazing hot, that made the third time he was getting into the bathroom that day. As he lowered himself into his bathtub, he closed his eyes and imagined himself coming out tops in the race he had that night. Just as he was about to let out water from the shower, his phone rang.                                                                            "Urrgh," he groaned. "Talk about bad timing." Timi climbed out of the tub, wrapped his towel around himself and went to pick up his phone. It was a strange number. The first thought that crossed Timi's mind was not to pick the call. Yes the last time he picked a call from a stranger he got a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, but he was also chased by mean looking murderous henchmen, shot at by assault rifles, had a missile launched at him from a rocket launcher, had his former car destroyed, kidnapped and shoved into a van, taken to an offsite location to be executed, shot at again, chased by murderous henchmen once more before barely escaping with his life. God knows he wouldn't want to go through any of that again anytime soon. The call died. Timi shrugged and started walking back towards the shower, only for the phone to start ringing again. Timi groaned again, this time louder than the first time. He snatched up the phone and bawled, "Who the hell is this?" Only for him to hear the whimpering and moans of a lady...a lady that sounded exactly like Bridget! "Bridget?" Timi asked, thoroughly confused.                                                                                                "Tim...Timi...they've got me..." The phone was snatched away from her.                                                "Hello? Hello? Hello!" Timi beamed into the receiver.                                                                                       "Hello Timi," a devious voice sounded at the other end.                                                                         "Who the hell is this? And what have you done to Bridget?"                                                                    The person on the other end chuckled. "I'm disappointed you've forgotten the sound of my voice so soon?"                                                                                                                                                      And immediately Timi realised who it was-Derele. "Derele," he said into the receiver.                       "There we go!" Derele beamed happily.                                                                                                  "Let her go Derele, whatever you want, leave her out of this."                                                               "Actually, we both know how this works. I make demands; you do them; you get your princess back. I make demands; you don't do them; you get your princess back... in pieces. So come meet me in twenty minutes at Mileage Road, stop exactly at Mileage parking lot. Remember, twenty-minutes." With that, Derele cut the call. Timi got his clothes back on faster than he could ever drive. In fifteen minutes he was at the meeting point, and he was as angry as hell. Derele was already there waiting for Timi. Derele stood, leaning his back against his car. Timi pulled up and hurried to meet him.                                                                                                                                                            "That was pretty fast; fifteen minutes, and I gave you twenty," Derele said.                                  "What do you want from me?" Timi fired.                                                                                                        "Straight to business, I like that," Derele said. "Well, it's simple really. Throw in tonight's race; make sure neither you nor any member of your crew wins tonight's race."                                              "You want me to betray them like you did?"                                                                                                    "Don't think of it like that, think of it like you're doing them a favour..." Derele said.                    "Oh yeah, and what favour would that be? Timi asked.                                                                                "Not having to go through the displeasure of having their butts kicked by me."                               "I won't do it Derele," Timi refused.                                                                                                               Derele gave a long hearty laugh. " First of all, you can just call me D. Second, I don't think you understand newbie, you don't have a choice. I told you earlier, everyone has a price. Mine was money, yours... yours is love."                                                                                                                        "You're sick, you know that?" Timi said. " You're a twisted, bloody psychopath."                     Derele laughed again. "That's funny, that's exactly what my mother said when I used all her retirement money to buy my first race car," Derele said. " You see Timi, I don't play nice, I don't play by the books. I've never been that way, never will be. I do what I know has to be done to get to the top."                                                                                                                                                                                           Timi moved closer to Derele. "Cheats never make it to the top," he said.                                        "No, they don't," Derele agreed. "Only those who are determined, strong willed, and And there is no one more determined out there than I. If anyone stands in my way of greatness, it's only fair I remove the person from the equation."                                                                   
Timi attempted to speak. "This is not a debate Timi," Derele cut in. "Lose the race tonight, and win your girlfriend back. Win the race, and lose your girlfriend. That's fair isn't it?" Derele opened the door to his car and got in. He fired up his engine, leaned his head through the window and said to Timi, "Know this, if you try anything funny, you'll never see her again." Then Derele drove off.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Car Care: How To Change A Punctured Car Wheel.

