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Saturday, 28 November 2015

RoadKill Season 1 Episode 14

Timi had just wrapped up all he had to do at work. He was about to head home when he was cornered in the car pack by an unexpected visitor. It was Mba. Timi attempted to ignore him and get into the car but Mba cut him off by the door.                                                                                                         "He knows, he knows everything, and he wants to see you," Mba said, referring to Senate President Mike Aghedo. Timi was stunned, though deep down, he knew he had been expecting this.              "What if I don't want to see him?" Timi asked in defiance.                                                                          "We both know what he is capable of," Mba answered, inching a step closer to Timi.         
     "I'm not afraid of him," Timi retorted.                                                                                                         "If that's true, then you would have no reason to want to avoid him, especially now that he knows everything." Timi hesitated but eventually decided that facing the Senate President might drive home the message that he feared no one. Perhaps if he showed his defiance to the Senate President, he might eventually give up trying to harm Bridget. Timi got into his car, looked out the window and told Mba, "Lead the way."                                                                                                                                                                       ***                                                     ***                                                                    ***
As Timi made his way to the Senate President's office, millions of thoughts crowded his mind. To be honest, he didn't know what to expect. He wondered what exactly the Senate President had to say to him. Mba walked ahead of Timi. On getting to the door, Mba gave it a gentle knock, before pushing it open and walking in. Mba gulped as he saw the Senate President, seated calmly in his arm chair, his dark rimmed glasses on, writing something on some sheets of paper. Mba should have been used to this sight by now, but every time he entered this office, he always felt uneasy. As Timi stepped in, Senate President Mike Aghedo did something Mba had never seen him do before. The Senate President raised his head from what he was writing, smiled and even stood to welcome Timi. Timi wasn't sold. He knew better than to let his guard down because of Mike's courtesy.                                            "Please Mr Timi Andrews, have a seat," The Senate President continued with the niceties. "I'm quite thrilled to have you here. You see, I'm a fan. I've heard so much about you."                     Timi's face was as hard as rock. There was not a single hint of a smile, only revolt seethed deep inside him. Noticing that Timi was in no mood for such chivalry, Mike Aghedo adjusted himself.                   "Very well then," Mike said, "Let's get down to business." "You have skills I require. Your driving skills, your experience as a former DSS agent can be put to good use in my circle."       At this point, Timi chuckled slightly. "You want me to work for you?" He asked incredulous.                    "Yes," came the blunt reply. "Like I said, you have managed to keep Governor Abayomi Abejide's daughter safe all this while, right under my nose. You have indeed served the Governor of Lagos well. I admire your loyalty to him. But now, it's time to graduate. Come work for Timi, and you will never need another cent in your life." This time Timi replied in a more serious tone. "No, like you said, I'm loyal to the Governor and my loyalty cannot be bought" The Senator nodded slowly in his seat. He pressed his lips together in an attempt to show his understanding. Then he continued. "Right, maybe money will not by your loyalty, but perhaps, love will. If you switch you allegiance to me Timi-" The Senator looked intently at Timi, before completing, "I'll let Bridget be."                                                                              
 Timi's eyes widened, his ears stretched. The Senator had just pledged to leave Bridget alone, if he would agree to work for the Senator. Timi's heart immediately began to race. He had come here with a little hope that he would be able to reason and reach some sort of agreement with the Senate President to let Bridget be. Now the Senator was offering that. The Senate President saw the confusion on Timi's face and spoke. "My offer stands for a week. How about you go and talk it over with Bridget herself?"  
Timi stood without saying a word. He walked out the door. The Senator said behind me, "Mba will bring you back in a week. The answer you bring had better be a yes."  Timi got to his car ready to start the engine when Mba suddenly opened his passenger door and got in beside him. Mba looked very worried. There were sweat beats clouding all over his face and his body shook as breathed.          "You can't trust the Senator to make good on his promise even if you decide to work for him," Mba said.                                                                                                                                                            Timi snorted. "And why are you telling me this?" He asked.                   
 "Because we need each other Timi."                                                                                                                  "What are you talking about?" Timi asked, eager to hear an explanation for Mba's strange behaviour.                                                                                                                                                                    Mba gulped before he started speaking. "I've done something, something very stupid, and the Senatre President is going to want to have my head when he finds out. I stole from him...a lot of entire room of money-literally."                                                                                                          "What?" Timi asked bewildered.                                                                                                           "The Senate President has many free rooms in his house, rooms filled to the brim with stacks of cash. I cleared out one of them."                                                                                                                            "Why would you do that?" Timi asked, quite shocked that Mba knowing his boss would dare such a thing.                                                                                                                                                              "My mother was recently diagnosed of cancer. The doctors said she needs chemotherapy. I asked the Senator for help but he declined. I had no choice. The man controls an enormous amount of wealth along with the rest of the cabal..."                                                                                                           "The cabal?"                                                                                                                                               "Yes, there's a cabal. A group of highly influential people in the country involved in a conspiracy. They control money, power and influence in this country. The Senate President heads this cabal."                                                                                                                                                                   "And now that you've stolen from one of them Mba, you fear the repercussions."  Mba nodded repeatedly in agreement. "And that's why I need your help Timi. Together, with my knowledge of the innings of this cabal and your experience as agent, we can come up with a plan to take down the Senate President and the rest of this cabal. Then both of us will have nothing to fear from them."                                                                                                                                                            Timi took a deep breath. "Interesting," he murmured. "But how do I know you are telling the truth?"               "Are you willing to come with me? I can  prove it," Mba replied.                                                          "Fine, let's go," Timi said.                                                                                                    Timi drove while Mba directed where they should go. After like thirty minutes of travelling, they got to a small bungalow in middle of a currently developing housing estate. They got out of the car.                        
 "Is this your house?" Timi asked Mba.                                                                        
  "No, this is sort of my bank. It's where I stash the cash." Mba opened the door and let Timi come in. Then he locked the door behind them.                                                                                                         "Where is the money?" Timi asked, expecting Mba to point to a safe somewhere in the sitting room. Instead though, Mba took in into the room. Timi was weary. Was there a game Mba was playing? They got into the first room and Timi noticed a big bed with a bed sheet covering it all the way down that not one inch of the bed's supporting wood was visible. Mba walked to this bed and forcefully pulled away the bed sheet and then pulled the bed away, revealing carefully arranged stacks and stacks of cash. Timi let out an unknowing gasp as he starred at the mound of money in front of him.                                                                                                                                                                     "There are four rooms in this house, and under each bed is something like this. The  last room even has two beds," Mba said. Timi was silent for minutes and Mba let him adjust to the reality in front of him. Eventually, Timi replied.                                                                                                           "If we are going to be taking out a cabal, we'll need capital and I see we've got lots of it. The other thing we'll need is a team, and I know just who to call..." Timi trailed off.
***                                      ***                                                     ***

