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RoadKill Season 1 Episode 14

Timi had just wrapped up all he had to do at work. He was about to head home when he was cornered in the car pack by an unexpected visitor. It was Mba. Timi attempted to ignore him and get into the car but Mba cut him off by the door.                                                                                                         "He knows, he knows everything, and he wants to see you," Mba said, referring to Senate President Mike Aghedo. Timi was stunned, though deep down, he knew he had been expecting this.              "What if I don't want to see him?" Timi asked in defiance.                                                                          "We both know what he is capable of," Mba answered, inching a step closer to Timi.         
     "I'm not afraid of him," Timi retorted.                                                                                                         "If that's true, then you would have no reason to want to avoid him, especially now that he knows everything." Timi hesitated but eventually decided that facing the Senate President might drive home the message that he feared no one. Perhaps if he showed his defiance to the Senate President, he might eventually give up trying to harm Bridget. Timi got into his car, looked out the window and told Mba, "Lead the way."                                                                                                                                                                       ***                                                     ***                                                                    ***
As Timi made his way to the Senate President's office, millions of thoughts crowded his mind. To be honest, he didn't know what to expect. He wondered what exactly the Senate President had to say to him. Mba walked ahead of Timi. On getting to the door, Mba gave it a gentle knock, before pushing it open and walking in. Mba gulped as he saw the Senate President, seated calmly in his arm chair, his dark rimmed glasses on, writing something on some sheets of paper. Mba should have been used to this sight by now, but every time he entered this office, he always felt uneasy. As Timi stepped in, Senate President Mike Aghedo did something Mba had never seen him do before. The Senate President raised his head from what he was writing, smiled and even stood to welcome Timi. Timi wasn't sold. He knew better than to let his guard down because of Mike's courtesy.                                            "Please Mr Timi Andrews, have a seat," The Senate President continued with the niceties. "I'm quite thrilled to have you here. You see, I'm a fan. I've heard so much about you."                     Timi's face was as hard as rock. There was not a single hint of a smile, only revolt seethed deep inside him. Noticing that Timi was in no mood for such chivalry, Mike Aghedo adjusted himself.                   "Very well then," Mike said, "Let's get down to business." "You have skills I require. Your driving skills, your experience as a former DSS agent can be put to good use in my circle."       At this point, Timi chuckled slightly. "You want me to work for you?" He asked incredulous.                    "Yes," came the blunt reply. "Like I said, you have managed to keep Governor Abayomi Abejide's daughter safe all this while, right under my nose. You have indeed served the Governor of Lagos well. I admire your loyalty to him. But now, it's time to graduate. Come work for Timi, and you will never need another cent in your life." This time Timi replied in a more serious tone. "No, like you said, I'm loyal to the Governor and my loyalty cannot be bought" The Senator nodded slowly in his seat. He pressed his lips together in an attempt to show his understanding. Then he continued. "Right, maybe money will not by your loyalty, but perhaps, love will. If you switch you allegiance to me Timi-" The Senator looked intently at Timi, before completing, "I'll let Bridget be."                                                                              
 Timi's eyes widened, his ears stretched. The Senator had just pledged to leave Bridget alone, if he would agree to work for the Senator. Timi's heart immediately began to race. He had come here with a little hope that he would be able to reason and reach some sort of agreement with the Senate President to let Bridget be. Now the Senator was offering that. The Senate President saw the confusion on Timi's face and spoke. "My offer stands for a week. How about you go and talk it over with Bridget herself?"  
Timi stood without saying a word. He walked out the door. The Senator said behind me, "Mba will bring you back in a week. The answer you bring had better be a yes."  Timi got to his car ready to start the engine when Mba suddenly opened his passenger door and got in beside him. Mba looked very worried. There were sweat beats clouding all over his face and his body shook as breathed.          "You can't trust the Senator to make good on his promise even if you decide to work for him," Mba said.                                                                                                                                                            Timi snorted. "And why are you telling me this?" He asked.                   
 "Because we need each other Timi."                                                                                                                  "What are you talking about?" Timi asked, eager to hear an explanation for Mba's strange behaviour.                                                                                                                                                                    Mba gulped before he started speaking. "I've done something, something very stupid, and the Senatre President is going to want to have my head when he finds out. I stole from him...a lot of entire room of money-literally."                                                                                                          "What?" Timi asked bewildered.                                                                                                           "The Senate President has many free rooms in his house, rooms filled to the brim with stacks of cash. I cleared out one of them."                                                                                                                            "Why would you do that?" Timi asked, quite shocked that Mba knowing his boss would dare such a thing.                                                                                                                                                              "My mother was recently diagnosed of cancer. The doctors said she needs chemotherapy. I asked the Senator for help but he declined. I had no choice. The man controls an enormous amount of wealth along with the rest of the cabal..."                                                                                                           "The cabal?"                                                                                                                                               "Yes, there's a cabal. A group of highly influential people in the country involved in a conspiracy. They control money, power and influence in this country. The Senate President heads this cabal."                                                                                                                                                                   "And now that you've stolen from one of them Mba, you fear the repercussions."  Mba nodded repeatedly in agreement. "And that's why I need your help Timi. Together, with my knowledge of the innings of this cabal and your experience as agent, we can come up with a plan to take down the Senate President and the rest of this cabal. Then both of us will have nothing to fear from them."                                                                                                                                                            Timi took a deep breath. "Interesting," he murmured. "But how do I know you are telling the truth?"               "Are you willing to come with me? I can  prove it," Mba replied.                                                          "Fine, let's go," Timi said.                                                                                                    Timi drove while Mba directed where they should go. After like thirty minutes of travelling, they got to a small bungalow in middle of a currently developing housing estate. They got out of the car.                        
 "Is this your house?" Timi asked Mba.                                                                        
  "No, this is sort of my bank. It's where I stash the cash." Mba opened the door and let Timi come in. Then he locked the door behind them.                                                                                                         "Where is the money?" Timi asked, expecting Mba to point to a safe somewhere in the sitting room. Instead though, Mba took in into the room. Timi was weary. Was there a game Mba was playing? They got into the first room and Timi noticed a big bed with a bed sheet covering it all the way down that not one inch of the bed's supporting wood was visible. Mba walked to this bed and forcefully pulled away the bed sheet and then pulled the bed away, revealing carefully arranged stacks and stacks of cash. Timi let out an unknowing gasp as he starred at the mound of money in front of him.                                                                                                                                                                     "There are four rooms in this house, and under each bed is something like this. The  last room even has two beds," Mba said. Timi was silent for minutes and Mba let him adjust to the reality in front of him. Eventually, Timi replied.                                                                                                           "If we are going to be taking out a cabal, we'll need capital and I see we've got lots of it. The other thing we'll need is a team, and I know just who to call..." Timi trailed off.
***                                      ***                                                     ***