Nice wheels make our cars look pretty and everybody wants them. However, really nice wheels are expensive and people often buy non-genuine wheels cos it is cheaper. However, how dangerous are fake wheels? Anyway that a story for another day.

Getting a flat tire is one of those motoring problems that can happen suddenly at any time (day or night) and speed, which could tend to be disastrous. Changing a flat tire can be irritating especially when one is ina hurry and even more irritating if one does not know how to change a car wheel.

Learning to change a wheel  can save you time and money and Motoring Nigeria is here to guide you. But before we proceed to the steps, here area few precautions you should note.

* Always keep a spare wheel ready for use at any time.

* Always keep your Jack and wrench in the trunk, you never know when you might get a flat tire.

* Don't ever try to change a wheel on soft, loose or uneven ground.

* Never work underneath a car while it's raised on a jack.

* Use the jack only at the specified jacking points, attaching the jack at the wrong place can cause damages to you and the car and/or risks it falling when raised.

Below Are The Steps To Guide You:


Do not try to change a wheel on a  motorway, pull over well away from the traffic, apply the hand brake, engage 1st gear and also make sure the vehicle is on flat/level ground. If you aren't in a driveway or garage, turn on your hazard lights.


Choke with a large piece of wood or large rocks (front and back) the tire that is diagonally across from the one being changed to keep the car from rolling.


Remove the spare from the boot/carrier (Most spare wheels, jack and wrench are kept in a compartment below the boot floor). Lay the spare on the ground where it will be convenient for fitting.


Fit one end of the wrench on to the nut/bolt and turn it anti-clockwisely (only loosen each nut about a quarter turn) but do not remove.


Find your car's jacking point (an older car may just use the frame while a newer car will have two notches or tabs on the seam below the door which fits into the jack) Place the jack in place and raise the car slowly. Keep winding until the wheel you want to change is clear off the ground. If the car feels like it’s going to slip at any point, or the jack starts to lean over, stop jacking and wind the jack back in the other direction.


With the wheel in the air, remove the  nuts/bolts and place them where they won't roll away. Then slide the wheel off the hub, be careful with this as it might be a little heavier than you think.


If your car’s wheel is fastened on with nuts, it will be easier to fit in. Simply match the holes of the new wheel with the stud bolts on the car and and set the wheel on the studs. However, if your car’s wheel is fastened on with bolts, You will need to hang the wheel onto the hub without the aid of the threads, then keep it in place with your hand.


secure the wheel by refitting the top bolt/nut first then tighten all the nuts by hand first (Do not oil the bolts/nuts before refitting them, as this will make them more likely to work lose). Take your wrench and tighten them a little with the wheel in the air.


Carefully lower the wheel to make contact with the ground. Once the jack has been removed the nuts can be re-tightened (clockwise direction).


Place the punctured tire, jack and wrench in the trunk. Also replace or repair the damaged tyre as soon as possible.


Was this helpful? Please leave your comments below.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Meet the 2 Nigerian Bikers who are Travelling 8000 miles to 8 African Countries for Charity

Meet Jeminat Olumegbon (Speed Diva) and Paul Lawson, the two Nigerian bikers who are riding on a 30 day charity mission to 8 countries to raise money for under privileged children across West-Africa. Having travelled a few times to the west African sub region, they decided to do something about the plight of  orphaned, abandoned and street children in West Africa who are suffering and in need of help.

They would be riding their motorcycles about 8000 miles through most of West-Africa stopping to visit children charity villages in each country as they go along going through 28 SOS villages in 8 West-African nations to raise awareness and money for the SOS children's villages. SOS Children's villages is a charity initiative that has been supporting families and children in African countries with about 16,500 sponsored children living in 145 SOS children's villages across the African continent.