The room was silent. Timi, Mba and Bridget watched Idris' and Aisha's reactions closely. Timi had just finished narrating the story of how Governor Abejide, realising his daughter's life was in danger, had Timi drive Bridget to the airport. Timi however had other plans. He convinced Bridget to move with him to Abuja. Everyone else assumed Bridget had got on the plane, including the man who had put her life in danger in the first place-The Senate President.                                                                                    "Wow, so you mean Bridget here is the Lagos State Governor's daughter? Who's supposed to be abroad?" Aisha said incredulous. Bridget herself nodded.                                                                                 "And you need our help to take down the Senate President, and in extension his cabal?" Idris asked, still processing everything he had just heard.                                                                                           "That's correct," Mba replied.                                                                                                                  Idris sighed. "Wow, all this is a little breathtaking."                                                                                  "I understand," Timi answered. "I know everything Mba and I have said is quite unbelievable."                                                                                                                                                                      Idris nodded. "But how exactly do you want to take down this...this cabal?"                                     Mba and Timi exchanged nervous looks. Timi cocked his head, urging Mba to answer.                        Mba cleared his throat. "Yes, Timi and I have come up with a plan. The Senate President has got documents that not only prove the existence of this cabal, but also their crimes. We get that document, we nail the cabal. And to do this, we need some We'll be needing a truck, a pickup van,  bikes, cars and a helicopter."                                                                                               Idris chuckled and smiled widely. "What kind of plan requires trucks, pickups and helicopters?" He asked jokingly.                                                                                                                                                           "A plan that involves robbing the Senate President's home," Timi replied bluntly. The statement wiped all the smiles and grins from Idris' face. Idris looked like someone had just dropped a bomb into his stomach. Rob the Senate President? Nigerian politicians were very paranoid people who believed albeit not wrongly, that someone always wanted to harm/kill/steal from them. As such, the security around them and their homes was impossible to break through.                                     "Well," Idris finally said, coming back to the life, "Big Joe can fly a chopper..."        

