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RoadKill Season 1 Episode 12

It was already 10PM. Timi and Idris were at the start line at the race yard, ready to begin their race. They knew Derele was somewhere close by since he'd definitely want to watch the race to know whether Timi would obey him or not. The girl who counted down walked to the middle of the road as usual, ready to begin counting. Just then, Aisha spoke to Timi and Idris via their com link.                   "Big Jo's got a location, heading there now," she said.                                                                                 
"Hurry, please hurry" Timi begged.                                                         
  The countdown began. the girl waved down her flag. There were only four cars racing tonight. This was a special race. It was just the 21st vs. the 22nd. The four cars bolted forwards, speeding into the distance. Daniel and Timi struggled with their opponents, the Rising Smoke, for some moments but quickly allowed them to take the lead knowing that Derele was somewhere watching. The four cars shot into the blackness of the night, the screams of their engines tearing the calmness...                             
 Though it was Timi and Idris racing at the yard tonight, Aisha was well aware that their victory depended on her. She had to reach Bridget on time, before the race was over, else, Timi and Idris would have no choice but to lose. So technically, the pressure to win, was on her. Her hands wrapped around the leather covered steering of her  Chevrolet Cobalt SS, she too blasting through the streets of Abuja darting past the few cars that were still on the road. She was heading for an abandoned garage at Wuse, which was far from Big Jo's shop where she had just taken off. She wasn't racing against anyone, she was racing against time. She sped past another late night cab hoping to make a couple of extra bucks, almost brushing the side. She looked at her speedometer, 180 km/hr. She made a right turn at the next intersection, her car skidding a bit to left. She let go off the accelerator, regained control and matched down on it again. Her speed had reduced-140km/hr. She cursed under her breath. She gained speed quickly again, speeding through a single lane road surrounded by clumped bungalows. 

The road ahead curved into an almost impossible hairpin bend. Aisha clamped on the breaks again, slowing down a bit to be able to navigate the difficult curve. Once she was clear of the bend, she accelerated again, charging into the shadows...                           
... Timi and Idris had just successfully navigated a sharp turning. They were behind Rising Sun's Audi TT RS Coupe and Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. They were sure not to stay too far back away from their competitors. The Camaro was a nose ahead of the RS Coupe. Both cars were going as fast as they could. They had just fallen out of the top twenty and they were very keen on speeding their way back there. Timi and Idris fought to keep up. They were forced to just keep on chasing after the two cars, keeping them in sight, but never going past. There was a speed bump up front, forcing all four racers to match down slightly on their breaks as they drove past it. The four cars jerked violently as they raced past the irritating bumps. Just as they went past the bumps, Timi caught up with Audi TT RS Coupe and would have overtaken it had he not quickly remembered that his girlfriend was in danger. He pulled back again, allowing the Audi to gain some distance between them. This was getting really irritating; Aisha had better reached Bridget soon, he thought.                                             
Aisha raced through the darkness, her tyres furiously spinning as she went faster and faster. She reached yet another junction and made a right turn without even waiting to check for any oncoming car. As she sped into the double carriage way, she heard a crash behind her-an accident had been caused because of the turn she had just made. She didn't mind. She just went faster, her speedometer reading a speed of 205km/hr. All of a sudden, she heard sirens behind her...cops were on her tail!            

"Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse," she mumbled. She quickly made a decision to try to lose them at the next turning. She slowed down a bit, allowing the police officers to close in on her. One cop car even tried to ram her from the back but she quickly moved to the other side of the road. Reaching the next junction, she made an unexpected left turn, sharply cutting into the next road. Two of the cop cars sped on, not able to quickly take in her sudden turn, but the remaining three made the turn. They chased after her in single lane street. Aisha's sharp eyes spotted another turn up front. Aisha increased her velocity, making another sudden turn to left, the rare end of her car brushing a dumpster by the side of the road. Two of the cars chasing her successfully followed her, but the last one crashed into the dumpster causing some rubbish to fly out of the dumpster and fall on its windshield. As Aisha continued down the road, she realised that the two cars she thought she had lost had only gone ahead in order to come and cross her here. 
The two cars had formed a blockade by parking head to tail in the middle of the road. Aisha mounted harder on her throttle and blasted fiercely through the blockade the two cars had formed, crushing the tail end of one of the two cars. One of the other two cars chasing her rammed into the same car whose tail end she had just crushed. Only one car left chasing her now.     She made her way into a bigger street road, though it still had only a single lane. The last police car sped up to her and attempted to squeeze itself beside Aisha's car though it was clear that the road wasn't wide enough. Instead of the dumb police officer to ram Aisha's from behind, the cop preferred to do it from the side. And so when it attempted to hit Aisha from the right side, Aisha just sped faster, shooting away from the police car. The police car consequently crashed into a building and stopped dead in its tracks. Aisha entered a main road and was relieved to once again be driving in a dual carriage way.
 Those single lane roads just suffocated her. She realised she was now in Wuse and hurried to the abandoned garage where Bridget was being held. She made a turn into a dark alley. Up ahead, she saw the garage with its large metal garage door close up. Aisha sped through the metal door, tearing from the restraints. She made for a table at the edge of the garage and picked up her hand bag. From it apart. She saw two armed men and Bridget tied up to a chair next to a pillar. Aisha allowed her car to drift so that the right side of her car hit one of the armed men knocking him out. The other armed man  opened fire on her car. She sped forward and hit him with her vehicle. She opened her car door and hurried to go and set Bridget free. As she loosened the binds that held Bridget, the latter asked, "How did you find me?"                                                                                                                             "We traced the signal from your com link," Aisha replied.                                                         Bridget smiled as she was finally freed inside it, she took out her com link. "Can't believe this little thing saved me."                                                                                                                                            "Come on, we have to go," Aisha said. They both got into the car and Aisha spoke into her own com link, "I've got her, I've got Bridget."                                                                                                       "About damn time!!!" Timi replied happily from the other end. "Hear that Idris?" He asked.     "Yes!" Idris replied. "Now let's win this."                                                                                  
  They were already on the last lap, with less than a kilometre to go to finish the race. The Storm Chasers sped up, charging forward furiously like they had just awoken from deep slumber. It was a straight fifty metres stretch to the end. Idris and Timi went as fast as they possibly could. They started to close in rapidly on the Audi and the Chevrolet Camaro. The only question was, would they be able to meet up in time? With only twenty five metres to go, Timi and Idris started doubting the possibility of meeting up with their competitors.                                                                                                          "You can do it guys," Aisha said into her com link.                                                                                  Timi and Idris sped faster still, their tyres heating up because of the rapid speed they were going at. Ten metres to go, these determined racers edged closer to their opponents. Five metres...they still kept going faster...four metres...three...two...Timi and Idris met metre and...the four cars blasted past the finish line together, each driver not knowing who had actually finished first. They all pulled up and there was a dead silence among the crowd as they too hadn't been able to distinguish who sped past the finish line first.                                                                                The regulator, the guy who watched the finish line to write out the positions of the cars stepped forwards. The four racers ran to him. "Who won? Who won?" They asked eagerly.                            The regulator heaved a sigh. "The car that came through that finish line first was..." He looked intently at the four of them. "Timi's Mitsubishi!" He declared. The crowd went wild. Timi screamed happily, almost jumping into the air like a kid. "WE WON!!! WE WON!!!" He announced into his com link. He calmed down as he saw Derele approach him and Idris from the shadows.                                "Congratulations Timi," Derele said. "You just killed your girlfriend," he finished.                                   "Go ahead," Timi told him. "Give the kill order."                                                                                        "Oh, so you think I was bluffing?" asked Derele angrily as he dialled the number of one of the henchmen he left with Bridget. When the henchman refused to pick up, Derele dialled the other one's number. When that one refused to pick up too, he realised that Timi and Idris must have somehow rescued Bridget. "What did you do?" He asked, furious.                        
         Timi dazed him with a hefty punch in reply. "That's for kidnapping my girlfriend." Then Idris too dished out a mighty punch to Derele's jaw. "And that's for putting me in the hospital," he said. Derele fell to the floor, holding his bleeding mouth. Timi kicked some dust into his face.               
 "Get ready Derele. We're coming for you!" With that, Timi and Idris went back to their cars and left Derele to mope on the ground.


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