So far, they've been to Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal, they are currently in Mali then from there they would move to Burkina Faso, Republic of Benin and then they will head back to our country Nigeria. A welcome ride and welcome party will be organized in honour of the two heroes who have decided to give away the comfort of their home, jobs, country and money for the sake of African Children.

This is not a publicity stunt for any company or campaign, this is just an act of bravery by two average Nigerians who want to effect change in whatever way they can using resources available and for that, they deserve to be commended and called heroes. 

You can  join / donate to their cause  and learn more by visiting their website
Brought to you by Motoring Nigeria.


Who said bikers aren't good people..

Sunday, 25 October 2015

3-Years-Old Boy Takes Wheel After Drunk Mother Falls Out Of Truck

An Oklahoma woman has been arrested after police
say she drunkenly fell out of her pickup truck and her
three-year-old son steered the vehicle to safety across
a four-lane road.
Taloa Foster, 33, was charged with child
Witnesses said the toddler grabbed the wheel and
steered the truck across lanes of traffic after his
mother tumbled out of vehicle on Wednesday.
The boy’s twin brother was also in the truck at the
The vehicle eventually crashed into an embankment
along the road near Ada, about 80 miles (130km)
southeast of Oklahoma City.The boys were unhurt,
police said.
Police said Ms Foster told them that the boy had
unbuckled his seat belt and she was trying to secure
him when she fell out of the vehicle.

Someone here seems to be ready for the race tracks.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

RoadKill Season 1 Episode 9

Just as Mba's henchman was about to pull the trigger, Timi seized his wrist and wrenched the gun from his hands. Then Timi quickly shot one of the remaining two goons with it. The last one instinctively fired at Timi, who used the henchman he was holding as a shield to stop the bullets, then he shot the last henchman. The whole thing happened so fast, it left Bolade confused for the next few moments. Timi shouted at him to run, jolting him back from his shock. The two of them ran as fast as they could to the side of the safe house where they had spotted a car. Just as they were about to reach the car, two other henchmen appeared out of nowhere and opened fire on them. Still, Timi and Bolade managed to get into the car, Timi getting into the driver's seat and Bolade the passenger seat beside him. Timi quickly hotwired the car, a red 2012 TOYOTA GT 86 with a 2.0 litre engine. "This should do," Timi murmured. "Like we have a choice," Bolade replied.                     

 As Timi started the car amidst a barrage of gun fire, Bolade asked,                                                       
  " Where did you learn to do that? The shooting and the carjacking." "You ask questions at the oddest times! If we do make it out of here alive, I just might tell you!" Timi replied. He shot the car into a reverse, hitting two hostiles with guns as he did. Bullets kept hitting the car from left and right, all the guards now keen on stopping them. Still in reverse, Timi pushed further backwards, taking down more guards and breaking down structures that hindered his escape. His ears almost deafened from the intense noise of the guns firing. A bullet lodged itself firmly in the windshield, cracking it a bit. Timi gasped. As he continued to reverse, he backed up into  the van that had pursued them earlier. Then he changed gear and forced the car forwards, then quickly turned the car around before blasting away from the compound. They didn't get far at all before Timi noticed nothing less than six cars chasing after them. Two Peugeot RCZs one blue and the other green. A grey Audi TT, one black Ford Puma and two white Mazda MX-5s.                                                      

   "Damn," Timi exclaimed. "Where do these guys get these cars from?"  He made his way forwards through the dozens of other cars on the road, fighting fiercely to stay ahead of the cars chasing him. But they kept creeping closer and closer to him. Timi saw an intersection upfront and sped up, eliciting the same reaction from the cars chasing him. As he got to the intersection, he did a crazy 360 degree spin, drifting into the intersection then drifting back to the road he was coming from . The grey Audi TT and one the Mazda MX-5's which had been the closest to Timi tried to spin their cars as Timi had done, only to be bashed into by two other cars trying to make a turn at that intersection. The collisions sent Audi flying into the air and then crashing on top of the Mazda. "Two down, four to go," Timi whispered. He continued to make his way  among the other cars on the road. He sped up and got between a Honda CR-V and a Forge Ranger. As the other Mazda MX-5 reached beside him, Timi overtook the Honda CR-V. The unsuspecting MX-5 tried to bash into Timi's car but wound up crashing into the CR-V instead, totalling both cars. "Three left," Timi whispered. With only the Puma and the Peugeots on his tail now, Timi breathed just a little bit easier. 