Saturday, 21 November 2015

RoadKill Season 1 Episode 13

Aisha hurried into Skyline Motors, her keys in hand. She had an anxious look in her eyes. She walked briskly past the cars as she had news to go and deliver to her teammates. Idris was the first to see her, and quickly noticed something was amiss. His countenance changed and Timi immediately noticed. He turned around and saw Aisha coming behind. He too guessed something was wrong.            "Derele jilted his team. He's left the Hell Racers," Aisha announced.                                                         "Wait what?" Idris questioned, all confused.                                                                                              "Weren't we supposed to race them next?" Timi asked.                                                                     Aisha had her hands akimbo. She nodded her head and said, "Yes, and we are still going against Hell Racers next, but Derele has left that crew. His cowardly self betrayed his team again just so that he wouldn't race against us."                                                                                                                                                "Wow..." Timi retorted. "I guess he just can't bear to lose to his former teammates."                             "So what crew is he now? Or has he finally given up and ended his racing career?" Idris said.  Aisha chuckled. She was well aware that Idris believed Derele was a talentless driver and should altogether just quit racing. But she knew Derele better than Idris, true he might not be talented, but what Derele lacked in skills he made up for in cunning. Derele was a very determined fox. Determined to be the racing top dog even though he lacked the required skills. "No, don't ever expect Derele to quit racing for anything. He has joined the 15th team."                                               
"How did he manage that?" Timi asked, utterly bewildered. He truly wondered how a guy from a crew placed 20th, manage to weasel himself into joining the team placed 15th. Moreover, how could that guy be Derele? He wasn't exactly a guy with good reputation.                                                          
  "Well, I honestly can't say," Aisha replied. "But knowing Derele, I'm pretty sure he didn't give them much choice. I'm sure he somehow blackmailed them into letting him join."                                    Idris paced back and forth. First they would have to beat the Hell Racers, or what was left of them anyway. He wondered how Ugo and Usman, Derele's former teammates in the Hell Racers were feeling right now. They had just been betrayed too by Derele. He was their leader, and now he had abandoned them. Idris and his fellow Storm Racers teammates were supposed to race the Hell Racers that evening. Now that only Ugo and Usman was left, he was sure the race would be a walk over. "So this night, we'll be racing only Ugo and Usman," Idris uttered.                                                                   "It won't be much of a race," Aisha replied, "It'll be a whooping."                                                    
  "I guess I'll leave it to you and Timi to beat them so badly this night, they'll never race again"     From then on till evening, the Storm Racers talked and laughed. They were sure that the race was going to be a walk over. The Race didn't turn out to be as easy as they had anticipated. They were taught a lesson-never underestimate anybody. 
Night came, and Timi and Aisha lined up at the finish line. A little while after they had arrived, Ugo and Usman came driving an Aston Martin DB9 and a BMW M3 Coupe respectively. They pulled up in front of the finish line. As the race began, Timi and Aisha conveniently took the lead. They weren't even going at their top speeds, but they were sure they were racing against two untalented slow pokes. Aisha trailed on the outer lane, speeding past shops, houses and ornamental trees by the roadside. Her windows were wound down, and she was revelling in the cool night breeze as she sped on. Timi on the other hand kept to the inner lane, getting as much fun as Aisha. He was playing loud rap music on his stereo and nodding to the tunes, sometimes singing along with the music. 

When he looked into his rear view mirror, he couldn't even see Ugo and Usman. He burst into laughter, believing he and Aisha had given them so much gap that they were lost behind. He couldn't have been more wrong. Contrary to what he was thinking, Ugo and Usman had taken another route, a somewhat even longer route for that matter. They capitalised on the knowledge that they were underrated by the Storm Chasers. They travelled at top speeds through the densely packed streets and not so smooth roads. They had comfortably taken over the Storm Chasers, and were as a matter of fact, far ahead of Aisha and Timi. 

It was almost too late when Aisha caught on. As she sped on, she noticed the tail lights of what looked like an Aston Martin. By then, they were only a lap from the end of the race. Fear seized her as she quickly realised it was the Hell Racers. She spoke into her comlink and told Timi what she had seen. Timi had a hard time believing. He didn't know that the Ugo and Usman had truly gone past them. Nevertheless, he sped up, hoping to catch up with Aisha so as to see what she too was seeing. Aisha turned on her racing spirit, shifted into her famous gear X. The car jerked forward, almost throwing her against the steering wheel. Only her seatbelt pulled her to safety. 

She stepped on her throttle, weaving past the cars around and sailing at amazing speeds. Her speedometer kept climbing and climbing. She noticed that the Hell Racers had increased their speeds too. It meant they knew she was close behind. She too knew a short cut, and if that was how they wanted to play out this race, she was game. She dived into a corner, hit past a garbage dump and emerged on a single dirt lane. She traversed the dirt road in seconds and burst out of a junction right behind Ugo and Usman who gasped at the sudden emergence. Less than thirty seconds later, Timi burst out of the same road, and now had Aisha, Ugo and Usman in his sights also. But he feared it was too late; he could see the finish line ahead. 

Aisha sprinted forward, her tyres blurring past everything they passed. She was right behind Ugo, and as she tried to overtake by the left side, he blocked her. She tried the other side of the lane, but just as quickly, Ugo was there to block her again. She didn't give up. She made a move like she was going to the left side again, but this time it was a set up. Ugo drove straight to the left lane ready to block again, but Aisha smoothly passed him by the right. As he saw Aisha go past him he banged his hands on his steering. Aisha raced on, less than ten metres to the end of the race and Usman was in front. She focused on him, focused on beating him. She began closing the gap with Usman, finally edging him just as they both reached the finish line. She had beat him by a hairs breath. Ugo came in third and Timi finished two seconds after him in fourth position. He learned a lesson that day-not to underestimate anyone.    