The room was silent. Timi, Mba and Bridget watched Idris' and Aisha's reactions closely. Timi had just finished narrating the story of how Governor Abejide, realising his daughter's life was in danger, had Timi drive Bridget to the airport. Timi however had other plans. He convinced Bridget to move with him to Abuja. Everyone else assumed Bridget had got on the plane, including the man who had put her life in danger in the first place-The Senate President.                                                                                    "Wow, so you mean Bridget here is the Lagos State Governor's daughter? Who's supposed to be abroad?" Aisha said incredulous. Bridget herself nodded.                                                                                 "And you need our help to take down the Senate President, and in extension his cabal?" Idris asked, still processing everything he had just heard.                                                                                           "That's correct," Mba replied.                                                                                                                  Idris sighed. "Wow, all this is a little breathtaking."                                                                                  "I understand," Timi answered. "I know everything Mba and I have said is quite unbelievable."                                                                                                                                                                      Idris nodded. "But how exactly do you want to take down this...this cabal?"                                     Mba and Timi exchanged nervous looks. Timi cocked his head, urging Mba to answer.                        Mba cleared his throat. "Yes, Timi and I have come up with a plan. The Senate President has got documents that not only prove the existence of this cabal, but also their crimes. We get that document, we nail the cabal. And to do this, we need some We'll be needing a truck, a pickup van,  bikes, cars and a helicopter."                                                                                               Idris chuckled and smiled widely. "What kind of plan requires trucks, pickups and helicopters?" He asked jokingly.                                                                                                                                                           "A plan that involves robbing the Senate President's home," Timi replied bluntly. The statement wiped all the smiles and grins from Idris' face. Idris looked like someone had just dropped a bomb into his stomach. Rob the Senate President? Nigerian politicians were very paranoid people who believed albeit not wrongly, that someone always wanted to harm/kill/steal from them. As such, the security around them and their homes was impossible to break through.                                     "Well," Idris finally said, coming back to the life, "Big Joe can fly a chopper..."        


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