Saturday, 21 November 2015

RoadKill Season 1 Episode 13

Aisha hurried into Skyline Motors, her keys in hand. She had an anxious look in her eyes. She walked briskly past the cars as she had news to go and deliver to her teammates. Idris was the first to see her, and quickly noticed something was amiss. His countenance changed and Timi immediately noticed. He turned around and saw Aisha coming behind. He too guessed something was wrong.            "Derele jilted his team. He's left the Hell Racers," Aisha announced.                                                         "Wait what?" Idris questioned, all confused.                                                                                              "Weren't we supposed to race them next?" Timi asked.                                                                     Aisha had her hands akimbo. She nodded her head and said, "Yes, and we are still going against Hell Racers next, but Derele has left that crew. His cowardly self betrayed his team again just so that he wouldn't race against us."                                                                                                                                                "Wow..." Timi retorted. "I guess he just can't bear to lose to his former teammates."                             "So what crew is he now? Or has he finally given up and ended his racing career?" Idris said.  Aisha chuckled. She was well aware that Idris believed Derele was a talentless driver and should altogether just quit racing. But she knew Derele better than Idris, true he might not be talented, but what Derele lacked in skills he made up for in cunning. Derele was a very determined fox. Determined to be the racing top dog even though he lacked the required skills. "No, don't ever expect Derele to quit racing for anything. He has joined the 15th team."                                               
"How did he manage that?" Timi asked, utterly bewildered. He truly wondered how a guy from a crew placed 20th, manage to weasel himself into joining the team placed 15th. Moreover, how could that guy be Derele? He wasn't exactly a guy with good reputation.                                                          
  "Well, I honestly can't say," Aisha replied. "But knowing Derele, I'm pretty sure he didn't give them much choice. I'm sure he somehow blackmailed them into letting him join."                                    Idris paced back and forth. First they would have to beat the Hell Racers, or what was left of them anyway. He wondered how Ugo and Usman, Derele's former teammates in the Hell Racers were feeling right now. They had just been betrayed too by Derele. He was their leader, and now he had abandoned them. Idris and his fellow Storm Racers teammates were supposed to race the Hell Racers that evening. Now that only Ugo and Usman was left, he was sure the race would be a walk over. "So this night, we'll be racing only Ugo and Usman," Idris uttered.                                                                   "It won't be much of a race," Aisha replied, "It'll be a whooping."                                                    
  "I guess I'll leave it to you and Timi to beat them so badly this night, they'll never race again"     From then on till evening, the Storm Racers talked and laughed. They were sure that the race was going to be a walk over. The Race didn't turn out to be as easy as they had anticipated. They were taught a lesson-never underestimate anybody. 
Night came, and Timi and Aisha lined up at the finish line. A little while after they had arrived, Ugo and Usman came driving an Aston Martin DB9 and a BMW M3 Coupe respectively. They pulled up in front of the finish line. As the race began, Timi and Aisha conveniently took the lead. They weren't even going at their top speeds, but they were sure they were racing against two untalented slow pokes. Aisha trailed on the outer lane, speeding past shops, houses and ornamental trees by the roadside. Her windows were wound down, and she was revelling in the cool night breeze as she sped on. Timi on the other hand kept to the inner lane, getting as much fun as Aisha. He was playing loud rap music on his stereo and nodding to the tunes, sometimes singing along with the music. 

When he looked into his rear view mirror, he couldn't even see Ugo and Usman. He burst into laughter, believing he and Aisha had given them so much gap that they were lost behind. He couldn't have been more wrong. Contrary to what he was thinking, Ugo and Usman had taken another route, a somewhat even longer route for that matter. They capitalised on the knowledge that they were underrated by the Storm Chasers. They travelled at top speeds through the densely packed streets and not so smooth roads. They had comfortably taken over the Storm Chasers, and were as a matter of fact, far ahead of Aisha and Timi. 

It was almost too late when Aisha caught on. As she sped on, she noticed the tail lights of what looked like an Aston Martin. By then, they were only a lap from the end of the race. Fear seized her as she quickly realised it was the Hell Racers. She spoke into her comlink and told Timi what she had seen. Timi had a hard time believing. He didn't know that the Ugo and Usman had truly gone past them. Nevertheless, he sped up, hoping to catch up with Aisha so as to see what she too was seeing. Aisha turned on her racing spirit, shifted into her famous gear X. The car jerked forward, almost throwing her against the steering wheel. Only her seatbelt pulled her to safety. 

She stepped on her throttle, weaving past the cars around and sailing at amazing speeds. Her speedometer kept climbing and climbing. She noticed that the Hell Racers had increased their speeds too. It meant they knew she was close behind. She too knew a short cut, and if that was how they wanted to play out this race, she was game. She dived into a corner, hit past a garbage dump and emerged on a single dirt lane. She traversed the dirt road in seconds and burst out of a junction right behind Ugo and Usman who gasped at the sudden emergence. Less than thirty seconds later, Timi burst out of the same road, and now had Aisha, Ugo and Usman in his sights also. But he feared it was too late; he could see the finish line ahead. 

Aisha sprinted forward, her tyres blurring past everything they passed. She was right behind Ugo, and as she tried to overtake by the left side, he blocked her. She tried the other side of the lane, but just as quickly, Ugo was there to block her again. She didn't give up. She made a move like she was going to the left side again, but this time it was a set up. Ugo drove straight to the left lane ready to block again, but Aisha smoothly passed him by the right. As he saw Aisha go past him he banged his hands on his steering. Aisha raced on, less than ten metres to the end of the race and Usman was in front. She focused on him, focused on beating him. She began closing the gap with Usman, finally edging him just as they both reached the finish line. She had beat him by a hairs breath. Ugo came in third and Timi finished two seconds after him in fourth position. He learned a lesson that day-not to underestimate anyone.    


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