The road further on split into two carriage ways. Timi quickly noticed that one of the carriage ways had been blocked, diverting all traffic to the other carriage way. Timi sped up and broke through the blockade of obstructed carriage way. The three cars following Timi did the same, not paying attention to the "Road Blocked, Construction On going" sign. Up ahead, Timi saw that the road led to a bridge whose railings had been broken off. Just a few feet after where the bridge had began to lose its railings, a huge pile of bricks were arranged to keep any vehicle from going through.  "Uh oh!" Bolade exclaimed. "Now we're trapped, we should have taken the other side!" Timi reacted by speeding further, his car clocking 260km/hr. "What...what are you doing?" A scared Bolade asked. 

Timi knitted his eyebrows in concentration as he pressed harder down on the accelerator. The occupants of the cars chasing him guessed he was going to try and break through the brick obstruction, so they too, mounted harder on their accelerators, prepared to follow him through the pile of bricks. Timi sped up, going faster and faster and faster. And when he reached the part of the bridge where the railings had been broken off, he steered left as hard as he could, driving off the bridge! Bolade started to scream at the top of his voice. Timi, now in mid air pressed harder still on the throttle and then turned the steering to the right as rapidly as he could, the car veered right, landing back on the edge of the bridge on the other side of the pile of bricks. His tyres screeched loudly as his drove forwards, still driving at top speed. One of the two Peugeots attempted to copy Timi's move. He drove off the bridge, but couldn't quite make it back and as such, fell meters down into the water, splashing loudly as the car impacted the river. The Puma decided to ram the pile of bricks and break through it. But the bricks proved too strong as the front end of the Ford Puma compressed like crunched paper on impact. The last car, the other Peugeot, simply stopped seeing that there was no way he could go after Timi and Bolade. He accepted defeat.                                                                                                             
 Bolade kept screaming even minutes after Timi had gone off and back on the bridge. Timi kept telling him to shut up but Bolade just couldn't. His body was shaking like a small size Tiger generator. "Will you calm down?" Timi scolded. But Bolade didn't reply, he was too petrified to say a word. Timi drove on for another twenty minutes before Bolade's shivering reduced.                                         "Do you have a suicide wish?" he asked seriously, his voice more or less a whisper.                            "That's no way to thank someone for saving your life."
           "By trying to get us killed? I'd prefer dying by a gunshot to falling fifty metres from the air into a river, where I'd die a slow painful suffocating death by drowning. " Bolade said.                                   "Do you really have to make it sound so depressing?" Timi said. Bolade nodded, still not totally over bridge stunt.                                                                                                                                      Hours later, they arrived at Lagos. Timi drove Bolade to his Lagos residence. As they highlighted from the car, a young woman walked out of the house, with a little girl running closely behind her. The little girl screamed "Daddy!" before wrapping her hands around her father's waist. Bolade returned the hug. He kissed his wife and then turned back to Timi.                                                     "Thank you," he said. "You saved my life more than once today."                                                  Timi smiled. "Don't mention it."                                                                                                           "You know, I left my luggage in your wrecked car...hmm. Good nothing important was in there."                                                                                                                                                                  "Yeah, about that...we had an agreement about my car, didn't we? Should I take this?" Timi said, pointing at the TOYOTA GT 86.                                                                     
"No, no...leave that here. I'll have this car destroyed tomorrow. But don't worry, I keep my promises. I'll have a car waiting for you in Abuja by tomorrow."                                                                               Timi nodded appreciatively. "Uh...okay...but you should know, I really love race cars."                             
  "Kind of figured," Bolade replied. "How many youngsters drive around in a Dodge Charger?" He said, winking at Timi.                                                                                                                                     Timi smiled. "Not many. I'll take my leave now..."                                                                                   ", please, stay with us for tonight. It's non-negotiable. It's the least I can do."                    Timi smiled again. "Sure, you got it." And the four of them moved inside the large house.                                                                                                                                                                                 