Thursday, 19 November 2015

The Bikers ROAD ROAR

  • 5 Days, 1 Mission, 1 Destination The Super Bike Clubs Association of Nigeria invites all bikers irrespective of club, bike, experience, age or creed to heed the call of the Road Roar.

Alfa Romeo Is Bringing A $70,000 BMW M3 Killer To The US.

Alfa Romeo's return to the US was applauded by many a car enthusiast, thanks to the 4C coupe, the brand's first new product in the US market since it returned after a two-decade hiatus last year.
The 4C drives so well that it's been called a "Ferrari for half the price," which gives you an idea of what Alfa Romeo is aspiring to be in its second go-around stateside.
Despite the general shift toward fuel efficiency and hybrid and electric technology, the Italian carmaker is banking on American buyers' affinity for speed.
That's probably a wise decision, but if you're planning to stare down BMW — the king of the sports-sedan universe — you also need to come with another car up your sleeve. It should have four doors and be able to go fast in the twisties.
After all, no automotive brand can survive in the US without a good four-door sedan. And you can't show up with just any sedan — there are more than enough grocery-getters on the market to choose from.
Thankfully, Alfa Romeo seems to be fully aware of that reality — hence the carmaker's latest reveal at the 2015 LA Auto Show: the Giulia Quadrifoglio sedan. That's Italian for "M3 killer."
The Giulia sport sedan will hit US shores with a Ferrari-derived biturbo V6 engine that sends 505 horsepower to its rear wheels. Alfa Romeo says it will run from 0 to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds.
And, because you'll definitely need it, it comes with beefy carbon-ceramic brakes, and a full suite of the kinds of safety features you expect from a $70,000 luxury sport sedan — like lane-departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and autonomous braking.
We likely won't see any Giulias in US dealers until late 2016. But if the performance numbers and hype are to be believed, then we can quote the brand and say that "love is worth the wait."
Source: Business Insider

Here's all what you need to know about "The Gathering"

If you’ve ever wondered about the men and women that ride fast and hard on their super bikes, well you can stop wondering and get to meet them live and ‘standing’ in one place, in all their gear and glory at ‘The Gathering’.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Nico Rosberg wins Brazilian Grand Prix with frustrated Hamilton second

Lewis Hamilton denied he has lost his
competitive edge since winning his third
world championship after again finishing
second best to his team-mate, Nico Rosberg,
this time at the Brazilian Grand Prix.
Hamilton has twice been comfortably beaten
by Rosberg since he secured the title with
victory in Austin at the end of last month.
Rosberg won even more emphatically than he
had done in the previous race in Mexico.
Starting from pole – his fifth in a row – he
controlled the race throughout and finished
7.70sec ahead of Hamilton. It was his fifth
win of the season, the 13th of his career and
it secured second place in the drivers’
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F1: Brazil Grand Prix – live!
Niki Lauda, Mercedes’ non-executive
chairman, said: “Maybe Lewis has lost the
need. Right now Nico is better.” But Hamilton
countered: “I came here with the same fire
and desire to win this race as I’ve had all
year. I just didn’t do the job in qualifying.”
Hamilton was desperate to win for the first
time at Interlagos and showed as much when
he vainly pleaded with his team to change
their strategy to give him a better chance. The
diligent Rosberg has found a little extra pace
from somewhere and pole was an important
advantage on this most challenging of
circuits. To go with that there has been an
extra aggression and confidence about
Rosberg in recent weeks. It is a pity, for the
sake of the championship, the German did not
show those qualities earlier.
Before the race there was some controversy
when the FIA chose not to honour the victims
of the terrorist attacks in Paris with a one-
minute silence. Instead the drivers gathered
at the front of the grid to pay their respects to
road traffic victims. However the Frenchman
Romain Grosjean and the rest of the drivers
draped the French flag on their truck during
the pre-race tour of the circuit.
Back on the grid, Hamilton went for his team-
mate as soon as the lights went out. He tried
to take him on the outside at turn one but
Rosberg slammed the door. Rosberg was the
first to pit, though it was spoiled by hitting
traffic in the pit lane. When Hamilton came
in he re-emerged a little further behind,
1.7sec. Hamilton cut that down to half a
second by lap 18 but the dirty air took its toll.
“My tyres are not going to last,” he
complained over the radio.
He then pleaded to be put on a different
strategy. “I had good pace, you just can’t
overtake here. I killed my tyres and it is a
shame because it is such a great track but you
can’t get close enough to race. It would be
good if you could do a bit of overtaking here.
I am here to race and when you both have to
do the same order then, if there are other
strategies, let’s take a risk. I just couldn’t get
close enough, so it was relatively boring
following in a tow.” He also conceded: “Nico
has been doing fantastically well.”
It certainly would have made for a better
show had Mercedes allowed their drivers to
make their own calls but the team was
determined to make it another one-two result
– their 11th of the season. They also wanted
to see Rosberg secure second place in the
Before the race Hamilton dismissed the
director of motorsport, Toto Wolff’s, claim he
was “absolutely aware” the team wanted
Rosberg to finish runner–up. Beyond that
Mercedes are reluctant to split their strategies
for fear of upsetting the losing driver. It is a
very sensitive issue. At least Rosberg’s
resurgence has raised hopes of a more
competitive season in 2016.
“It was a great weekend for me here, of
course everything is relative because of what
happened in Paris,” the German said. “It was
a good challenge from Lewis but I was able to
control the pace. We saw Lewis dropping off
a lot with degradation and that confirmed it
was important to take care of the tyres. I am
pushing now and I was pushing earlier in the
season. I don’t have an explanation for why
now but I just want to keep on going.”
The stars of Brazil 2015 were neither Rosberg
nor Hamilton. They were Max Verstappen
and Nico Hülkenberg. Verstappen pulled off
so many eye-catching moves the only surprise
was he came ninth. But in finishing among
the points for the sixth race in a row he beat
Sebastian Vettel’s Toro Rosso record of 2008.
Hülkenberg, surprisingly, has been second
best to his team-mate Sergio Pérez for most of
the season. He is something a specialist in
Brazil and his sixth place helped Force India
secure fifth place in the constructors’
championship. Williams also confirmed third
spot behind Ferrari. Felipe Massa, who
finished eighth, was later excluded from the
race for a tyre breach.

