Saturday, 24 October 2015

RoadKill Season 1 Episode 9

Just as Mba's henchman was about to pull the trigger, Timi seized his wrist and wrenched the gun from his hands. Then Timi quickly shot one of the remaining two goons with it. The last one instinctively fired at Timi, who used the henchman he was holding as a shield to stop the bullets, then he shot the last henchman. The whole thing happened so fast, it left Bolade confused for the next few moments. Timi shouted at him to run, jolting him back from his shock. The two of them ran as fast as they could to the side of the safe house where they had spotted a car. Just as they were about to reach the car, two other henchmen appeared out of nowhere and opened fire on them. Still, Timi and Bolade managed to get into the car, Timi getting into the driver's seat and Bolade the passenger seat beside him. Timi quickly hotwired the car, a red 2012 TOYOTA GT 86 with a 2.0 litre engine. "This should do," Timi murmured. "Like we have a choice," Bolade replied.                     

 As Timi started the car amidst a barrage of gun fire, Bolade asked,                                                       
  " Where did you learn to do that? The shooting and the carjacking." "You ask questions at the oddest times! If we do make it out of here alive, I just might tell you!" Timi replied. He shot the car into a reverse, hitting two hostiles with guns as he did. Bullets kept hitting the car from left and right, all the guards now keen on stopping them. Still in reverse, Timi pushed further backwards, taking down more guards and breaking down structures that hindered his escape. His ears almost deafened from the intense noise of the guns firing. A bullet lodged itself firmly in the windshield, cracking it a bit. Timi gasped. As he continued to reverse, he backed up into  the van that had pursued them earlier. Then he changed gear and forced the car forwards, then quickly turned the car around before blasting away from the compound. They didn't get far at all before Timi noticed nothing less than six cars chasing after them. Two Peugeot RCZs one blue and the other green. A grey Audi TT, one black Ford Puma and two white Mazda MX-5s.                                                      

   "Damn," Timi exclaimed. "Where do these guys get these cars from?"  He made his way forwards through the dozens of other cars on the road, fighting fiercely to stay ahead of the cars chasing him. But they kept creeping closer and closer to him. Timi saw an intersection upfront and sped up, eliciting the same reaction from the cars chasing him. As he got to the intersection, he did a crazy 360 degree spin, drifting into the intersection then drifting back to the road he was coming from . The grey Audi TT and one the Mazda MX-5's which had been the closest to Timi tried to spin their cars as Timi had done, only to be bashed into by two other cars trying to make a turn at that intersection. The collisions sent Audi flying into the air and then crashing on top of the Mazda. "Two down, four to go," Timi whispered. He continued to make his way  among the other cars on the road. He sped up and got between a Honda CR-V and a Forge Ranger. As the other Mazda MX-5 reached beside him, Timi overtook the Honda CR-V. The unsuspecting MX-5 tried to bash into Timi's car but wound up crashing into the CR-V instead, totalling both cars. "Three left," Timi whispered. With only the Puma and the Peugeots on his tail now, Timi breathed just a little bit easier. 

The road further on split into two carriage ways. Timi quickly noticed that one of the carriage ways had been blocked, diverting all traffic to the other carriage way. Timi sped up and broke through the blockade of obstructed carriage way. The three cars following Timi did the same, not paying attention to the "Road Blocked, Construction On going" sign. Up ahead, Timi saw that the road led to a bridge whose railings had been broken off. Just a few feet after where the bridge had began to lose its railings, a huge pile of bricks were arranged to keep any vehicle from going through.  "Uh oh!" Bolade exclaimed. "Now we're trapped, we should have taken the other side!" Timi reacted by speeding further, his car clocking 260km/hr. "What...what are you doing?" A scared Bolade asked. 

Timi knitted his eyebrows in concentration as he pressed harder down on the accelerator. The occupants of the cars chasing him guessed he was going to try and break through the brick obstruction, so they too, mounted harder on their accelerators, prepared to follow him through the pile of bricks. Timi sped up, going faster and faster and faster. And when he reached the part of the bridge where the railings had been broken off, he steered left as hard as he could, driving off the bridge! Bolade started to scream at the top of his voice. Timi, now in mid air pressed harder still on the throttle and then turned the steering to the right as rapidly as he could, the car veered right, landing back on the edge of the bridge on the other side of the pile of bricks. His tyres screeched loudly as his drove forwards, still driving at top speed. One of the two Peugeots attempted to copy Timi's move. He drove off the bridge, but couldn't quite make it back and as such, fell meters down into the water, splashing loudly as the car impacted the river. The Puma decided to ram the pile of bricks and break through it. But the bricks proved too strong as the front end of the Ford Puma compressed like crunched paper on impact. The last car, the other Peugeot, simply stopped seeing that there was no way he could go after Timi and Bolade. He accepted defeat.                                                                                                             
 Bolade kept screaming even minutes after Timi had gone off and back on the bridge. Timi kept telling him to shut up but Bolade just couldn't. His body was shaking like a small size Tiger generator. "Will you calm down?" Timi scolded. But Bolade didn't reply, he was too petrified to say a word. Timi drove on for another twenty minutes before Bolade's shivering reduced.                                         "Do you have a suicide wish?" he asked seriously, his voice more or less a whisper.                            "That's no way to thank someone for saving your life."
           "By trying to get us killed? I'd prefer dying by a gunshot to falling fifty metres from the air into a river, where I'd die a slow painful suffocating death by drowning. " Bolade said.                                   "Do you really have to make it sound so depressing?" Timi said. Bolade nodded, still not totally over bridge stunt.                                                                                                                                      Hours later, they arrived at Lagos. Timi drove Bolade to his Lagos residence. As they highlighted from the car, a young woman walked out of the house, with a little girl running closely behind her. The little girl screamed "Daddy!" before wrapping her hands around her father's waist. Bolade returned the hug. He kissed his wife and then turned back to Timi.                                                     "Thank you," he said. "You saved my life more than once today."                                                  Timi smiled. "Don't mention it."                                                                                                           "You know, I left my luggage in your wrecked car...hmm. Good nothing important was in there."                                                                                                                                                                  "Yeah, about that...we had an agreement about my car, didn't we? Should I take this?" Timi said, pointing at the TOYOTA GT 86.                                                                     
"No, no...leave that here. I'll have this car destroyed tomorrow. But don't worry, I keep my promises. I'll have a car waiting for you in Abuja by tomorrow."                                                                               Timi nodded appreciatively. "Uh...okay...but you should know, I really love race cars."                             
  "Kind of figured," Bolade replied. "How many youngsters drive around in a Dodge Charger?" He said, winking at Timi.                                                                                                                                     Timi smiled. "Not many. I'll take my leave now..."                                                                                   ", please, stay with us for tonight. It's non-negotiable. It's the least I can do."                    Timi smiled again. "Sure, you got it." And the four of them moved inside the large house.                                                                                                                                                                                 


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