Friday, 23 October 2015

Toddler's death renews call for standard reversing cameras

The death of a toddler run over in the driveway of his Oakden home has prompted South Australian Road Safety Minister Tony Piccoloto call for technology such as reversing cameras to be standard features on new cars.

According to Carbide, the boy was hit just before 8.30am on the day of the accident and was rushed by his family to the Women's and Children's Hospital, but he died soon after arrival. A neighbour opposite the Westbury Court house said she heard a scream, then moments later a woman calling out.

Holden Hill police and Major Crash investigators are preparing a report for the coroner. It is unclear if the car involved in the accident had reversing cameras. The family had moved into the house recently, the neighbour said. It is the third driveway tragedy involving toddlers in South Australia in the past two years.

In December an unoccupied car rolled down a driveway at Clarendon, killing an 18-month-old girl. In February last year, a Klemzig man accidentally struck and killed his 22-month-old daughter in his driveway.

Mr Piccolo said the death of the child was an "absolute tragedy" and passed on his condolences to those involved.

"I urge all car manufacturers to consider technologies that improve road safety as a standard feature in their new cars," he said.

One in four new SUVs lack reversing cameras. An average of seven children aged under 14 were killed by cars in driveways each year over the past five years across Australia, and another 74 were seriously injured, according to Kidsafe.

Kidsafe and the Pedestrian Council have previously supported mandatory reversing cameras, while cautioning they are not perfect and drivers still need to take care.

A News Corp Australia study earlier year found that one in four new SUVs lack reversing cameras. More than 30 of the 125 SUV models on sale do not have rear cameras, even though they are standard. 

NSW Road Safety Minister Duncan Gay is pushing for mandatory cameras following the death of a three-year-old girl hit by her uncle's car in Taree. 
"It is a no-brainer – for a small price we can save children's lives," he said.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

It’s Back to the Future Day! Where are the Flying Cars? By Earl Karanja - 21st

By now you must have seen a lot of
#BackToTheFuture posts on social media and probably
wondering, “did i miss something?”.
October 21, 2015 is the day that Marty McFly and Doc
Brown arrived from the past after travelling to the
future in the 1989 film Back to the Future II. In the
first film, the actors traveled back in time from 1985 to
1955. The second film predicted what the world would
look like in 2015 and that is the reason for the many
BTTF posts today.
“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” That
was Doc implying that 2015 had flying cars and roads
were not really necessary. Unfortunately, we are yet to
see any flying cars in production yet. Concepts are
there, including the Terrafugia TF-X, Moller Sky-Car
and the French project Xplorair PX200.
So, were the predictions right? Well, most of them are
now real while others are still ‘concepts’. To Earl Karanja of GT Spirit , the
most important invention is the DeLorean DMC 12 car
from the movie which was shown as a flying time
machine car.
DeLorean DMC 12 Flying Car from Back to the Future II
Flying cars were depicted even before the BTTF
movie, with Henry Ford revealing the first experiment
in 1926. He was quoted in 1940 saying. “Mark my word:
a combination airplane and motorcar is coming. You may
smile, but it will come.”
Nevertheless, let’s give the movie the credits it
deserves. Quite a number of inventions were predicted
right and are in actual use in today’s world. The
predictions include video chats, flat-screen TVs, hands
free video games and green cars. The concept of
hoverboards is debatable and Lexus has already
proved that it’s possible.
Lexus Hoverboard
As for the flying cars, i’d say we still have a long way
to go – let’s first deal with the driverless cars which
seems to be the in thing for most car manufacturers
right now.