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Source: The Guardian
Picture from Getty Images

Saturday, 14 November 2015

RoadKill Season 1 Episode 12

It was already 10PM. Timi and Idris were at the start line at the race yard, ready to begin their race. They knew Derele was somewhere close by since he'd definitely want to watch the race to know whether Timi would obey him or not. The girl who counted down walked to the middle of the road as usual, ready to begin counting. Just then, Aisha spoke to Timi and Idris via their com link.                   "Big Jo's got a location, heading there now," she said.                                                                                 
"Hurry, please hurry" Timi begged.                                                         
  The countdown began. the girl waved down her flag. There were only four cars racing tonight. This was a special race. It was just the 21st vs. the 22nd. The four cars bolted forwards, speeding into the distance. Daniel and Timi struggled with their opponents, the Rising Smoke, for some moments but quickly allowed them to take the lead knowing that Derele was somewhere watching. The four cars shot into the blackness of the night, the screams of their engines tearing the calmness...                             
 Though it was Timi and Idris racing at the yard tonight, Aisha was well aware that their victory depended on her. She had to reach Bridget on time, before the race was over, else, Timi and Idris would have no choice but to lose. So technically, the pressure to win, was on her. Her hands wrapped around the leather covered steering of her  Chevrolet Cobalt SS, she too blasting through the streets of Abuja darting past the few cars that were still on the road. She was heading for an abandoned garage at Wuse, which was far from Big Jo's shop where she had just taken off. She wasn't racing against anyone, she was racing against time. She sped past another late night cab hoping to make a couple of extra bucks, almost brushing the side. She looked at her speedometer, 180 km/hr. She made a right turn at the next intersection, her car skidding a bit to left. She let go off the accelerator, regained control and matched down on it again. Her speed had reduced-140km/hr. She cursed under her breath. She gained speed quickly again, speeding through a single lane road surrounded by clumped bungalows. 

The road ahead curved into an almost impossible hairpin bend. Aisha clamped on the breaks again, slowing down a bit to be able to navigate the difficult curve. Once she was clear of the bend, she accelerated again, charging into the shadows...                           
... Timi and Idris had just successfully navigated a sharp turning. They were behind Rising Sun's Audi TT RS Coupe and Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. They were sure not to stay too far back away from their competitors. The Camaro was a nose ahead of the RS Coupe. Both cars were going as fast as they could. They had just fallen out of the top twenty and they were very keen on speeding their way back there. Timi and Idris fought to keep up. They were forced to just keep on chasing after the two cars, keeping them in sight, but never going past. There was a speed bump up front, forcing all four racers to match down slightly on their breaks as they drove past it. The four cars jerked violently as they raced past the irritating bumps. Just as they went past the bumps, Timi caught up with Audi TT RS Coupe and would have overtaken it had he not quickly remembered that his girlfriend was in danger. He pulled back again, allowing the Audi to gain some distance between them. This was getting really irritating; Aisha had better reached Bridget soon, he thought.                                             
Aisha raced through the darkness, her tyres furiously spinning as she went faster and faster. She reached yet another junction and made a right turn without even waiting to check for any oncoming car. As she sped into the double carriage way, she heard a crash behind her-an accident had been caused because of the turn she had just made. She didn't mind. She just went faster, her speedometer reading a speed of 205km/hr. All of a sudden, she heard sirens behind her...cops were on her tail!            

"Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse," she mumbled. She quickly made a decision to try to lose them at the next turning. She slowed down a bit, allowing the police officers to close in on her. One cop car even tried to ram her from the back but she quickly moved to the other side of the road. Reaching the next junction, she made an unexpected left turn, sharply cutting into the next road. Two of the cop cars sped on, not able to quickly take in her sudden turn, but the remaining three made the turn. They chased after her in single lane street. Aisha's sharp eyes spotted another turn up front. Aisha increased her velocity, making another sudden turn to left, the rare end of her car brushing a dumpster by the side of the road. Two of the cars chasing her successfully followed her, but the last one crashed into the dumpster causing some rubbish to fly out of the dumpster and fall on its windshield. As Aisha continued down the road, she realised that the two cars she thought she had lost had only gone ahead in order to come and cross her here. 
The two cars had formed a blockade by parking head to tail in the middle of the road. Aisha mounted harder on her throttle and blasted fiercely through the blockade the two cars had formed, crushing the tail end of one of the two cars. One of the other two cars chasing her rammed into the same car whose tail end she had just crushed. Only one car left chasing her now.     She made her way into a bigger street road, though it still had only a single lane. The last police car sped up to her and attempted to squeeze itself beside Aisha's car though it was clear that the road wasn't wide enough. Instead of the dumb police officer to ram Aisha's from behind, the cop preferred to do it from the side. And so when it attempted to hit Aisha from the right side, Aisha just sped faster, shooting away from the police car. The police car consequently crashed into a building and stopped dead in its tracks. Aisha entered a main road and was relieved to once again be driving in a dual carriage way.
 Those single lane roads just suffocated her. She realised she was now in Wuse and hurried to the abandoned garage where Bridget was being held. She made a turn into a dark alley. Up ahead, she saw the garage with its large metal garage door close up. Aisha sped through the metal door, tearing from the restraints. She made for a table at the edge of the garage and picked up her hand bag. From it apart. She saw two armed men and Bridget tied up to a chair next to a pillar. Aisha allowed her car to drift so that the right side of her car hit one of the armed men knocking him out. The other armed man  opened fire on her car. She sped forward and hit him with her vehicle. She opened her car door and hurried to go and set Bridget free. As she loosened the binds that held Bridget, the latter asked, "How did you find me?"                                                                                                                             "We traced the signal from your com link," Aisha replied.                                                         Bridget smiled as she was finally freed inside it, she took out her com link. "Can't believe this little thing saved me."                                                                                                                                            "Come on, we have to go," Aisha said. They both got into the car and Aisha spoke into her own com link, "I've got her, I've got Bridget."                                                                                                       "About damn time!!!" Timi replied happily from the other end. "Hear that Idris?" He asked.     "Yes!" Idris replied. "Now let's win this."                                                                                  
  They were already on the last lap, with less than a kilometre to go to finish the race. The Storm Chasers sped up, charging forward furiously like they had just awoken from deep slumber. It was a straight fifty metres stretch to the end. Idris and Timi went as fast as they possibly could. They started to close in rapidly on the Audi and the Chevrolet Camaro. The only question was, would they be able to meet up in time? With only twenty five metres to go, Timi and Idris started doubting the possibility of meeting up with their competitors.                                                                                                          "You can do it guys," Aisha said into her com link.                                                                                  Timi and Idris sped faster still, their tyres heating up because of the rapid speed they were going at. Ten metres to go, these determined racers edged closer to their opponents. Five metres...they still kept going faster...four metres...three...two...Timi and Idris met metre and...the four cars blasted past the finish line together, each driver not knowing who had actually finished first. They all pulled up and there was a dead silence among the crowd as they too hadn't been able to distinguish who sped past the finish line first.                                                                                The regulator, the guy who watched the finish line to write out the positions of the cars stepped forwards. The four racers ran to him. "Who won? Who won?" They asked eagerly.                            The regulator heaved a sigh. "The car that came through that finish line first was..." He looked intently at the four of them. "Timi's Mitsubishi!" He declared. The crowd went wild. Timi screamed happily, almost jumping into the air like a kid. "WE WON!!! WE WON!!!" He announced into his com link. He calmed down as he saw Derele approach him and Idris from the shadows.                                "Congratulations Timi," Derele said. "You just killed your girlfriend," he finished.                                   "Go ahead," Timi told him. "Give the kill order."                                                                                        "Oh, so you think I was bluffing?" asked Derele angrily as he dialled the number of one of the henchmen he left with Bridget. When the henchman refused to pick up, Derele dialled the other one's number. When that one refused to pick up too, he realised that Timi and Idris must have somehow rescued Bridget. "What did you do?" He asked, furious.                        
         Timi dazed him with a hefty punch in reply. "That's for kidnapping my girlfriend." Then Idris too dished out a mighty punch to Derele's jaw. "And that's for putting me in the hospital," he said. Derele fell to the floor, holding his bleeding mouth. Timi kicked some dust into his face.               
 "Get ready Derele. We're coming for you!" With that, Timi and Idris went back to their cars and left Derele to mope on the ground.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Questions About Future Of U.S Grand Prix As Texas Cuts Funds

"Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's office said Wednesday it is
cutting nearly $6 million in funding for the United
States Grand Prix, raising questions about the race's
future just four years after Formula One put what many
saw as a permanent footprint on American soil.
Officials at the Circuit of the Americas, a $300 million
track built specifically to host the race, have said they
already took a major financial hit this year when storms
nearly wiped out two days of the race weekend in
Track officials said they were promised $25 million per
year for 10 years from the state's portion of the Major
Events Trust Fund, public money spent largely to pay
Formula One's commercial management for the right
to hold the race. That deal was worked out with former
Gov. Rick Perry and former state Comptroller Susan
But Perry and Combs are no longer in office and the
trust fund was moved this year to Abbott's office.
The race still gets $19.5 million from the state portion
of the fund and local tax money will bump it to $22.7
million, according to Abbott's office. But that's still a
$6 million cut from 2014 and down about $7 million
from the previous two years.
Circuit of the Americas officials said the race has
pumped "hundreds of millions" of dollars into the
Austin and Texas economies since 2012 and applied for
state funding under the same formula as Super Bowls,
NCAA basketball tournaments and other events.
"We're hopeful F1 will continue to race here," track
officials said.
Abbott did not take questions at a Veterans Day
ceremony Wednesday. Spokeswoman Cait
Meisenheimer said the reduced figure was calculated
under guidelines set by state lawmakers.
A recent state auditor's report criticized the generous
formulas previously used to calculate payments, which
have been tweaked with the move to Abbott's office.
"It's inappropriate for an applicant to expect the
governor to violate the legal standard and an
independent auditor's decision," Meisenheimer said.
Austin Mayor Steve Adler called the race "a very
important event for our city." Adler said he has "some
questions" about previous financing deals, but would
not commit to spending local government money to
cover the gap.
"The F1 race is the way that a lot of people in the
world are introduced to our city," Adler said. "It brings
a lot of people here. It helps brand us as an
international city."
Formula One chief Bernie Ecclestone did not
immediately respond to requests from The Associated
Press for comment. Ecclestone told the Austin
American-Statesman that if funding was changed "it's
going to make it difficult to continue the race in
The prospect of losing the Austin race, "for our sport,
would be a disaster," said Mario Andretti, who won the
Formula One championship in 1978. "It would
discourage any other entity from pursuing another way
to making Grand Prix happen. Formula One needs a
race in the United States."
The Circuit of the Americas was built with private
money and its investors include billionaire Red
McCombs. The track hosts other events, notably the
MotoGP Grand Prix of the Americas, a World Endurance
Championship race, the summer X Games and multiple
music concerts.
But the Formula One race is the key to its survival and
officials have said they are still paying off construction
The track is unique in that it is the first built
specifically for F1 in the U.S. Previous American
Formula One races have been held at Watkins Glen,
Indianapolis Motor Speedway and on street courses in
other cities.
Formula One didn't race in the U.S. from 2008-2011.
Its return to a specialized facility was seen as a major
move to gain a long-term foothold in a country where
NASCAR is the most popular motor series by far. F1 is
even poised in 2016 to have an America-led team, Haas
F1, for the first time in 30 years. A Haas spokesman
declined comment Wednesday.
The race has enjoyed a prominent late-season place on
the Formula One calendar, which has made it an
important stop in the season championship.
The races in 2012, 2014 and 2015 all played key roles
in the title chase. Lewis Hamilton's victory last month
wrapped up his third Formula One season
But the race has been plagued by steadily declining
attendance, and the storms this year were a severe
blow. The U.S. Grand Prix also depended in previous
years on fans from neighboring Mexico. But the
Mexican Grand Prix, held this year in Mexico City for
the first time since 1992, is viewed as likely to further
erode attendance in Austin."

Monday, 9 November 2015

Some Volkswagen owners Are about to be 1000 USDollars richer

Volkswagen says it will offer $1,000 in gift
cards and vouchers to the owners of 482,000
VW diesel vehicles in the U.S. that are linked
to the German automaker's emissions
cheating scandal.
VW said Monday the motorists, many of them
angry at the company for selling them cars
that are not as environmentally sensitive as it
advertised, would get a $500 Visa gift card, a
$500 card that could be used for service at
VW dealerships and free roadside assistance
for three years.
The payments come as VW, one of the world's
largest auto manufacturers, struggles to
determine a fix for the cars, which are
equipped with software that turns on
pollution controls during government tests
and turns them off in normal driving. With
the switch in controls, U.S. environmental
regulators say that as a result, the affected
cars emit 10 to 40 times the allowable amount
of harmful nitrogen oxide while they are
being driven.
"We are working tirelessly to develop an
approved remedy for affected vehicles,''
Michael Horn, VW's U.S. chief executive, said
in a statement. "In the meantime, we are
providing this goodwill package as a first step
towards regaining our customers' trust."
The payments will go to owners of several
2009 to 2015 VW models, including Jettas,
Passats, Golfs and Beetles. The company is
recalling 8.5 million cars in Europe as a result
of the bogus emissions tests and another 2.5
million are affected throughout the rest of the
American motorists have filed more than 200
class-action lawsuits against VW in the
scandal, alleging the bogus emissions tests
have decreased the value of the cars.
Acceptance of the gift cards does not prohibit
motorists from suing VW.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Road, track and off-road highlights of the 2015 SEMA Show