Monday, 19 October 2015

FG may cut car import tariff

Two years after the introduction of a new automotive
policy, which imposed a higher tariff on imported
vehicles, a review may be in the offing.
Reprieve appears underway for car dealers and buyers
following plans by the Federal Government to review its
import tariff on vehicles. This is expected to bring
down the cost of new vehicles and increase the tempo
of business in the nation’s automotive sector.

According to The Punch, Sources at the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and
Investment gave the indication on Sunday that the
current 70 per cent tariff on imported cars could get a
downward review as a way to force down the prices of
Although the National Automotive Design and
Development Council, an agency under the ministry,
said on Friday that 14 out of the 25 registered
automakers had started assembling vehicles in the
country, Nigerians have yet to enjoy the expected
benefits of the new policy as the prices of vehicles are
still high.
Even car dealers have had to adopt different strategies
to encourage buyers and boost sales.
The sources, however, said the planned review, which
is in tandem with the change mantra of the
Muhammadu Buhari-led administration, should not be
interpreted as an outright cancellation of the auto
policy, which was announced in September 2013.
“It is likely to come in the form of a review of the
import tariff on vehicles so as make it easy for people
to buy new cars. The decision on the entire auto policy
is expected to be part of the economic policy of the
government, which will be unveiled as soon as the new
ministers settle down,” one of the sources said.
Car prices were increased last year by about 60 per
cent shortly after the import tariff went up from 22 per
cent to 70 per cent, a situation, which made it difficult
for many to buy new cars, just as fleet buyers such as
corporate firms have had to cut down on the number of
vehicles purchased.
The imposition of the new import tariff, which also
affects imported used vehicles, according to the
government, is to encourage local assembling/
production of vehicles, with the attendant benefits of
creating more jobs and boosting the nation’s economy.
A zero per cent was announced as tariff on imported
vehicle components (Completely Knocked Down units)
and auto assemblers are also allowed to bring in fully
built vehicles at very low import tariff.
But some stakeholders, including major dealers such as
Toyota Nigeria Limited, had complained about the
timing of the policy and the seeming poor state of the
needed infrastructural facilities for the sustenance of
local assembly plants.
The Chairman of the automotive group, Lagos Chamber
of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Oseme Oigiagbe,
confirmed that the group had written to the Presidency
and suggested a number of proposals on the
implementation of the auto policy, and recently
participated in some meeting sessions called by
relevant government agencies/officials on the issue.
In an interview with Punch correspondent, he specifically
called attention to the issue of unstable power supply
and the commencement date for the new import tariff
as contentious issues that needed to be urgently

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

How did Toyota Hilux and Land Cruiser 70 become the terrorist favorite vehicles

Images like the one above is something we can relate to, we have seen it at a point, maybe on various news channels or even out of curiosity to see what they look like. Sure enough the videos might look grim and depressing, brandishing AK-47 assault rifles and missile launchers without a care in the world, I'm tempted to take a punt here and say that for most, the subconscious reaction is to develop superpowers and just throw a bomb in their midst to make them all disappear, that is definitely mine. 
But we motor heads at MN... Look at these videos and pictures and something entirely different jumps at us. The fact that Toyotas (in varying models) are used 99% of the time. 

A first generation Hilux already fashioned for a sinister purpose (source : business insider)

(Hey don't blame us if we don't share in the grimness of someone waving an assault rifle, heck we think that the purr of a v12 turbo charged engine sounds better than a lovers moan... #Justsaying.) anyways I digress. 
And as if we weren't the only one noticing this. Just couple of days ago, the U.S treasury department launched an inquiry as to how ISIS obtains the massive garage of Toyota hiluxes that they have. And why the Toyota happens to be the vehicle of choice

                                                    2009 Toyota Hilux (source: Reuters)
 Various officials have been giving various reasons why this is the case, an official even went as far as likening the car as the "vehicular equivalent of the AK-47" 
We at MN asked ourselves these question and different answers came to be; from its relative cost (compared to a Humvee or a Land Rover) to its durability (yeah, who remembers that top gear episode where the host bought a used hilux and subjected it to all sorts of Torture, afterwards all it took to get  he engine running again was a couple of spanners, hammers and wrenches... Not even spare parts was needed) the link to the videos is  here:
Someone said that maybe because it's fast, and easily maneuverable even when loaded with assault rifles on its cabin.

But the one that struck me was the fact that maybe because it's easily and readily available.. Toyota has become something like the de-facto manufacturer of choice for Nigeria and Nigerians. Like almost 1in every 4 cars that run on our roads are Toyotas .(don't question my stats go and form yours) but really. From government agencies to private companies. Staff pool cars are always Toyotas. (Why, you say? That'll be a topic for another day) 
Could this be testament to the fact that Toyotas are somewhat the best cars for our roads? That they're so efficient for all purposes even the not so honorable cause? Why Toyotas? 
Most importantly, how do these people get their hands on these cars? Smuggling? Theft? The fight against these terrorist groups can take various ways and is not something that would be won in a day. But how about trying to cut off the legs to limit movement? 
Well, we at Motoring Nigeria don't have all the answers to all the questions. We just try to see how  the engines run. 

 Photos from: Beegagle, 247ureports. Nairaland, Nigeriancurrent, iReporters

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Volvo designs robot-controlled refuse trucks

Just as the auto industry is still savouring the wonder of autonomous or driverless vehicles, there are indications that robotic trucks will hit the road soon.
The Volvo Group says it is developing a robot that will interact with the refuse truck and its driver to quietly enter the neighborhood, collect refuse bins and empty them into the truck.
It said this would be done without waking up the sleeping families.
Although the initiator of the project said the new product would be unveiled soon in developed countries such as the United States, for the Nigerian market, it was silent when the robotic truck would be made available. The driverless cars have not been introduced to the country either.
It described the robot-controlled refuse truck as a joint venture being developed in conjunction with the Chalmers University of Technology and Mälardalen University in Sweden, Penn State University in the United States, and a waste recycling company, Renova.
According to a report obtained from its website on Tuesday, the project, Robot-based Autonomous Refuse handling, aims at developing tomorrow’s smart transport solutions.
“The goal is to introduce a robot that, with the help of instructions from a truck’s operating system, can collect refuse bins in a neighborhood, bring them to a refuse truck and empty them. All of this occurs under the supervision of the refuse truck’s driver, who can thereby avoid heavy lifting,” it stated.
It said the purpose of ROAR was “to demonstrate how we, in the very near future, will use smart machines to assist with a broad range of activities in society. This technology can be applied in many areas. Refuse collection is just one example.”
It quoted the project leader for the Volvo Group, Mr. Per-Lage[BA1] Götvall, “Within Volvo Group we foresee a future with more automation. This project provides a way to stretch the imagination and test new concepts to shape transport solutions for tomorrow.”
According to the group, the three universities are part of Volvo Group’s Academic Partner Programme, a network of 12 academic partners collaborating with Volvo for long-term cooperation in research and recruitment.
The students have different tasks and roles. Mälardalens University will design the robot itself.
Source: The Punch