The annual SEMA Show kicked off on Tuesday in Las Vegas. For a few days, the auto industry's focus drifts away from reality and into a fantasy world of big, wild, extreme builds of all shapes and colors. Some interesting themes flow through this year's show, including unlikely off-road vehicles, re-engined classics and potential world record breakers.

Off-Road & Off-Grid

While there were plenty of burly trucks and 4x4s to be found at SEMA 2014, this year's show has kicked it up a notch. Major manufacturers like Kia, Toyota and Hyundai have turned unassuming commuter vehicles into full-blown earth-roaming machines, and the show is hosting one of the world's biggest, nastiest expedition vehicles in the KiraVan (pictured below).

That beastly, high-tech Unimog command center isn't something that many a driver would want to pilot over the gnarly stuff, but an everyday minivan with a little muscle? That's a potential vehicle for the everyman adventurer. As we previewed back in June, Toyota has taken the minivan to the extreme, sliding a Tacoma 4x4 truck frame below the Sienna's family-hauling body and calling it the Ultimate Utility Vehicle.

The UUV was designed to serve as command center for the 16,500-mile (26,550-km) North American leg of Toyota's Ever-Better Expedition, allowing Toyota engineers to monitor and analyze the other vehicles on the expedition and send data back to HQ. It therefore includes a serious electronics kit with 60-in Sony LED TV, mobile satellite TV receiver, mobile Internet and integrated Wi-Fi, a 2,500-watt JBL audio system, and a Flir night vision camera with HD recording. We plan to look at the UUV in a little more detail within the next few days, but we had to mention it here as one of the coolest off-road designs of the show.

While the UUV brings a roadgoing vehicle off-road, the Tundrasine pulls a rugged truck back onto the asphalt. Toyota has stretched the 1794 Edition 4x4 CrewMax 5.7L V8 Tundra pickup by just over 90 inches (229 cm), painted it in the very limousine-like shade of Midnight Black Metallic and kept the pickup bed in back for good measure. The brown-leather interior is inspired by private luxury jets.

Another eyebrow-raising truck debut, the Nissan Titan XD "Triple Nickel" is being developed for a land speed record. Named for the 555 lb-ft of available torque
provided by its Cummins 5.0L turbo diesel V8, the truck includes purpose-built modifications like lowered suspension, salt-flat-style wheel covers, Mickey Thompson tires, a Stroud Safety parachute and custom-fabricated front air dam. Nissan and Cummins are working on the truck together and hope to break the 191-mph (307 km/h) record in the D/DT class and the 115-mph (185-km/h) FIA class A-III-9 record.

Road & Track

The Nissan Triple Nickel isn't the only world record machine on display at SEMA. The Hennessey Venom GT already has an unofficial world speed record, and Hennessey is hoping that it can make it official (or at least drive the unofficial record higher). Making its debut at SEMA, the updated Venom GT has a 1,451-hp 7.0-liter twin-turbo V8, making it over 200 hp more powerful than its unofficial world record-holding predecessor. Hennessey estimates a top speed in the neighborhood of 280 mph (451 km/h), a 0-60 mph (96.5 km/h) of 2.4 seconds and a 0-200 mph (322 km/h) of 12.8 seconds.

SEMA has a lot of brand-new open-top hardware on show, including very nice efforts from Mazda and Kia. Rezvani adds another in this bright-red version of its super-quickBeast roadster. Rumor has it that Rezvani is working on a 700-hp Beast X, but with its 500 hp on tap, and an estimated 0-60 mph time of just 2.7 seconds, the regular Beast should leave customers perfectly content. When it's not out slingshotting to highway speed in under three ticks, the carbon fiber-skinned Ariel Atom is sure to look awfully nice reflecting sunshine in the driveway.

Not all the cool cars at SEMA are as brand-new as the Beast or Venom GT update. Possibly the coolest car on Chevy's stand is the old-but-new 1970 Camaro RS. Chevy has updated the Hyper Blue Metallic-brushed vintage muscle car with the all-new 650-hp supercharged 6.2-liter LT4 V8 from the Corvette Z06. A T-56 Super Magnum six-speed manual transmission, independent front suspension, four-link rear suspension, rack-and-pinion steering, and Z06-based front and rear disc brakes help the driver put the potent engine to use.

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