7 things to know about Ferari ahead of its IPO

Luxury car maker Ferrari is expected to price its initial public offering next Monday after setting the price range on Friday, in a deal first announced in July to list about 10% of its shares on the New York Stock Exchange.
The company said it will price the shares at $48 to $52 to raise nearly $1 billion.
Italian-American car maker Fiat Chrysler Automobiles FCA, +0.87%   owns 90% of Ferrari. The rest is owned by Piero Ferrari, the son of the company’s founder.
The deal is part of a series of transactions intended to fully separate Ferrari from FCA, which plans to transfer its remaining 80% stake in the company to its own shareholders, according to the IPO prospectus. The company will not receive any of the proceeds, as all of the shares are being sold by FCA.
UBS is acting as global coordinator and joint bookrunner, along with Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Santander Investment Securities.
Here are seven things to know about Ferrari ahead of its IPO:
It’s highly dependent on its Formula 1 team, collectors and enthusiasts
Ferrari is highly exposed to the success of its Formula 1 racing team, which it uses to promote the brand in lieu of the kind of mainstream advertising that would likely dilute it. The team, called Scuderia Ferrari, has won 222 Grand Prix races, 16 Constructor World titles and 15 Drivers’ World titles, making it the most successful in Formula 1 history, according to the prospectus. Formula 1 attracts about 425 million television viewers around the world, making it one of the most watched sports events of the year. The research and development that goes into designing, engineering and producing circuit racing cars allows Ferrari to streamline all its new car design and development, including special series, limited edition and one-off cars, which can be sold at big premiums.
“If we are unable to attract and retain the necessary talent to succeed in international competitions or devote the capital necessary to fund successful racing activities, the value of the Ferrari brand and the appeal of our cars and other luxury goods may suffer,” said the prospectus.
A low volume strategy may limit profit
Ferrari’s clients are drawn to its products in large part because of their exclusivity, which the company retains by limiting the number of cars and models it produces. The company deliberately maintains waiting lists to combine the ideas of luxury and rarity with customer service, which also supports its pricing model.
‘While important to our current marketing strategy, our focus on maintaining low volumes and exclusivity limits our potential sales growth and profitability.’Ferrari prospectus

The company booked a profit of 265 million euros in 2014, on revenue of €2.76 billion. It shipped 7,255 cars in that year. That compares with the 36,500 cars sold by rival Maserati worldwide last year, or the 120,000 that Porsche sold between January and August of 2014.

Source: Marketwatch,com

Lewis Hamilton Sprays champagne on President Putin

Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton has celebrated his victory today at the Sochi Grand Prix by spraying Russian President Vladimir Putin with champagne on the winners’ podium.
Mercedes driver Hamilton took first place today, ahead of Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel of Germany, and Force India driver Sergio Perez of Mexico
It comes just months after Hamilton came under fire for spraying a hostess in the face with champagne after winning the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai
After being crowned victor of the Grand Prix race, Mercedes driver Hamilton took the moment to celebrate in his traditional extravagant style.
The President had handed Hamilton the winner's trophy just moments before, after standing in silence for the national anthem. 

President Putin stepped up to congratulate the British driver on the podium, taking some time away from his activities in Syria to share in celebrations.Lewis Hamilton and President Vladimir Putin celebrate together on the winners' podium after the Mercedes victory in SochiFormula One driver Lewis Hamilton has celebrated his victory today at the Sochi Grand Prix by spraying Russian President Vladimir Putin with champagne on the winners’ podium
After enjoying Hamilton's moment of glory, the Russian leader was ushered off stage after a quick wave to the crowd.
President Putin leaves the winners' podium today in Sochi, after handing Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton the winner's trophy 
Viewers have been quick to turn to Twitter, posting their concerns for Hamilton’s well-being after the incident.
‘Putin responds by giving his political opposition kill-squad Lewis Hamilton’s home address. Nice knowing you Lewis,’ wrote one.
Another added: ‘How long until Lewis Hamilton is found dead in his bathtub?’
A third added: ‘You best watch your back brother, soaking Putin not a good idea when he can bomb you from 1,000 miles away!!!’
But the pair enjoyed more than one cosy moment at the event, and even shared a post-race hug in the drivers’ room before Hamilton headed to the podium.
The racing driver also told President Putin that Russia is a 'beautiful country'. 
Liu Siying was pictured grimacing as Lewis Hamilton sprayed champagne at her face after winning the race 
Hamilton is well-known for his celebration antics, although this latest comes as something of a step up from previous targets.

Photos from Reuters

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